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Top Data Science And Machine Learning Platforms Statistics 2023

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Data Science And Machine Learning Platforms “Latest” Statistics

  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the industry will increase by 27.9% through 2026 as a result of the need for data science capabilities.[1]
  • A recent report by IBM and Burning Glass states that there will be 364K new job openings in data-driven professions by 2020 in the US.[1]
  • According to KD Nuggets, there were 48 instruments with 2% or more of the market in 2018, and among them, 14 had a loss in share while 34 saw a gain.[2]
  • The top 11 tools have the same percentage of market share in 2019 as they had in 2018.[2]
  • RapidMiner kept its share at around 51%, which was a reflection of both a large user base and a successful campaign to motivate its users.[2]
  • The tools that were part of the KD Nuggets poll in 2018 that reached at least 25 voters and had a share increase of 20% or more.[2]
  • The 20th annual KD Nuggets Software Poll had over 1,800 participants, and the average voter chose 6.1 different tools, so voters with just one choice stood out.[2]
  • The inaugural “Netflix Prize” competition was sponsored in 2006 by media services company Netflix to identify a software that could more accurately forecast user preferences and raise the accuracy of its current Cinematch movie recommendation algorithm by at least 10%.[3]
  • Some machine learning solutions make use of data and six learning algorithms, which operate under the premise that previous success is a good predictor of future success.[3]
  • The top Data Science courses are all included in Coursera Plus, an annual subscription that provides access to more than 3,000 courses, Specializations, Professional Certificates, and Guided Projects.[4]
  • In addition to the enormous demand, there is a severe lack of data scientists who are qualified, with 39% of the most demanding data science occupations needing a degree greater than a bachelors.[1]
  • In the case of the MicroMasters, passing the classes and earning a certificate will credit toward 30% of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)’s complete Master of Science in Data Science degree.[5]
  • Apache Hadoop was identified as the second most crucial ability for a data scientist, according to a research by Villanova University, by 49% of data scientists.[6]
  • In 2018, Python surpassed R as the most widely used language for data science, with 66% of data scientists reporting using it daily.[6]
  • The Villanova University analysis on the data analytics skill gap states that 56% of data scientist employment include SQL as a necessity.[6]

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