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Top Cloud File Security Statistics 2023

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Cloud File Security “Latest” Statistics

  • Compliance is the top barrier to boosting cloud use in their companies, according to 88% of IT executives.[1]
  • 61% are transferring more workloads to the cloud and 43% are switching from on-premise applications to SaaS.[1]
  • A large cloud deployment is expected for 43% of organizations, whilst an all-cloud deployment is planned for 16% of enterprises.[1]
  • Around the globe, security incidents were encountered by 70% of businesses hosting their data workloads on the public cloud; 66% of them leave mis-configured back doors on cloud services that are vulnerable to attack.[1]
  • By 2021, cloud data centers will handle 94% of all company workloads around the globe, the majority of which are related to document processing.[1]
  • In 2020, 54% of firms will install their software mostly on premises, with some cloud services on the side.[1]
  • In the U.S., a public cloud security problem affected 68% of the firms; misconfiguration was exploited in 75% of assaults, while 23% used false identification.[1]
  • The misconfiguration of the cloud platform (68%), illegal cloud access (58%), unsecured interfaces (52%), and account takeover (50%).[1]
  • Researchers discovered that IAM misconfiguration root 65% of identified cloud data breaches, as opposed to weak password use (53%) and permitting password reuse (44%).[2]
  • Public cloud service workloads will reportedly have at least 60% fewer security issues than those in conventional data centers, according to Gartner projections.[3]
  • 80% of businesses with on-premises servers continue to utilize the cloud for at least some of their data security efforts.[3]
  • 41% of business workloads would run on public cloud platforms, with another 22% adopting a hybrid solution that combines both.[3]
  • 43% of workloads for small and medium-sized companies are performed on the public cloud, and that percentage is expected to climb.[3]
  • About 90% of all customers that encountered a cloud storage security issue in 2021 had issues with a permissive storage policy.[4]

Cloud File Security “Other” Statistics

  • Having an automated software solution to name and tag office papers is supported by 82% of the workforce.[1]
  • 86% of workers said that they often have trouble looking for office documents when they need to.[1]
  • 72% of top companies claim that using e-signatures increased their client renewal rates.[1]
  • 92% of knowledge workers continue to utilize conventional document collaboration techniques.[1]
  • Healthcare administration expenses in the U.S. may account for 25% to 33% of overall healthcare expenditures.[1]
  • Employing e-signature and other digital technologies may increase efficiency by 70%–80% for businesses.[1]
  • 81% of companies that employ electronic signatures for commercial see a return on investment within 12 months.[1]
  • Software for document management may save costs associated with documents by 40%.[1]
  • Challenges in document management of more than 21% of daily productivity loss is attributable to document difficulties.[1]
  • E-signatures may increase productivity by up to 83% when gaining approvals and can reduce costs by up to 86% when it comes to paperwork.[1]
  • Global internet users increased by over 45% between 2015 and 2019 from 2 billion to over 4.4 billion.[1]
  • 33% of IT decision makers believe these changes will increase the cost of compliance.[1]
  • Using a mobile device, 64% of workers report difficulties and significant time spent locating office papers.[1]
  • The worldwide market for document management software systems is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 13% from 2019 to 2025.[1]
  • Since they can’t discover the original papers on the workplace network, 83% of workers have to produce them from scratch.[1]
  • 88% of office employees said they needed a solid unified search platform to help them be more effective in their work.[1]
  • Businesses that utilize e-signature claim to have a 41% greater year-over-year sales increase than non-users.[1]
  • 65% of the workforce find it difficult to review and approve office paperwork.[1]
  • 74% of workers cannot electronically sign papers using a mobile device.[1]
  • The android robot is a work developed and shared by google that has been copied or changed under the provisions of the creative commons 30 attribution license.[5]
  • Consumers place a greater emphasis on reliability since 75% of them say they won’t buy from businesses they don’t trust to secure their data.[6]
  • Integration is top of mind for 84% of businesses when deciding how to upgrade their apps.[3]
  • On-premises workloads would decrease by a whole 10% before the years out, from 37% to 27%.[3]
  • The total economic impact report by Forrester Prisma cloud offers savings of 276% save the study protecting public cloud storage services to your computer.[7]

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