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Florida Bar Exam Statistics 2023: Facts about Bar Exam in Florida reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top Florida Bar Exam Statistics 2023

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Florida Bar Exam “Latest” Statistics

  • According to Superior Court Rule 304(f), each candidate must pass the written bar examination with a minimum combined score of 70% or higher on the MBE and essay sections, and a minimum scaled score of 75 on the MPRE in order to pass.[1]
  • The bar test was given in Tampa on February 22-23, and FSU was in front of Stetson University College of Law, which came in second, and Florida International University College of Law, which came in third.[2]
  • More over 95% of the 2020 graduating class of FIU Law’s were working in professional positions, including those that required passing the bar exam or for which having a J.D. was a plus.[3]
  • FIU Law graduates earned an 88.8% passing rate on the Florida bar exam in July. This is the highest of any Florida law school, and 17.2% points above the state average. The exam was administered remotely.[3]
  • The total pass percentage fell to 45% in February in New York, the country’s biggest bar test jurisdiction, from 49% in February of last year. Florida saw its pass fall to 43% this February from 47% last year.[4]
  • Florida revealed that fewer first-time bar exam candidates passed the test two months ago (71.6% ) compared to July 2019 (73.9% ).[5]
  • 502 out of 1,854 test participants, including both first time and repeat test takers, passed the Florida bar exam in February, resulting in a 27% pass rate.[7]
  • In the July 2022 Florida bar exam, the overall pass percentage was 51% with first time pass percentage of 64%. The results were released last September 19, 2022.[1]
  • The Florida State University College of Law has the greatest first-time Florida bar taker pass percentage of any Florida law school with a 78.9% after a hack brought Florida’s job search website back up.[6]

Florida Bar Exam “Exam” Statistics

  • The Florida Bar exam’s July passing rate dropped to 44% , three percentage points lower than the most similar test results from two years earlier.[5]
  • The October 2020 exam, which was postponed due to the pandemic and worries about technology issues, was passed by a similar proportion (47.4% ).[5]
  • 162 out of 378 Maryland test takers in February 2021 had a total pass percentage of 42.9% while Florida had a 62.4% overall pass rate (441 out of 659 examinees, passed).[1]
  • In comparison to Florida Law students, almost 60.5% of UM Law students who took the exam for the first time passed.[6]
  • In the February exam, the pass rate was 27%, with 502 passing out of 1,854 who took the test. This number includes first-time and repeat takers.[8]

Florida Bar Exam “Test” Statistics

  • With a 78.9% success rate, Florida State University College of Law led all Florida law schools, with 15 students passing the test on their first try.[6]
  • The February test is taken by fewer individuals than the July test, and 68% of those who took it in February were repeating it—a larger proportion than the year before.[4]
  • The pandemic forced the postponement of the summer test from last year to October, which had a 47.4% passing percentage.[8]
  • Five out of 17 students at St. Thomas University College of Law passed the test, which is similarly below the national average of 30% .[6]

Florida Bar Exam “Other” Statistics

  • In all, 1,348 candidates took the Florida and Multistate Bar Exams starting in February of this year, and 599 of them passed, or around 44% of the total.[6]
  • For instance, Nebraska’s clearance percentage dipped to 72% from 79%, and Iowa’s slipped to 71% from 80% in July. Florida’s sinking pass rate released Monday mirrored the lower rates reported so far in some other, mostly smaller states.[5]
  • With just four passing students and a 28.6% pass percentage, Florida Coastal School of Law had the fewest passing students and the lowest first.[6]
  • The overall pass rate for first-time takers is 71.7%, down 2.2 percentage points from last year.[6]

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How Useful is Florida Bar Exam

Proponents of the Florida Bar Exam argue that the exam ensures that only those who possess the necessary knowledge and skills are allowed to practice law in the state. Passing the exam indicates that a lawyer has a solid understanding of the legal principles and procedures that govern the practice of law in Florida, and is capable of advocating effectively for their clients.

Additionally, the Florida Bar Exam is seen as a crucial step in protecting the public from unqualified attorneys. Without a standardized test like the bar exam, there would be no way to ensure that all lawyers practicing in Florida have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide competent legal representation. The exam serves as a gatekeeper, ensuring that only those who meet the state’s standards for legal knowledge and proficiency are allowed to practice law.

Furthermore, the Florida Bar Exam is viewed as a way to uphold the integrity of the legal profession. By requiring lawyers to pass a comprehensive exam before they are allowed to practice, the legal profession can maintain high standards of professionalism and competence. This not only benefits clients who can trust that their attorney is well-equipped to represent their interests, but also promotes public confidence in the legal system as a whole.

However, critics of the Florida Bar Exam argue that the exam is an unnecessary barrier to entry into the legal profession. They claim that the exam is overly challenging and does not accurately reflect an attorney’s ability to practice law effectively. Some critics argue that the exam tests rote memorization of legal principles rather than practical legal skills, and that passing the exam does not necessarily indicate that an attorney will be a competent advocate.

Critics also point out that the Florida Bar Exam can serve as a barrier to diversity in the legal profession. Studies have shown that certain groups, such as minorities and low-income individuals, are less likely to pass the bar exam on their first attempt. This can create barriers to entry for these groups, limiting their ability to become licensed attorneys and perpetuating a lack of diversity in the legal profession.

In conclusion, the Florida Bar Exam is a useful tool for ensuring that lawyers practicing in the state possess the necessary knowledge and skills to provide competent legal representation. It serves as a gatekeeper to the legal profession, protecting the public and upholding the integrity of the legal system. However, critics argue that the exam may be an unnecessary barrier to entry and could potentially hinder diversity in the legal profession. The effectiveness of the Florida Bar Exam in determining who is fit to practice law in the state is a topic that warrants further consideration and discussion.


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