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Louisiana Bar Exam Statistics 2023: Facts about Bar Exam in Louisiana reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top Louisiana Bar Exam Statistics 2023

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Louisiana Bar Exam “Latest” Statistics

  • According to Superior Court Rule 304(f), each candidate must pass the written bar examination with a minimum combined score of 70% or higher on the MBE and essay sections, and a minimum scaled score of 75 on the MPRE in order to pass.[1]
  • The Louisiana Bar Exam is a three-day-long examination used to determine whether a candidate is qualified to practice law in the state of Louisiana. It is the longest bar exam in the United States, consisting of 21 hours of examination on nine topic areas.[1]
  • Now, Louisiana’s pass percentage in 2016 was about 65% , thus based only on numbers, it is not considered to be one of the toughest bar tests.[2]
  • LSU law ranks 92 in terms of bar passage rate among first-time test takers 80.7% and it outperforms by 41% the state of Louisiana’s overall bar passage rate of 76.6% .[3]
  • Louisiana’s bar exam statistics for 2020 and 2017. School’s bar passage rate in 2020 was 80.7 while in 2017, it was 84.4%. State’s overall passage rate in 2020 was 76.6% while in 2017, it was 69.3%.[3]
  • In the Missouri February 2021 bar examination the total pass percentage was 60.3%, or 126/209 while Louisiana had a 51.3% total pass percentage for the (121/236) test takers for February 2021.[1]
  • Louisiana Law School July bar passage rate for first-time test takers in LSU Law Center: 82.7% (2015), 81.6% (2016), 83.9% (2017), 92.1% (2018), 85.6% (2019), 84% (2021), and 84.68% (2022).[5]
  • Louisiana Law School July bar passage rate for all test takers in LSU Law Center: 78% (2015), 77.9% (2016), 80.5% (2017), 87.4% (2018), 84.4% (2019), 82.95% (2021), and 81.62% (2022).[5]
  • The passing mark for the Louisiana bar exam is 650 out of a possible 900 points, or a total score of 70% .[6]

Louisiana Bar Exam “Exam” Statistics

  • In Louisiana, February 2021 examinees had a 51.3% (121/236) overall pass rate while in July 2021, examinees from Louisiana had a 69.8% overall pass rate.[1]

Louisiana Bar Exam “Test” Statistics

  • Washington D.C had a 47.2% total pass percentage for the (314/665) test takers for February 2021. However, Louisiana had a 51.3% total pass percentage for the (121/236) test takers for February 2021.[1]

Louisiana Bar Exam “Other” Statistics

  • The July 2014 Bar Exam pass rate was 69.82%. Out of a total of 762 applicants, 532 passed and 230 failed.[1]
  • Loyola Law ranked first among Louisiana law schools for the July 2021 Bar Examination, with 92% of first-time takers passing.[4]

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How Useful is Louisiana Bar Exam

One of the primary arguments against the usefulness of the Louisiana Bar Exam is the contention that it places too much emphasis on rote memorization and regurgitation of legal rules. Critics assert that the exam tends to reward individuals who possess exceptional memory capabilities, while potentially undermining those who excel in critical analysis and practical problem-solving skills. In a rapidly evolving legal landscape, where the ability to think creatively and adapt to new circumstances is becoming increasingly crucial, the exam’s focus on memorization may not accurately reflect an attorney’s aptitude and potential for success.

Another key concern pertains to the lack of subject specificity in the exam. Louisiana is known for its unique legal system, which is derived in part from French and Spanish civil law, as opposed to the common law system prevalent in the rest of the United States. This distinction necessitates that lawyers practicing in Louisiana have a comprehensive understanding of both civil law principles and common law concepts. However, the bar exam does not differentiate between these two legal systems and instead tests candidates broadly across various areas of law. As a result, some argue that the exam does not adequately evaluate a candidate’s knowledge of Louisiana-specific legal nuances, creating potential discrepancies in the competence of attorneys within the state.

Critics of the Louisiana Bar Exam also question its ability to predict an individual’s success as a lawyer. While the exam is undeniably demanding and rigorous, it can only assess an individual’s knowledge and performance during a limited period. It does not take into account the interpersonal skills, work ethic, and practical experience that can often be determining factors for professional success. In an increasingly competitive job market, where legal employers prioritize well-rounded individuals, the reliance on a singular exam as a founding criterion may not effectively identify the true potential of the bar candidates entering the profession.

Despite these concerns, it is essential to acknowledge the bar exam’s historical significance as a gatekeeper regulating entry into the legal profession. It has traditionally been viewed as a safeguard to ensure there is a level of uniformity and competence among lawyers. Moreover, the rigorous nature of the exam can be seen as a reflection of the immense responsibility held by legal practitioners and a testament to their dedication and perseverance.

Overall, while the Louisiana Bar Exam may have played an essential role in the past, it is vital to reassess its utility in the present era. Taking into account the evolving demands of the legal profession, it may be beneficial to develop a more comprehensive and nuanced assessment of legal competency. One that focuses not only on legal knowledge but also on critical thinking ability, problem-solving skills, and practical experience. By doing so, Louisiana could embrace a more holistic approach to evaluate law graduates’ suitability for entry into the legal profession, facilitating the development of a cadre of attorneys who can successfully adapt to the ever-changing legal landscape.


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