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Colorado Diversity Statistics 2023: Facts about Diversity in Colorado reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top Colorado Diversity Statistics 2023

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Colorado Diversity “Latest” Statistics

  • Colorado has a larger proportion of its population locked up than virtually any democracy on earth, at 61.4 per 100,000 inhabitants, including prisons, jails, immigration detention centers, and juvenile justice institutions.[1]
  • Colorado’s population was counted as 5,773,714 in the 2020 United States Census, up 14.80% from the 2010 census.[2]
  • 94.8% of the population of Telluride, Colorado has health coverage, with 43.2% on employee plans, 31.8% on non-group policies,11.5% on Medicaid, 8.31% on Medicare, and 0% on military or VA plans.[3]
  • In 2019, Hispanics made up 22% of the state’s population, and Non-Hispanic Whites made up 70%.[2]
  • Increases of 30% between censuses are not unusual, and the pattern continues, the population easily surpassed 6 million at the 2020 census.[4]
  • Denver County saw the biggest population increase throughout the five-year period, with a growth rate of 13.14%.[4]
  • Despite being the lowest in the country, as of 2018, 24% of the population was classified as medically obese, up from 17% in 2004.[2]
  • Women,18 to 24,13.9% of the population for whom poverty status, 285 out of 2.05k people live below the poverty line, a number higher than the national average of 12.8%.[5]
  • Spanish, which is spoken by 11.25% of the population, is the non-English language most often used by that group.[4]
  • By 2019, they projected that the population would be 85,000, and there would be more conflicts as suburban development grew along the eastern front range.[2]
  • Colorado’s population increased by 4.78% in 2020, while its median household income increased by 2.26%.[3]
  • Approximately 70% of Colorado’s population lives in the front-range urban corridor between Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Pueblo, Colorado, which is located along the eastern border of the rocky mountains.[2]
  • Minorities who had at least one parent who was not non-Hispanic white made up 46% of Colorado’s population under the age of one.[2]
  • Colorado’s 5773714 acquired a seat in the house of representatives thanks to a 14.8% growth in population from 2010.[6]
  • Breakdown of undergraduate students by gender the full-time University of Northern Colorado undergraduate population is made up of 67% women and 33% men.[7]
  • Some estimates have placed the 2040 population as high as 7.8 million immigrants, make up around 10% of the population of Colorado.[4]

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How Useful is Colorado Diversity

One of the foremost benefits of Colorado’s diversity is the vibrant cultural scene it has spawned. Colorado is a melting pot of different traditions, cuisines, and artistic expressions that give the state a unique identity and flavor. From festivals celebrating Chinese New Year to traditional Mexican folk dances, there is always something exciting happening in communities across the state. This diversity allows for the preservation and celebration of various cultural practices, expanding our horizons and fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for different ways of life.

In addition to enriching the cultural landscape, diversity in Colorado also contributes to the intellectual capital of the state. With people coming from different backgrounds and possessing varied perspectives, the exchange of ideas and knowledge becomes richer and more dynamic. This diversity of thought fuels innovation in various fields, leading to advancements in science, technology, and the arts. Whether it’s groundbreaking research conducted at universities or entrepreneurial ventures that tackle societal challenges, the diverse populations of Colorado come together to push boundaries and shape a brighter future.

Moreover, Colorado’s diversity is a driving force behind its strong economy. As different communities establish themselves and contribute to the state’s industries, the economy is strengthened by the diverse expertise they bring. The industries and businesses in Colorado benefit immensely from the diverse talent pool, leading to increased productivity and competitiveness. Additionally, the presence of diverse businesses and entrepreneurs stimulates economic growth, drives investment, and creates job opportunities for people of all backgrounds. Thus, the economic impact of diversity in Colorado cannot be overstated.

Another critical aspect to consider is the invaluable educational opportunities that diversity in Colorado provides. By experiencing a diverse student body from a young age, children are exposed to a wide range of perspectives, beliefs, and ideas. This exposure cultivates empathy, open-mindedness, and respect, enabling the citizens of tomorrow to navigate an increasingly interconnected and diverse world. Furthermore, studying and working in a diverse environment equips individuals with the cross-cultural skills necessary for success in an interconnected global marketplace. These skills are increasingly sought after by employers and provide a competitive advantage in today’s world.

In conclusion, the diversity found in Colorado is an indispensable asset that enhances the social, intellectual, and economic fabric of the state. It breeds cultural richness, fosters innovation and excellence, drives economic growth, and provides educational opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds. Embracing and nurturing diversity will ensure a brighter and more prosperous future for the people of Colorado. We should celebrate our diversity and continue to work towards creating an inclusive and harmonious society that thrives on the strength of its diverse populations.


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