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Top Home Inspection Statistics 2023

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Home Inspection “Latest” Statistics

  • Home inspection requests have climbed, according to LSBHI, which has seen an increase of around 17.5%.[1]
  • 20% of successful buyers in June, according to statistics from real estate company Redfin, renounced their right to an inspection.[2]
  • According to Porch, 14% of respondents selected their inspector based on recommendations from friends or family, and 10% said that the seller selected the inspector.[3]
  • Gutter problems more than 10% of complaints included concerns with fence and branches hanging over the roof.[3]
  • 86% of the respondents who had an inspection conducted indicated their inspector found at least one issue, according to Porch.[3]
  • Windows related difficulties were fairly common, appearing in over 18% of reports where problems were found.[3]
  • With 83% of those who employed an inspector noting that their lender insisted on an evaluation, this outcome follows usual mortgage requirements.[3]
  • The inspector provided projected repair prices for each problem detected, according to 36% of customers.[4]
  • According to the mortgage reports, a roof problem was discovered in almost 20% of inspections, while an electrical issue was discovered in 18% of inspections.[4]
  • The typical home inspector stays at their employment for 1-2 years, or a percentage of 26%, after reviewing the resumes of 2,675 home inspectors.[5]
  • In Illinois, children under the age of five account for 20% of all residential fire deaths.[5]
  • White people make up 73.5% of all home inspectors, making them the most prevalent ethnic group, according to Webinar Care.[5]
  • About 46% of purchasers claimed to have utilized house inspection results to get their realtor to agree to a reduced asking price, according to Porch survey.[6]
  • According to findings from Porch, 86% of buyers who used a home inspection said that their inspector identified at least one problem that should be addressed.[6]
  • According to a poll by Porch, 88% of purchasers utilized a home inspection for their most recent real estate transaction.[6]
  • According to a Forbes Homes poll, roughly 45% of homeowners think that most warranty insurance are just too pricey.[7]
  • According to an article entitled “Home Inspections”, the most common faults discovered during house inspections, including roofing, electrical wiring, windows, gutters, and plumbing, as determined by a poll of 1,000 purchasers.[8]

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