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Top Design Systems Statistics 2023

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Design Systems “Latest” Statistics

  • Compared to last year’s survey, the design industry saw an increase in those who focus on development from 11% to 16% and those who do both design and development from 16% to 22%.[1]
  • Employees identified as a ‘creator’ in 76% of respondents, either as part of an organization’s design system team or as a member of a product team that contributed to a design system.[1]
  • In a particular poll, 58% of respondents selected “internal design systems” as having used or tried them, placing this option second only to Google’s Material Design.[1]
  • In 2023, the top three design systems chosen are Material Design by Google (28%), in-house developed design system (21%), and Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines (15%).[1]
  • Figma is the best solution for companies with less than 500 employees, while Sketch is the first choice for very large multinational companies with more than 10,000 employees.[1]
  • A growing number of medium-sized companies (50 to 1500 employees) are increasingly using design systems to improve product design and development team processes, product consistency, and quality.[1]
  • One study found that participants who had access to a design system were 34 times more likely to achieve their goals than those without one.[2]
  • At Figma, he has seven product designers, each of whom gets about 20 hours of focused design time per week, for a total of 140 hours of design time, based on their respective calendars.[2]
  • Cadence Design Systems has 8,900 employees.[3]
  • 37% of Cadence Design Systems employees are female and 63% are male.[3]
  • The most common race at Cadence Design Systems is Caucasian (54%).[3]
  • 19% of Cadence Design Systems employees are Asian.[3]
  • 14% of Cadence Design Systems employees are Hispanic or Latino.[3]
  • The average Cadence Design Systems employee earns $115,840 a year.[3]
  • The average tenure of Cadence Design Systems employees is 4.9 years.[3]
  • 37% of Cadence Design Systems employees are women.[3]
  • 54% of Cadence Design Systems employees are white.[3]
  • 26% of Cadence Design Systems employees hold electrical engineering degrees.[3]
  • A bachelor’s degree is the most common highest degree among Cadence Design Systems employees, with 57% of employees having at least a bachelor’s degree.[3]
  • 63% of Cadence Design Systems employees are male and 37% of Cadence Design Systems employees are female.[3]
  • 43% of Cadence Design Systems employees are 20-30 years old.[3]
  • 3% of Cadence Design Systems employees are under the age of 18.[3]
  • 62% of employees earn between $100,000 and $200,000 a year.[3]
  • Only 5% of Cadence Design Systems employees earn more than $200,000 annual salary.[3]

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