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Top Esports Management Statistics 2023

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Esports Management “Latest” Statistics

  • Eye fatigue (56%) was the most common complaint from eSport players, followed by neck and back pain (42%).[1]
  • 36% and 32% of eSport athletes reported having hand and wrist pain.[1]
  • By 2019, 427 million people will be watching eSports, which will reach a global audience of 1.1 billion by 2021, according to Newzoo, a market tracking company.[1]
  • Over $1.5 billion has been earned by players from prizes and sponsorships.[1]
  • The most well-known is “,” which streams more than 40% of all eSports competitions.[1]
  • Amazon paid $970 million in 2014 to acquire Twitch.[1]
  • In 2020, the global esports industry is expected to be worth $947.1 million.[2]
  • Global esports revenues are anticipated to reach $1,084 million in 2021, an increase of 14.5 percent year-over-year.[2]
  • It is anticipated that the combined value of the global esports market and games streaming will exceed $3.5 billion by 2025.[2]
  • In addition, it is anticipated that sponsorships and media rights will account for 75% of the total esports market revenue in 2021, which will amount to approximately $833.6 million.[2]
  • Based on advertising spending, the estimated size of the US esports market in 2020 is $196 million, which is $3 million less than the estimates made prior to the pandemic.[2]
  • In the meantime, 1.8 billion people across the globe were aware of esports in 2019.[2]
  • In 2024, the audience for competitive gaming is expected to reach 577.2 million, which is a CAGR of 7.7%.[2]
  • Over half of those who watch esports and gaming are located in Asia-Pacific.[2]
  • China is now home to the largest gaming and esports community in the world, and by 2020, the country is expected to have earned $375 million from esports.[2]
  • Esports are watched monthly by 26% of internet users in the nation.[2]
  • Experts anticipate a 10 percent increase in live-streaming audiences for the global games in 2021, reaching 728.8 million.[2]
  • The number of people who watch esports and games may finally reach one billion by 2025.[2]
  • There were 198 million people who were fans of esports in 2019, and that number increased to 223 million in 2020.[2]
  • Between the ages of 16 and 24, 32% of people worldwide who use the internet to watch esports tournaments.[2]
  • It should come as no surprise that 72% of esports fans in the United States are male.[2]
  • The average number of female esports fans worldwide in 2019 was 22%.[2]
  • In the third quarter of 2020, viewers collectively watched 7.46 billion hours of esports and games live-streaming content—a 91.8 percent increase from the previous quarter.[2]
  • It’s interesting to note that YouTube Gaming saw the greatest increase in watch hours—156 million more hours in Q3 2020 than in Q2 2020.[2]
  • Twitch (1.6 billion hours), YouTube (517 million hours), and Facebook Gaming (280 million hours) will be the most popular live-streaming platforms as of August 2020.[2]
  • According to the most recent data, Twitch receives 26.5 million visitors each day.[2]
  • According to Newzoo’s adjusted figures for 2019, the total audience was 397.8 million, with 200.8 million occasional viewers and 197 million eSports enthusiasts.[3]
  • Newzoo anticipated that its growth would continue into 2021, increasing by 8.7% year-over-year to a total of 474.0 million eSports viewers and 240.0 million occasional viewers.[3]
  • According to Newzoo’s forecast, the eSports community’s Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) from 2019 to 2024 will be approximately 7.7%.[3]
  • Up until 2018, the previous Newzoo analysis revealed an average annual increase in eSports revenue of more than 30%.[3]
  • There were 5591 tournaments with prize money totaling $236,221,114 in 2019.[3]
  • Between 2020 and 2025, eSports and video games are anticipated to expand by 6%.[3]
  • With a prize pool of $US40,018,400, the International 2021 in Bucharest, Romania, holds the record for both the highest individual prize pool and the highest team prize pool.[3]
  • Worldwide, 532 million people will watch esports in 2022.[4]
  • Esports viewers in the United States, according to Insider Intelligence, will reach 34.8 million in 2026 from 29.8 million in 2022.[4]

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