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Kentucky Bar Exam Statistics 2023: Facts about Bar Exam in Kentucky reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top Kentucky Bar Exam Statistics 2023

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Kentucky Bar Exam “Latest” Statistics

  • 1151 out of 3098 people took the California bar exam in February 2021, and 37.2% of them passed while 67 out of 114 examinees took the Kentucky Bar exam with a 58% passage rate.[2]
  • Each year, Kentucky produces around 300 new attorneys, with a passing rate of about 61% of those who take the bar test there.[3]
  • UK Law ranks 109 in terms of bar passage rate among first-time test takers (77.4%), and it outperforms by +8.4% the state of Kentucky’s overall bar passage rate of 69.0%.[4]
  • According to Superior Court Rule 304(f), each candidate must pass the written bar examination with a minimum combined score of 70% or higher on the MBE and essay sections, and a minimum scaled score of 75 on the MPRE in order to pass.[2]
  • According to NCBE, the Kentucky bar exam last February 2022 has an overall passing percentage of 45% with first-timer passing rate of 52% and repeater pass rate of 49%. The results were released last April 1, 2022.[5]
  • A test taker should pass separately both the essay and MBE parts of the Kentucky bar exam.  On the essay part, a general average of 75% is a passing score.  On the MBE part, a scaled score of 132 is a passing score.[1]
  • The Kentucky bar exam pass rate last February 2019 was 60% while in July 2019, the bar exam rate increased up to 67%.[8]

Kentucky Bar Exam “Exam” Statistics

  • The pass rates for the Kentucky Bar exam vary from 68% to 82% for all test takers, 76% to 93% for first timers, and 27% to 71% for repeat test takers.[1]
  • In order to pass the Kentucky Bar exam, examinees should score a 264/400 (132 out of 200-point scale).[1]
  • 162 out of 378 test takers passed the Maryland Bar exam in February 2021, the total pass percentage was 42.9%  while 67 out of 114 examinees took the Kentucky Bar exam with a 58% passage rate.[2]

Kentucky Bar Exam “Test” Statistics

  • The Board of Bar Examiners automatically analyzes and regrades the top 15% of the failed applicants’ essay responses after the tests have been assessed but before the dissemination of the grading results.[2]
  • 200 out of the 378 prospective attorneys that took the test passed with a 52.9% passing rate. Among 165 first-time test takers 66% received passing scores.[6]

Kentucky Bar Exam “Other” Statistics

  • The 2017 Kentucky Bar Exam overall pass rate has a percentage of 60.61% (300/495) while the first-timer has a percentage of 69.02% (225/326).[7]

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How Useful is Kentucky Bar Exam

Critics argue that the Kentucky Bar Exam is antiquated and fails to adapt to the changing landscape of the legal field. Today’s attorneys require not only a solid understanding of legal principles but also the ability to navigate complex legal systems, utilize technology effectively, and apply critical thinking skills to real-world scenarios. They argue that a three-day written exam alone is insufficient to assess these essential qualities.

Furthermore, some claim that the Kentucky Bar Exam, like many other state bar exams, is unnecessarily burdensome and places undue stress on aspiring lawyers. The sheer volume of information that must be retained and recalled, coupled with the high stakes nature of the exam, contributes to intense anxiety and burnout. This exam-centric approach can hinder genuine learning and professional growth.

Another criticism is that the Kentucky Bar Exam prioritizes rote memorization over practical skills. Success on the exam relies heavily on the ability to regurgitate legal rules and case precedents. However, many argue that memorization alone does not equate to excellence in practice. Lawyers need to be able to analyze problems, think critically, and provide innovative solutions. Memorization may provide a foundation, but it should not be the sole focus of legal education and assessment.

Proponents of the Kentucky Bar Exam, on the other hand, argue that it serves as a necessary check on individuals seeking to enter the legal profession. They argue that passing the exam demonstrates a minimum level of knowledge and competence required to protect the public interest. The exam helps maintain high standards within the legal community and preserves the integrity of the justice system.

Additionally, supporters argue that the Kentucky Bar Exam is a testament to an individual’s dedication and commitment to the legal profession. Successfully completing such a challenging and rigorous test sends a message to potential employers and clients that a lawyer has overcome significant hurdles and is capable of handling complex legal matters.

Moreover, the Kentucky Bar Exam can be seen as a rite of passage, a shared experience that all attorneys in the state have gone through. It fosters a sense of camaraderie among legal professionals and creates a level playing field, regardless of where one attended law school. The bar exam is considered by some to be an important aspect of the legal profession’s identity and culture.

Ultimately, the usefulness of the Kentucky Bar Exam is a multi-faceted and nuanced question. While it provides a benchmark for knowledge and competence and creates a sense of camaraderie among attorneys, it must continually evolve to align with the demands of the legal profession. Striking a balance between ensuring minimum competency and assessing practical skills is crucial. The bar exam should be a comprehensive evaluation that not only tests legal knowledge but also challenges applicants to apply critical thinking skills, solve complex problems, and demonstrate their ability to adapt in a rapidly changing legal landscape.


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