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California Adoption Statistics 2023: Facts about Adoption in California reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top California Adoption Statistics 2023

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California Adoption “Latest” Statistics

  • Although just 2% of Americans have actually adopted children, over 1/3 have given it some thought. One in 25 households in the U.S. has an adopted kid.[1]
  • The typical waiting kid is 7.7 years old, and 29% of them will be in foster care for at least three years.[1]
  • 11% or 43,083 children spend 5 years or more waiting for a family.[1]
  • About 670,000 children in 2015 spent time in U.S. foster care.[1]
  • Over 60% of children spend two to five years in foster care before being adopted. Other children never get adopted.[1]
  • Compared with 73% non-Hispanic white adoptive parents in California, 37% of adopted children are non-Hispanic white.[1]
  • Only 4% of Californian women with unwanted pregnancies place their children in foster care.[1]
  • Homelessness is experienced by 20% of young people who use AB12 services, compared to 45% of former foster adolescents who left the childcare system before turning 18.[2]
  • About 50% of foster children in the U.S. who reunified with prior caregivers (often family) and ultimately became homeless, said they were subjected to repeated maltreatment.[2]
  • Compared to 22% of non-foster children, and 28% of homeless, foster children identify as LGBTQ+.[2]
  • In Alameda county, about 18% of people under 25 who were elected or compelled to leave foster care are homeless.[2]
  • In Sacramento county, about 25% of all homeless individuals spent some time in foster care before becoming 18 years old.[2]
  • Prior to the age of 18, foster adolescents in congregate care, such as group homes, have a 195-fold increased risk of homelessness.[2]

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How Useful is California Adoption

One of the most valuable aspects of California adoption is the extensive support and resources available to both adoptive parents and children. There are numerous adoption agencies, social workers, and legal professionals dedicated to guiding families through the adoption process and ensuring that all parties are well-informed and supported every step of the way. This support system can help alleviate the stress and uncertainty that often comes with adoption, providing families with the reassurance that they have a strong network behind them.

Additionally, California adoption offers a wide range of options for families looking to adopt. Whether a family is interested in adopting an infant, a sibling group, or even a child with special needs, there are numerous opportunities available to find the right match for their family. This flexibility allows families to find a child that fits their unique needs, preferences, and capabilities, ultimately leading to a successful adoption experience for all involved.

Furthermore, California adoption provides children with the opportunity to thrive in a safe and loving environment. By placing children in caring and stable homes, adoption can give them the chance to grow and develop to their fullest potential. Adoptive parents have the ability to provide children with the stability, support, and opportunities they need to succeed in life, giving them a second chance at having a happy and fulfilling childhood.

In addition to the emotional and psychological benefits of California adoption, there are also practical advantages to consider. Adoptive parents often have access to various financial subsidies, health care benefits, and other resources to help support them in raising their adopted child. These resources can help alleviate the financial burden of adoption and ensure that families have the necessary tools to provide for their child’s well-being.

Overall, California adoption is a valuable and beneficial process for both adoptive parents and children. It offers a supportive and comprehensive system that can help families navigate the complexities of adoption and find the perfect match for their family. By providing children with the love, stability, and opportunities they deserve, adoption can truly change lives and create happy and healthy families for years to come.


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