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Indiana Crime Statistics 2023: Facts about Crime in Indiana reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


LLCBuddy editorial team did hours of research, collected all important statistics on Indiana Crime, and shared those on this page. Our editorial team proofread these to make the data as accurate as possible. We believe you don’t need to check any other resources on the web for the same. You should get everything here only 🙂

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Top Indiana Crime Statistics 2023

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Indiana Crime “Latest” Statistics

  • In Indiana, where property crimes made up 84% of all recorded crimes in the state, this percentage was almost the same.[1]
  • Regarding everyday anxiety levels, 50% of the Hoosiers expressed greater concern about property crime than the average American (42%).[2]
  • Indiana has seen a 36% decrease in property crime over the last ten years.[3]
  • Crime in Indianapolis has dropped by 18% year over year.[4]
  • Crime in the country has decreased gradually, with the current rate of 2,489 per 100,000 being a 58% decrease in 28 years.[1]
  • The most populated and safest city this year, Carmel, accounts for 19% of violent crime and 21% of property crime among all ten cities.[2]
  • Violent crimes in Indianapolis are 125% higher than the national average.[4]
  • The violent crime rate of Indiana, which is 3.6, is lower than the national average of 4.0 and has decreased by 3% per year.[2]
  • Indiana had an 8% year-over-year decline in property crime, which is one percentage point greater than the national average.[2]
  • The overall crime rate has reduced by 15.2% nationally during the five years since 2014, but state-by-state changes have been quite different.[1]
  • Vehicle theft decreased at the lowest rate, around 2%, during the last ten years, but none of the four property crime categories included in this research increased.[3]
  • In the 12 months, 13% of respondents said they had experienced violent crime, which is three percentage points more than the national average.[2]
  • The rate of burglaries in Indiana decreased by 57%, the most among the four forms of property crime.[3]
  • Indiana citizens are more inclined than the typical American to feel that crime is rising (68% in IN vs. 66% in the U.S.).[2]
  • Property crime worries 50% of Indiana residents, and package theft worries 49% of them as well.[2]

Indiana Crime “Other” Statistics

  • The overall number of homicides committed in Indiana increased by about 30% in 2020 to 21,570, the highest yearly rise ever.[5]
  • The murder rate in Indianapolis is almost 30% more than it was a year ago, and statistically, the city is headed for 300 homicides in 2021.[6]
  • There are 2.2 police officers per 1,000 population, which is 8.5% below Indiana’s average and 33.5% below the U.S. average.[4]
  • In Indiana, there are 198 sexual offenders overall per 100,000 people, which is 26% less than the national average.[4]

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How Useful is Indiana Crime

It’s important to acknowledge that crime, to some extent, does serve a purpose. It can serve as a deterrent to potential wrongdoers, highlighting the potential consequences of breaking the law. In a broader sense, it can also serve as a wake-up call to communities and law enforcement agencies, prompting them to take action and implement strategies to address the underlying issues that contribute to criminal activity. In this way, crime can be seen as a catalyst for change and improvement within a society.

On the other hand, the usefulness of crime in Indiana is greatly outweighed by its negative impacts on individuals and communities. The fear and trauma experienced by victims of crime can have lasting effects on their mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as their sense of security and safety. And the ripple effects of crime can extend beyond the immediate victims, creating a climate of fear and instability that can harm the overall social fabric of a community.

Furthermore, the economic costs of crime are substantial, both in terms of direct expenses such as law enforcement and criminal justice system resources, as well as indirect costs such as lost productivity, decreased property values, and higher insurance rates. These costs can have a detrimental impact on the quality of life for residents of Indiana, as well as hinder the potential for economic growth and development in the state.

Another key aspect to consider when evaluating the usefulness of crime in Indiana is the issue of criminal justice reform. The criminal justice system in Indiana, like many states, is facing numerous challenges related to issues such as mass incarceration, racial disparities, and lack of access to resources for rehabilitation and reintegration. Crime can serve as a vehicle for highlighting these underlying systemic issues and the need for meaningful reforms that prioritize justice, equity, and rehabilitation over punishment.

In conclusion, while crime in Indiana may have some limited usefulness in certain contexts, its negative impacts far outweigh any potential benefits. It is crucial for policymakers, law enforcement agencies, and communities to work together to address the root causes of crime and implement effective strategies for prevention and intervention. By taking a holistic and proactive approach to addressing crime, Indiana can move towards a safer, more just, and more resilient society for all of its residents.


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