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Top Customer Journey Analytics Statistics 2023

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Customer Journey Analytics “Latest” Statistics

  • Around 20% of cross-device transactions completed on a desktop start on a smartphone, and 35% of those completed on a smartphone begin on a desktop.[1]
  • Businesses are around 33% more likely to anticipate customer attrition and satisfaction using trip analytics, according to Mckinsey.[2]
  • 67% of customer turnover might be prevented if a client’s issue was fixed on their first engagement.[2]
  • The last interaction model in analytics gives the last touchpoints, or clicks that come just before purchases or conversions, a 100% credit.[3]
  • The first interaction model gives touchpoints that start conversion pathways 100% credit.[3]
  • Even when a customer visits a brand’s website or mobile app with the intention of making a purchase, 32% of consumers seldom or never do so.[3]
  • Since chatbot integration is a highly scored metric and a powerful conversion cue, an increase of more than 15 percentage points is really significant.[4]
  • Forbes claims 84% of businesses report more income when they try to enhance customer satisfaction.[4]
  • According to Mckinsey, 56% of consumer contacts take place across a multichannel multievent journey.[4]
  • Since the chat widget customization objective was introduced, 86% of users have finished the tooltip walkthrough experience from user pilot.[4]
  • 82% of poll participants anticipate that shops will be able to satisfy their expectations and suit their preferences.[5]
  • 76% of companies say they are increasing their spending on providing numerous customer care channels.[5]
  • PWC discovered that the number of businesses investing in the omni channel experience has increased from 20% to more than 80% in their 2020 study.[5]
  • PWC polled 15,000 people for their future of CX research, and they discovered that 1 in 3 consumers would stop using a brand they love after only one unfavorable encounter, while 92% would entirely give up on a business after two or three negative encounters.[5]
  • 79% of marketing professionals who have created a plan state that increasing client satisfaction and retention is the strategy’s main goal.[5]
  • 28% of respondents mentioned that customer journey management and targeting are goals for the year.[5]
  • Only 47% of CEOs claim to fully comprehend how robots and AI will enhance the consumer experience.[5]
  • According to PWC, 32% of customers say they would stop supporting a business they love after only one negative encounter.[5]
  • Over 90% of people feel that CX is a top priority, regardless of the discipline, industry, or corporate revenue.[5]
  • The prospects for CX statistic in 2020, 84% of customers said they used digital platforms more regularly.[5]
  • Before making a purchase, US customers communicate with businesses on social media by asking questions, and 59% of them anticipate doing so in the future.[5]
  • With 88% of customers saying it’s their favorite method of contact, voice is still the preferred customer support channel in most situations.[5]
  • By 2022, 40% of organizations are anticipated to have used AI, up from the current 90% during the next three years.[5]
  • By halving the number of calls from customers making their initial payment, the bank will save almost $3 million.[6]
  • According to the statistics, 81% of those calls were made as a result of an IVR issue with one of the bank’s self.[6]
  • In the first year after installing the solution, they project that the program would cut their total churn rate by around 2.0%, saving the company an estimated 1.8 million in lost revenue.[6]
  • The cost of cybercrimes has climbed by about 78% in the last four years, and the amount of time it takes to stop an assault has doubled.[7]
  • During the projected period, the market for customer journey analytics is expected to increase fro$8.3 billion in 2020 to $25.1 billion by 2026 at a compound annual growth rate of 20.3%.[7]
  • Just 13% of the CX leaders we polled said they had complete trust that their cx measuring method gave a true representation of their clientele.[8]
  • Only 16% of CX leaders said that surveys provide them sufficient granularity to address the underlying issues of CX success.[8]
  • Just 4% of the CX executives we polled said that their system allows them to determine the return on investment of CX initiatives.[8]
  • Only 7% of a company’s customers are typically sampled in a standard CX study, giving a very restricted picture of what consumers value and experience.[8]
  • Customers want companies to know what they enjoy in the increasingly chaotic digital environment, and marketers are taking notice, with almost 90% claiming that customization is enhancing their marketing.[9]
  • Nearly 90% of consumers start their search for a new product online nowadays, making it a common habit.[9]
  • 29% of retail and consumer goods marketers report using voice in their marketing strategies at the moment, and 37% aim to do so in the next 12 months.[9]

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