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Animation Statistics 2023: Facts about Animation outlines the context of what’s happening in the tech world.

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Top Animation Statistics 2023

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Animation “Latest” Statistics

  • An ideal whiteboard animation may outperform Google Ads by 68% in terms of return on investment.[1]
  • According to Google, in order to watch a video by one of their favorite video artists, 50% of viewers between the ages of 18 and 34 claim to have stopped what they were doing.[1]
  • When hiring someone for a marketing role, 84% of marketers consider video-producing abilities to be crucial.[1]
  • On Facebook, 85% of videos are seen without sound, whereas on Instagram, 60% of videos are viewed with sound.[1]
  • 88% of marketers are satisfied with the roi that their social media video marketing campaigns provide.[1]
  • 97% of marketers agree that a video-based explanation improves consumer comprehension of the product or service.[1]
  • According to HubSpot, 72% of visitors will choose to watch the video over the text if a site has both types of material to better understand a good or service.[1]
  • If a home page has a video connected to the information on your website, Google is 53 times more likely to find it.[1]
  • Facebook’s average conversion rate might increase to 9.21% when social media videos are posted there.[1]
  • According to LinkedIn, 57% of learning and development professionals anticipate increasing their spending on learning in the future.[1]
  • Compared to text and image-based social media postings, social media videos produce 12,000% more shares.[1]
  • According to Ad Age, viewers abandon watching a video after the first 30 seconds, 45% after one minute, and 60% after two minutes.[1]
  • Over the course of five years, from 2017 to 2022, the average number of persons employed in the U.S in the film animation services business climbed by 27%.[2]
  • According to BIA/Kelsey, 22% of us small companies want to publish a video over the course of the next year.[3]
  • According to Rhythm and Insights, an effective way to boost engagement by 20% is to combine video with full-page ads.[3]
  • According to Visible Measures, 45% of viewers will quit viewing a video after 1 minute and 60% after 2 minutes.[3]
  • According to the Online Publishers Association, 46% of viewers take some form of action after seeing an advertisement.[3]

Animation “Other” Statistics

  • According to Forbes, 50% of CEOs seek out additional details about a product or service after seeing a video about it.[3]
  • According to eMarketer, 65% of us marketers want to boost our mobile ad spending to take into consideration video.[3]
  • According to Social Media Examiner, 76% of marketers want to utilize youtube and video marketing more often.[3]
  • According to LongTail Video, HTML5 is currently supported by around 74% of the internet market.[3]
  • Over the course of a month, 45.4% of users, according to ComScore, watched at least one online video.[3]
  • The typical user watches online video advertising for more than 16 minutes each month, according to Comscore.[3]
  • In accordance with the online publishers association, 80% of consumers can remember seeing a video ad in the previous 30 days.[3]
  • 75% of people who watch online videos this month have engaged with an online video advertisement, according to Tremor Video.[3]
  • 80% of internet video advertising, according to VINDICO, is abandoned within the first half of the advertisement.[3]
  • 20% of viewers, according to Visible Measures, will click away from a video in less than 10 seconds.[3]
  • Real estate listings with videos reportedly generate 40.3% more inquiries than those without, according to Australian Retailer.[3]
  • According to Burst Media, 39% of all viewers choose comedy above other types of online video content.[3]
  • According to Unruly, watching video advertising increases brand association by 139% and buy intent by 97%.[3]
  • According to Break Media, 35% of all internet advertising expenditures are for video commercials.[3]
  • When a message is presented in a video, viewers recall 95% of it, compared to 10% when it is presented in print.[3]
  • Animated explainer films are currently used by 59% of marketers to promote their goods and services.[4]
  • According to Hubspot, 85% of customers want to see more video content from businesses, demonstrating the success of video marketing efforts in retaining consumer attention and loyalty.[4]
  • According to, the average time a person spends on a website jumps from 8 seconds to 2 minutes if the website has a video on it, and websites with video on them are 53 times more likely to be discovered on search engines.[4]
  • According to estimates, consumers spend at least 100 minutes per day on average viewing online videos, and by 2022, online videos will account for more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic.[4]
  • Customerthink reports that the number of ad-supported videos has increased by 800% worldwide in only the last year and according to Tubular Insights, 64% of viewers make purchases after seeing branded videos on social media.[4]
  • It’s interesting to note that the median age of animators is 40, which corresponds to 47% of the population.[5]
  • A bachelor’s degree is the most popular educational attainment for animators with 70% of animators possessing such qualifications.[5]

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How Useful is Animation

One of the biggest advantages of animation is its ability to captivate audiences and convey complex ideas in an engaging way. Whether it’s explaining a new concept, telling a story, or sparking creativity, animation often succeeds in making content more understandable and memorable. This is particularly useful in educational settings, where animated videos and interactive lessons can help students better grasp difficult subjects.

Moreover, animation has the potential to break cultural, geographical, and even language barriers. With the ability to create characters and settings that are universally relatable, animation can reach a global audience in ways that live-action productions often cannot. This has led to the rise of animated content that appeals to a wide range of demographics, transcending age, gender, and background.

Animation also plays a crucial role in advertising and marketing. Brands use animated characters and clever storytelling to create brand recognition, establish emotional connections with consumers, and even shape consumer behavior. The dynamic and visually appealing nature of animation can make products and services more appealing and memorable, ultimately helping companies stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Furthermore, in the realm of entertainment, animation has opened up a world of possibilities. From the fantastical worlds of Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli films to the superhero adventures of Marvel and DC animations, the creativity and imagination that animation allows for are limitless. With animation, creators can bring their wildest ideas to life, transporting audiences to new and exciting places while pushing the boundaries of storytelling.

But beyond entertainment and marketing, animation also has practical applications. In industries such as architecture, engineering, and medicine, animation is used to visualize complex systems, simulate processes, and communicate ideas in a way that words or static images simply cannot. By providing a dynamic and interactive way to showcase information, animation has become a valuable tool in these fields.

Overall, the usefulness of animation cannot be overstated. From its ability to educate and inspire to its potential to connect people and evoke emotions, animation has proven time and time again to be a valuable medium with diverse applications. As technology continues to advance and animation techniques evolve, we can only expect to see even more innovative uses for this versatile and powerful form of expression.


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