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Human Services Statistics 2023: Facts about Human Services outlines the context of what’s happening in the tech world.

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Top Human Services Statistics 2023

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Human Services “Latest” Statistics

  • According to U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall employment in community and social service occupations is projected to grow 10% from 2021 to 2031, faster than the average for all occupations.[1]
  • According to projections, employment of human resources managers will increase by 7% between 2021 and 2031, which is approximately average for all professions.[2]
  • According to a 2019 National Survey of Organ Donation Attitudes and Practices, 90% of adults support organ donation but only 60% are actually signed up as donors.[3]
  • The typical human services worker appreciates remaining at their employment for 12 years, which is a proportion of 33%, after reviewing the resumes of 2,294 human services professionals.[4]
  • Human services employees make up 57% of the population and have an average age of 40.[4]
  • Employees in the human services sector most often have bachelor’s degrees and 49% of human services professionals have that degree.[4]
  • White people make up 58.6% of the human services workforce, followed by Hispanics or Latino people (16%) and Black or Africans Americans (14.6%).[4]
  • Spanish is the most often used foreign language among those working in the human services, with 76.4%.[4]

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How Useful is Human Services

At the core of human services is the belief that everyone deserves access to the support they need to thrive. It’s about recognizing the inherent dignity and worth of every individual and providing the necessary resources to help them achieve their full potential. In a world that can often be cold and indifferent, human services offer a beacon of hope and compassion for those who are struggling.

One of the key reasons why human services are so important is their ability to address complex and interconnected social problems. Many individuals face challenges that go beyond their immediate circumstances – poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, mental illness. These issues are often intertwined and cannot be effectively addressed in isolation. Human services take a holistic approach, considering the whole person and their unique circumstances, and work to provide comprehensive support that addresses the root causes of their struggles.

Human services also play a crucial role in preventing and addressing crises before they escalate. By providing early intervention and support, these programs can help individuals overcome obstacles and avoid more serious problems down the line. Whether it’s providing job training and employment services to prevent homelessness or offering counseling to support mental health before it deteriorates, human services are an essential safety net for our most vulnerable populations.

Furthermore, human services promote social equity and inclusivity by ensuring that all individuals have access to the necessary resources and support to succeed. They help level the playing field for those who may have faced systemic barriers or discrimination, allowing them to fully participate in society and contribute meaningfully to their communities. In essence, human services are about building a more just and equitable society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Human services also embody the values of empathy and compassion that are so critical in fostering a sense of community and solidarity. They remind us of our shared humanity and the importance of looking out for one another, especially in times of need. In a world that can often feel cold and impersonal, human services offer a reminder that we are all connected and that we have a responsibility to care for one another.

In conclusion, human services are a vital lifeline for individuals in need, providing crucial support, resources, and assistance that can make a profound difference in their lives. They are a testament to the values of compassion, empathy, and social justice that are essential in building a more inclusive and equitable society. As we continue to face complex social challenges, human services will play a key role in helping us navigate these hurdles and create a more just and compassionate world for all.


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