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Alaska Covid Statistics 2023: Facts about Covid in Alaska reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


LLCBuddy editorial team did hours of research, collected all important statistics on Alaska Covid, and shared those on this page. Our editorial team proofread these to make the data as accurate as possible. We believe you don’t need to check any other resources on the web for the same. You should get everything here only 🙂

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Top Alaska Covid Statistics 2023

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Alaska Covid “Latest” Statistics

  • People 85 and older make up a lesser percentage of AIAN fatalities, in part because too many American Indians and Alaska Natives never reach old age in the first place due to huge inequalities in mortality rates at younger ages, even in the absence of COVID-19.[1]
  • Arizona’s COVID-19 death rates for adults aged 35 to 44 are 9 per 100,000 for white people and 250 per 100,000 for AIAN people, respectively.[1]
  • Native Americans and Alaskans who are 85 years of age and older have a death rate of more than 5,700 in both Arizona and New Mexico.[1]
  • In Montana, COVID-19 caused the deaths of 3.8% of all American Indians aged 75 to 84 and 4.6% of those aged 85 and above.[1]
  • Death rates for AIANs aged 45–54 are comparable to those of whites aged 75–84 in Arizona and New Mexico.[1]
  • Compared to 105 white individuals, 737 AIAN persons have died from COVID-19 for every 100,000 people in the population.[1]
  • According to a recent study, the cumulative incidence of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases among AI/AN people was 3.5 times that of White people (3).[2]
  • COVID-19 death rates among AI/AN were 10.5, 11.6, and 8.2 times higher than those among White people in the 20-29, 30-39, and 40-49 age groups, respectively.[2]
  • Medicaid, the state’s most expensive budget item, with a usual 4-5% yearly increase rate (prior to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency).[3]
  • The poverty rate for AIAN people (23%) is comparable to that of Black people (21%) but significantly higher than the national average (12.3%), and American Indians living on reservations have among of the worst rates of chronic illnesses and death in the country.[1]

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How Useful is Alaska Covid

Alaska Covid has been a valuable tool in monitoring the spread of the virus in the state and providing crucial information to health officials and residents. The platform has allowed for real-time updates on case numbers, testing information, and vaccine distribution, giving individuals the ability to stay informed and make educated decisions about their health and safety. With the unpredictable nature of the virus, having access to this information is crucial in helping to prevent further outbreaks and protect the health of the community.

One of the key ways in which Alaska Covid has proven useful is in its ability to track and trace the virus. By providing detailed information about where cases are occurring and who may have been exposed, health officials can quickly identify and respond to potential outbreaks. This proactive approach has been essential in containing the spread of the virus and protecting vulnerable populations. Additionally, the platform has allowed for targeted testing and vaccination efforts, ensuring that resources are being focused where they are most needed.

Alaska Covid has also been instrumental in promoting public health messaging and encouraging individuals to follow recommended guidelines. By providing information on best practices for preventing the spread of the virus, such as wearing masks and practicing social distancing, the platform has helped to educate residents and empower them to take action to protect themselves and others. This unified message has been critical in fostering a sense of community responsibility and encouraging cooperation in the fight against Covid.

In addition to its practical benefits, Alaska Covid has also served as a source of reassurance and support for many individuals during this challenging time. The platform has provided a sense of transparency and accountability, giving residents confidence that their health and safety are being prioritized. By providing a central hub for information and resources, Alaska Covid has helped to alleviate anxiety and uncertainty, fostering a sense of trust in the public health response to the pandemic.

While Alaska Covid has undoubtedly been a valuable tool in the fight against the virus, it is important to recognize that it is just one piece of the puzzle. Containing and ultimately eradicating Covid will require continued vigilance, cooperation, and investment in public health infrastructure. Moving forward, it will be essential for the state to build upon the successes of Alaska Covid and continue to prioritize the health and safety of its residents.

In conclusion, Alaska Covid has proven to be a valuable resource in the state’s response to the pandemic. By providing crucial information, promoting public health messaging, and fostering a sense of community responsibility, the platform has played a vital role in protecting the health and safety of Alaskans. As the fight against Covid continues, it will be important for individuals and officials to remain committed to using all available tools and resources to overcome this unprecedented challenge.


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