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Louisiana Agriculture Statistics 2023: Facts about Agriculture in Louisiana reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top Louisiana Agriculture Statistics 2023

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Louisiana Agriculture “Latest” Facts

  • Nearly 66% of college graduates from the class of 2018 have student debt, while the proportion varies by institution.[1]
  • Louisiana has 500 aquaculture farms and sold 90.6 million worth of aquaculture goods, making the latter particularly pertinent.[2]
  • There were 3.59 million turtles grown on 72 farms in the united states, according to the census of aquaculture. Louisiana accounted for 62% of all of these turtles raised or 2.21 million turtles on 25 farms.[2]
  • At Louisiana State University, around 35% of students borrowed money, with a yearly average of $7,615.[1]
  • The Pelican State, which according to the NOAA, has the third longest coastline in the country with a length of 7,721 miles, is home to 41% of the nation’s wetlands.[3]
  • Sales of crustaceans in the U.S. reached 84.9 million in 2013, with Louisiana accounting for 42% of all sales.[2]
  • There were 62.6 million alligator sales in the U.S., of which 35.6 million, or 57%, were from Louisiana production.[2]

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