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Customer Education Statistics 2023: Facts about Customer Education outlines the context of what’s happening in the tech world.

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Top Customer Education Statistics 2023

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Customer Education “Latest” Statistics

  • According to Zendesk’s recent benchmark research, sophisticated firms receive upwards of 20,000 support tickets every month, with 48% of these support inquiries being “how-to” in nature, according to TSIA.[1]
  • According to TSIA research, trained consumers are 68% more likely to use a product more frequently, 56% more likely to use more features and functionalities, and 87% more likely to work independently (not submit as many tickets).[2]
  • According to Stat Counter, mobile now accounts for 52% of all internet traffic, with desktop usage declining.[3]
  • When businesses prioritize superior customer service experiences, they may increase revenues by 4% to 8% above the market.[3]
  • Last year, 90% of Customer Education programs expanded, with more than 60% boosting their spending by more than 30%.[3]
  • According to Esteban Kolsky, 72% of consumers will tell 6 or more others about a favorable experience.[3]
  • 43% of businesses lack a defined method for monitoring the effect of their education.[3]
  • Only 12% of customer education teams are organized into departments.[3]
  • Consumers were 131% more inclined to purchase after reading informative information.[4]
  • A week after reading a piece of instructional content from a company, 9% of customers would label a brand as “trustworthy”.[4]
  • 90% of businesses have already experienced a favorable return on their customer education investments, which is a step in the right direction.[5]
  • Acquiring a new client can cost five times as much as maintaining an existing one, and boosting customer retention by 5% can raise profitability by 25-95%.[6]
  • According to TSIA research, 68% of consumers report utilizing items more following training, and 56% use more product features than they would if they were untrained.[6]
  • Customers want organizations to understand their demands 76% of the time.[6]
  • Customers will pay 17% extra for a positive experience.[6]
  • Customer-centric businesses are 60% more lucrative than non-customer-centric businesses.[6]
  • 86% of shoppers are willing to spend more for a positive client experience.[6]
  • Customer experience is important to 23% of businesses.[6]
  • CX is a deciding factor for 73% of individuals when purchasing.[6]
  • Companies with organized education programs improve their income by 6.2%. (Increase Revenue And Improve Customer Retention Through Customer Education Programs, Forrester commissioned by Intellum, 2019)[7]
  • Companies with organized education programs boost retention by 7.4%. (Increase Revenue And Improve Customer Retention Through Customer Education Programs, Forrester commissioned by Intellum, 2019)[7]
  • Companies with organized education programs enhance their lifetime value by 7.1%. (Increase Revenue And Improve Customer Retention Through Customer Education Programs, Forrester commissioned by Intellum, 2019)[7]
  • Customer satisfaction rises 11.6% in companies with organized education programs (Increase Revenue And Improve Customer Retention Through Customer Education Programs, Forrester commissioned by Intellum, 2019)[7]

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How Useful is Customer Education

First and foremost, customer education is an essential tool in building brand loyalty. By providing customers with the knowledge and skills they need to make informed purchasing decisions, businesses can empower them to choose products and services that truly meet their needs. This can result in higher customer satisfaction levels, increased repeat business, and ultimately, stronger brand loyalty.

Customer education also has the potential to drive revenue growth. When customers understand the value proposition of a product or service, they are more likely to see the benefits of making a purchase. Furthermore, by educating customers on how to use a product or service to its fullest potential, businesses can position themselves as trusted advisors and experts in their field, gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Moreover, customer education can help businesses reduce customer support costs. By proactively providing customers with the information they need to troubleshoot common issues or maximize the value of a product or service, businesses can diminish the likelihood of customers reaching out to support representatives for assistance. This can lead to shorter call handling times, decreased support ticket volumes, and ultimately, lower support costs for the business.

Additionally, customer education plays a crucial role in improving customer satisfaction levels. When customers feel confident and knowledgeable about a product or service, they are more likely to have a positive experience with it. This can result in higher customer satisfaction scores, improved customer reviews, and increased word-of-mouth referrals, all of which can contribute to the overall success of a business.

Furthermore, customer education can help businesses stay ahead of the competition. In today’s fast-paced marketplace, where new products and services are constantly being launched, businesses that invest in educating their customers are better positioned to adapt to changing customer needs and preferences. By staying current on industry trends and providing customers with up-to-date information, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors and retain a competitive advantage.

In conclusion, customer education is a powerful tool that can benefit businesses in a variety of ways. From building brand loyalty and driving revenue growth to reducing support costs and improving customer satisfaction levels, the value of customer education cannot be overstated. Businesses that invest in educating their customers stand to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace and create long-term relationships with their customer base.


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