West Virginia Child Abduction Statistics 2023
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West Virginia Child Abduction Statistics 2023: Facts about Child Abduction in West Virginia reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top West Virginia Child Abduction Statistics 2023

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Child Abduction “Latest” Statistics in West Virginia

  • Child sex trafficking was probably the cause of 19% of the children who escaped social services’ custody and were reported missing to NCMEC in 2021.[1]
  • 733 children who were most likely victims of child sex trafficking received recovery planning and safety planning from NCMEC’s recovery services team in 2021.[1]
  • West Virginia has the highest rate of foster care removals in the country, and for over the past decade, the number of cases has increased more than 70%.[2]
  • According to the lawsuit, West Virginia has institutionalized 70% of foster children between the ages of 12 and 17, and sent hundreds of foster kids to out-of-state for-profit residential facilities.[2]
  • At the end of August 2020, according to DHHR, there were 62 children missing from state custody, and the state has reported 364 kids missing from foster care.[2]
  • According to CARD data, a person with a known relation to the kid abducted the child in 70% of child abduction incidents.[3]
  • One in six of the more than 25,000 instances of runaway children that were reported missing to NCMEC in 2021 were probable victims of child sex trafficking.[1]

Child Abduction “Other” Statistics in West Virginia

  • FBI research revealed that 74% of children abducted and murdered were killed within the first 3 hours of their disappearance.[3]
  • West Virginians had 9% less everyday concerns about safety and crime than the typical American.[4]
  • Because of the rising violent crime rates throughout the state, 73% of West Virginians believe that crime is becoming worse overall which is 11% higher than the national average.[4]
  • Aggravated assault is the most prevalent violent crime in West Virginia making up 79% of all reported incidents 9 percentage points more than the national average.[4]
  • 72% of survey respondents adopt security measures, which is 14% more than the national average (72% vs 60% in the US).[4]
  • Fewer West Virginians feel secure in their state than residents of other states do, with 52% against 55% nationally, despite the fact that general concerns about crime and safety are lower.[4]
  • Only 37% of locals worry about everyday police violence in the US, whereas 57% of citizens have faith in law enforcement in the US.[4]
  • West Virginia now has the lowest property crime rate in the South Atlantic area after seeing a 9% decrease in 2021.[4]
  • West Virginia’s violent crime rate of 3.6 incidences per 1,000 people is 10% lower than the national average of 40.[4]

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