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Life Insurance Policy Administration Systems “Latest” Statistics

  • Approximately 96% of individuals aged 20–49 who had social security-eligible occupations in 2020 had access to life insurance under Social Security.[1]
  • Administrative expenses are just 0.6% of yearly payments in Social Security, which is much less than the rates for private retirement annuities.[1]
  • Social Security benefits are progressive, which means that high earners who make 160% of the average pay replace roughly 30% of former earnings.[1]
  • According to Social Security’s actuaries, it amounts to a life insurance policy with a face value of almost $800,000 in 2020 for a young worker with average wages, a spouse, and two children.[1]
  • Social security payments replace around 37% of prior earnings for someone who retires at age 65 in 2022 after working their whole adult life at the average wage.[1]
  • According to estimates from the Social Security Administration, 97% of older persons between the ages of 60 and 89 either get social security or will in the future.[1]
  • Approximately 7% of those who have just entered the workforce will pass away before retirement age, and many more will become incapacitated.[1]
  • Over the next 75 years, the predicted long-term shortfall between social security’s projected revenue and promised payments is 1.2% of GDP.[1]
  • Between 2018 and 2028, the average annual increase in total medicare expenditure will be more significant than it was between 2010 and 44% vs. 79%.[2]
  • Net medicare expenditure is likewise anticipated to increase between 2019 and 2029, rising from 14.3% to 18.3% of the federal budget and from 30% to 41% of the country’s gross domestic product.[2]
  • The price of a pay-as-you-live life insurance policy will rise by 2% for the current quarter.[3]
  • According to Scott’s assistant, his mobility insurance price would rise by 4% to 8%, depending on the route he chooses and the number and distribution of other vehicles on the road.[3]
  • 35% of people in developing nations getting government assistance established their first bank account.[4]
  • Women from low-income rural homes or those unemployed made up around 50% of the unbanked population.[4]
  • The next phase for nations where 80% or more of the population has accounts is to go from access to use.[4]
  • Mobile money account ownership in Sub-Saharan Africa advanced from 12% to 21%.[4]

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