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Top Meeting Room Booking Systems Statistics 2023

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Meeting Room Booking Systems “Latest” Statistics

  • UnSpot blended with all popular calendars and email clients. They enhance employees to use the service takes no more than 10 minutes.[1]
  • AskCody can be used by cloud and on-prem and is 100% cloud based. Unlike other cloud meeting room booking solutions, AskCody gives organizations with the option to add catering and services to meetings.[1]
  • In on-prem surrounding, all the organization’s IT resources are deployed in-house at the company premise while in a cloud environment, resources are placed at the premise of a third-party service provider but are still fully accessible to the organization.[1]
  • Usually, employees spend up to 40 % of their time in meetings.[1]
  • Meeting Room App Cloud observe with security policy of 98% companies worldwide.[1]
  • The average employee in the US attends 62 meetings per month, according to Atlassian,. This is approximately 31 hours spent in meetings every month. Additionally, employees consider that 50% of the meetings are a waste of time.[1]
  • I bet that you at one time or another have heard a colleague complaining about the lack of meeting rooms. But the thing is that booked rooms often end up empty due to no-shows. Typically our customers see a rate of 30% no-shows.[1]
  • The Global meeting room booking system Software Market is anticipated to grow from USD 65.5 million in 2020 to USD 135.4 million by 2026 at a CAGR of 12.9% during the forecast period.[1]
  • The statistic showing, 4 in 10 office workers spend around 60 minutes every week searching for available conference rooms, indicates the remark is true, while also demonstrating employee productivity is being lost due to inefficient meeting room booking.[1]
  • Accurate occupancy statistics from the True Occupancy solution goes a long way towards eliminating meeting room booking problems and ensuring that you’re making the most of your meeting room availability.[1]
  • By integrating the occupancy solution with your room booking system, if the sensor detects a room is unoccupied 15 minutes after the scheduled meeting time, it will make the room available again so others can book it.[1]
  • Assuming the space has a utilization rate of 25 per cent (which is the average for most organizations), a single empty conference room can cost your business £5,355 per year. The total annual cost of the room is £7,140.[1]

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How Useful is Meeting Room Booking Systems

One of the primary advantages of meeting room booking systems is the elimination of conflicts and double bookings. With a central calendar that shows the availability of different meeting rooms in real-time, employees can quickly see which spaces are open and reserve them accordingly. This streamlines the process and reduces the likelihood of scheduling errors, saving time and preventing frustration among staff members.

Furthermore, these systems often come equipped with additional features such as room amenities, size specifications, and booking preferences, giving employees the ability to choose a meeting space that best suits their needs. This level of customization can lead to more productive and effective meetings, as teams have the opportunity to select a room that fosters collaboration, creativity, and productivity.

Meeting room booking systems also offer benefits beyond scheduling efficiency. By providing a centralized platform for booking and managing meeting rooms, organizations can gain valuable insights into room utilization and efficiency. This data can be used to analyze trends, identify usage patterns, and make informed decisions about capacity planning and space optimization.

Another significant advantage of meeting room booking systems is the flexibility they offer to employees. With the ability to book meeting rooms remotely through mobile apps or desktop interfaces, staff members can easily schedule meetings on the go, without the need for lengthy email chains or in-person coordination. This convenience not only speeds up the booking process but also empowers employees to quickly secure a space when inspiration strikes.

Moreover, meeting room booking systems promote transparency and accountability within an organization. By providing a clear record of who has booked each room and when, these platforms help prevent disputes and ensure that meeting spaces are utilized efficiently. This level of visibility can also encourage responsible behavior among employees, as they are more likely to adhere to booking policies and guidelines when their reservations are tracked and monitored.

As we navigate the changing landscape of modern work environments, meeting room booking systems have become invaluable tools for enhancing collaboration, communication, and productivity in organizations. By streamlining the booking process, providing valuable data insights, and fostering accountability and transparency, these platforms serve as essential resources for maximizing the efficiency of meeting room utilization.

In conclusion, the usefulness of meeting room booking systems cannot be overstated. As workplace dynamics continue to evolve and collaboration remains a cornerstone of organizational success, these platforms will play a crucial role in facilitating effective communication, optimizing resources, and driving productivity in the modern workplace.


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