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Email Template Builder “Latest” Statistics

  • CampaignMonitor says that if you spend every dollar you have on display, social media, or any other channel, your email campaigns will bring in 38 dollars more.[1]
  • For B2B marketing, email is unquestionably the most effective medium. In B2C marketing, however, email reigns supreme, as 72% of adults in the United States prefer to communicate with businesses via email.[1]
  • Email opens have increased by 180% in the last three years, indicating a rapid increase.[1]
  • By the end of 2023, it is anticipated that revenue from email marketing will reach almost 11 billion.[2]
  • One in two media planners use email marketing, and with 22% planning to use it for the first time this year, this trend is expected to continue.[2]
  • 26% of marketers send emails multiple times per month and 33% send emails weekly.[2]
  • Over the past year, 77% of marketers have observed an increase in email engagement.[2]
  • By 2025, there will be 4.6 billion daily email users, up from the current 4 billion.[2]
  • Email marketing is used by 64% of small businesses to reach customers.[2]
  • Only 1.3% of brands are cutting their email spending, while 37% are increasing it.[2]
  • 26% of marketers send emails multiple times per month and 33% send emails weekly.[2]
  • Based on their level of engagement, 63% of businesses reduce the frequency with which they send emails to subscribers.[2]
  • In 2020, 78% of businesses will say that email marketing is very important to their success, compared to 41.5% of brands.[2]
  • Over the past year, 77% of marketers have observed an increase in email engagement.[2]
  • Due to Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection, 43% of marketers are changing how they measure email performance, while 24% are not making any changes at this time.[2]
  • Email newsletters are the most common type of content marketing, according to 81% of B2B marketers.[2]
  • In 2021, 64% of B2B marketers claim that their email marketing strategy helped them achieve business objectives.[2]
  • Popular spam filters either miss or catch 15.8% of all emails.[2]
  • According to B2B marketers, marketing emails announcing new features and products have the highest click-through rates.[2]
  • Mobile devices account for nearly 55% of all website traffic worldwide, excluding tablets.[2]
  • 46% of smartphone users would rather receive business communications via email.[2]
  • The response rate of Mailmodo users rises by 833 percent.[3]
  • By 225 percent, AWeber improves user engagement.[3]
  • With AMP in abandoned carts, Ecwid sees an 82% increase in conversion.[3]
  • Due to interactive forms, Stripo’s user response rate rises by 522 percent.[3]
  • In order to carry out personalized marketing programs, 66% of marketers are working toward securing internal resources.[4]
  • 33% of marketers responded, “When asked to prioritize one capability that will be most important to marketing in the future, personalization.”[4]
  • According to 74% of marketers, targeted personalization improves customer engagement.[4]
  • Only 39% of online retailers use email to send customized product recommendations.[4]
  • The likelihood of opening an email is 26% higher when the subject line is personalized.[4]
  • Transaction rates are six times higher in personalized emails.[4]
  • According to 53% of marketers, ongoing, customized communication with existing customers has a moderate to a significant impact on revenue.[4]
  • Personalization was rated as “important,” “very important,” or “extremely important” by 94% of professionals working in customer insights and marketing across a variety of industries in order to achieve their current goals for email marketing.[4]
  • Emails that are segmented and targeted bring in 58% of all revenue.[4]
  • Segmented campaigns have resulted in a 760 percent increase in revenue for marketers.[4]
  • When personalized experiences are used, marketers typically see a 20 percent increase in sales.[4]
  • Personalization, according to 50% of businesses, can increase email interaction.[4]
  • A personalized video has been shown to increase click-through rates by eight times when compared to standard outbound email campaigns for some brands.[4]

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