South Dakota Child Abduction Statistics

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South Dakota Child Abduction Statistics 2023: Facts about Child Abduction in South Dakota reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top South Dakota Child Abduction Statistics 2023

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Child Abduction “Latest” Statistics in South Dakota

  • Every year in South Dakota, more than 700 Native American children are removed from their homes and placed in the foster care system.[1]
  • Since May 1, 2021, On the South Dakota missing person’s list, of 73 kids in total, 24 children have gone missing.[2]
  • The FBI reported that a child goes missing every 40 seconds in the United States.[3]
  • Only 1 out of every 10,000 missing children reported to the police is the victim of murder.[3]
  • In 2020, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) helped law enforcement, families, and child welfare with 29,782 cases of missing children.[3]
  • Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming had just 1 active case at year’s end.[3]
  • FBI research revealed that 74% of children abducted and murdered were killed within the first 3 hours of their disappearance.[4]
  • A 1969 study found that roughly 25%-35% of American Indian children were separated from their families through programs such as the Indian Adoption Program (which promoted transracial adoption).[1]
  • CARD statistics also indicated that in 70% of child abduction cases, the child was abducted by an individual with a known relationship to the child.[4]
  • According to a congressional investigation, between 25 and 35% of all Indian children in the U.S. had been taken from their homes.[5]
  • The rates for Child Protective Services responses and victims are per 1,000 children under age 18; for fatalities, the rate is per 100,000 children under age 18.[5]

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How Useful is Child Abduction South Dakota

One of the primary concerns surrounding child abduction in South Dakota is the resources available to address and prevent such incidents. Law enforcement agencies, local community organizations, and government officials all play a crucial role in addressing cases of child abduction, but limited resources can hinder the effectiveness of these efforts. It is essential that adequate funding and support be provided to these entities to ensure they have the tools and manpower necessary to effectively investigate and respond to instances of child abduction.

Another aspect to consider when discussing the utility of efforts to combat child abduction in South Dakota is the role of the public in preventing and reporting these crimes. Heightened awareness and education campaigns can play a significant role in empowering individuals to recognize the signs of child abduction and take action to prevent it. Encouraging open communication and collaboration between law enforcement and community members is essential in creating a culture where child safety is a top priority.

Additionally, the legal framework surrounding child abduction in South Dakota must be robust and proactive in holding perpetrators accountable for their actions. Strong laws and penalties can act as a deterrent to those considering engaging in this reprehensible act, while also providing justice for victims and their families. It is crucial that the legal system continue to prioritize cases of child abduction and allocate the necessary resources to ensure that perpetrators are swiftly brought to justice.

Despite the challenges that South Dakota faces in combatting child abduction, there are also signs of progress and hope. The collaborative efforts of law enforcement, government agencies, community organizations, and the public have resulted in successful recoveries of missing children and prosecutions of individuals involved in child abduction cases. These successes serve as a testament to the power of unified action in addressing this critical issue.

Moving forward, it is imperative that South Dakota continues to prioritize the safety and well-being of its children by investing in prevention, response, and recovery efforts for cases of child abduction. By harnessing the collective strength and determination of its citizens, South Dakota can create a safer and more secure environment for all of its children. Only through sustained commitment and collaboration can South Dakota truly make a difference in the fight against child abduction.


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