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App Store Optimization Statistics 2023: Facts about App Store Optimization outlines the context of what’s happening in the tech world.

LLCBuddy editorial team did hours of research, collected all important statistics on App Store Optimization, and shared those on this page. Our editorial team proofread these to make the data as accurate as possible. We believe you don’t need to check any other resources on the web for the same. You should get everything here only 🙂

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Top App Store Optimization Statistics 2023

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App Store Optimization “Latest” Statistics

  • Google claims that 40% of smartphone users look for applications in app stores.[1]
  • The category with the highest rate is travel, where 41.4% of those who saw advertisements for travel applications actually went to those apps’ individual app store sites.[2]
  • According to the Page Scroll Depth benchmark, just 10% of app store and google play store visitors see and presumably read the whole content of the sites.[2]
  • The top 5 categories on the apple app store in March 2021 were games at 21.53%.[3]
  • According to App Radar, a staggering 70% of mobile users use search to discover new applications, and 65% of all downloads take place immediately after a search, making the app store the most common method of discovering new apps.[4]

App Store Optimization “Other” Statistics

  • By the conclusion of the first quarter of 2022, Statista estimates that there were 3.3 million apps available on google play.[5]
  • Having a positive first impression may boost conversions by 35%, according to a Storemaven analysis.[6]
  • 21% of users uninstall applications after only one usage, and the average industry-wide 30-day post-install retention rate is just 5.7%.[6]
  • A recent analysis by our partners at TUNE of the top 25 rankings revealed that applications with a relevant keyword in the title typically performed 10.3% better than those without a title keyword.[7]
  • If software gets downloaded, it is unlikely to be utilized for more than the first 72 hours.[8]
  • In one study, the overall view rate of video screenshots on variants without video was higher at 45% versus 32%.[9]
  • Player retention in the bottom 25% of simulation games increased from 11.25% in October to 12.93% in march.[9]
  • The app description is the text that users are most likely to read during the first 252 characters, so if you have anything positive to say about your app, say it there.[9]
  • According to Sensor Tower, user expenditure on simulation games surged by 61.8% over the previous year.[9]
  • According to the categories that AppTweak has looked at, we can find that applications from the business area had the greatest page view to installing conversion rate (32.7%) and food and drink had the lowest rate (13.1%).[2]
  • On the opposite end of the conversion rate spectrum, the news category had the lowest figure (4.2%).[2]
  • The finance app category has a conversion rate from impressions to installs of 5.3%, while education is at the other end with a conversion rate of just 0.6%.[2]
  • The data set’s conversion rate for the travel category is actually the highest at 55%.[2]
  • The percentages in the top five categories of most downloaded apps are clustered together between 2% and 4% and include travel, food, drink, health, fitness, and other topics.[3]
  • According to an AppTweak analysis of app conversion rates, the average us install rate in the apple app store is 3.42%.[4]
  • Adding a video to an app boosts exploring behavior and decreases decisive behavior, increasing install rates by more than 25%.[10]

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How Useful is App Store Optimization

ASO is essentially the mobile app counterpart to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for websites, and it involves optimizing various elements of an app listing to improve its chances of ranking higher in the app store search results. This includes optimizing the app title, keywords, description, and visuals such as icons and screenshots. By fine-tuning these elements, businesses can increase their app’s visibility and attract more potential users.

One of the key benefits of using ASO is that it can help drive organic downloads, meaning that users discover and download the app without the need for paid advertising. By optimizing the app listing to include relevant keywords and compelling visuals, businesses can improve their app’s search visibility and attract users who are actively seeking out similar apps. This can result in higher download numbers and ultimately, increased app engagement and retention rates.

Another advantage of ASO is that it can help businesses stand out in a crowded app marketplace. With millions of apps available for download across various app stores, competition is fierce, and it can be challenging for new apps to get noticed. By implementing ASO strategies, businesses can increase their app’s chances of ranking higher in search results, making it easier for users to discover and download the app.

In addition to driving organic downloads and improving visibility, ASO can also help businesses gather valuable insights about their target audience. By analyzing the keywords users are searching for and the visuals that resonate with them, businesses can gain a better understanding of user preferences and behaviors. This information can then be used to optimize future app updates and marketing strategies, resulting in a more engaging and personalized user experience.

Despite its many benefits, ASO is not a one-time task but rather an ongoing process that requires continuous monitoring and optimization. App store algorithms are constantly changing, and user preferences are ever-evolving, so businesses must stay up-to-date with the latest ASO trends and strategies to ensure their app remains competitive. This can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, but the long-term benefits of increased visibility and user engagement make it a worthwhile investment for businesses looking to succeed in the mobile app marketplace.

Overall, App Store Optimization is a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve their app visibility and drive more downloads. By fine-tuning various elements of an app listing, businesses can increase their app’s chances of ranking higher in app store search results and attract more potential users. While ASO requires ongoing effort and investment, the long-term benefits of organic downloads, improved visibility, and valuable audience insights make it a worthwhile strategy for businesses of all sizes.


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