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Alabama Crime Statistics 2023: Facts about Crime in Alabama reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top Alabama Crime Statistics 2023

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Alabama Crime “Latest” Statistics

  • Despite a consistent reduction in national crime statistics over the last ten years, 66% of people nationwide believe that crime is on the rise.[1]
  • The state’s total violent crime rate of 541 per 100,000 inhabitants is the fifth highest in the nation, and it also recorded a 22.8% rise in rape over the same time, the second-greatest increase among states.[2]
  • Property crime complaints decreased 26% year over year, while reports of gun violence increased more than quadrupled, from 6% to 19%.[1]
  • Alabama reports fewer rapes than the rest of the nation, with rape accounting for 7% of all recorded violent crimes in Alabama as opposed to 10% overall nationwide.[1]
  • Only aggravated assault—which makes up 79% of all violent crimes in Alabama and is 9 points more than the national average—has seen a rise in frequency year over year.[1]
  • 12% of violent crimes in Alabama are robberies. Seven points lower than the proportion nationwide and 4 points lower than reported last year.[1]
  • From 5.1 occurrences per 1,000 people in 2020 to 4.5 incidents per 1,000 this year, the violent crime rate decreased by about 10%.[1]
  • More Alabamans believe crime is increasing than in any other state, and just 4% believe it is dropping may be due to higher overall crime rates.[1]
  • Compared to the rest of the nation, Alabamans are more concerned about many crimes, with 56% saying they are extremely concerned about safety every day.[1]
  • The state’s property crime rate decreased by 18%, from 26.2 incidences per 1,000 people to 21.4 during the course of a year.[1]
  • Despite having greater crime rates than other states, Alabama’s level of worry as a whole decreased from 59% to 56%.[1]
  • Every day 55% of Alabamans worry about a violent crime happening to them; that’s 14 percentage points more than the average for the country.[1]
  • On average, 12.5% of occurrences involving crime and safety at the University of South Alabama ended in possession charges.[3]
  • Although Alabama’s level of daily anxiety is nine points higher than the national average of 47%, the state’s crime statistics warrant that degree of concern.[1]
  • Alabama experiences the same number of homicides as the rest of the nation, with homicide making up 2% of all violent crimes.[1]
  • The most frequent property crime in Alabama is Larceny-theft, which accounts for 71% of all property crimes, mirroring the national average.[1]

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How Useful is Alabama Crime

One could argue that crime is never useful, as it often leads to harm, destruction, and feelings of fear and insecurity among residents. And, while this is certainly true, it is also important to consider the ways in which crime can sometimes serve a purpose.

For example, crime can bring attention to important issues within a community. When a high-profile crime occurs, it often sparks conversations about the underlying factors that may have contributed to the incident. This can lead to increased awareness of social problems such as poverty, drug addiction, or lack of access to mental health resources. In this way, crime can sometimes be a catalyst for positive change.

Additionally, crime can also serve as a reminder of the importance of law enforcement and public safety initiatives. When criminal activity is on the rise, it often spurs law enforcement agencies to reassess their strategies and tactics. This can lead to increased funding for things like community policing, crime prevention programs, and additional training for officers. Ultimately, this can result in a safer and more secure environment for all residents.

On a more personal level, experiencing or witnessing crime can sometimes lead individuals to take action in their own lives. Whether it’s installing security cameras, participating in a neighborhood watch program, or simply being more vigilant when walking alone at night, the presence of crime can inspire people to take proactive measures to protect themselves and their communities.

Of course, it is important to acknowledge that crime is never a desirable or positive occurrence. It often results in harm, loss, and trauma for those directly impacted by it. However, it is also worth considering the ways in which crime can sometimes serve a purpose beyond just being a destructive force.

Ultimately, the usefulness of Alabama crime is a complex and multifaceted issue. While it is important to address and combat criminal activity, it is also worth recognizing the potential ways in which crime can spur positive change and foster a sense of community solidarity and activism. By acknowledging the dual nature of crime, we can work towards creating safer and more resilient communities for all residents.


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