Michigan Bullying Statistics 2023
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Michigan Bullying Statistics 2023: Facts about Bullying in Michigan reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top Michigan Bullying Statistics 2023

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Michigan Bullying “Latest” Statistics

  • 75% of all victims of cyberbullying were harassed on Facebook, compared to just 24% on Twitter and Instagram.[1]
  • According to a Wallethub analysis to determine the states where bullying is most prevalent, Michigan ranks ninth out of the top 10 states with bullying issues.[2]
  • According to research, 43% of transgender adolescents have experienced bullying on school grounds.[3]
  • According to the recent Statista survey, more than 18% of Michigan high school students have experienced cyberbullying.[1]
  • Michigan ranked 25 in terms of states with the biggest bullying problems with a score of 43.32.[1]

Michigan Bullying “Bully” Statistics

  • In a study from WalletHub that analyzed trends nationwide, Michigan ranks as the worst state in the country for bullying.[4]
  • Among key findings, Michigan was found to rank third for highest percentage (25%) of high school students bullied on school property.[4]
  • Participants’ personal experiences of bullying were directly related to CLABSI (95% credible interval, CI [0.017, 0.212] but not to the other patient adverse events.[5]
  • 139 nurses (36.9%) reported having personally experienced bullying and 191 (51.5%) reported having witnessed someone else being bullied in the past 6 months.[5]
  • Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill requiring Michigan school districts to include cyberbullying in their anti-bullying policies and report bullying data to the state in January 2015.[4]
  • The personal-finance website WalletHub’s analysis of 2016’s States with the Biggest Bullying Problems identified Michigan as the state where bullying is most pervasive.[6]

Michigan Bullying “Other” Statistics

  • 4% of students said they had received threats of danger, and 2% each said someone had attempted to force them to do something they didn’t want to do or had purposefully ruined their property.[7]
  • Other students, including 10.4% of Detroit public high school students and 8.2% of all Michigan high school students, report skipping class because they feel uncomfortable.[8]
  • In 2017, more than 1 in 10 Detroit public high school students reported being bullied both in person and online (15.7% and 11.7% , respectively).[8]
  • One out of every five students between the ages of 12 and 18 have been bullied according to a recent national study limber stated.[9]
  • A recent Statista survey put Michigan as having the fifth-highest rate of online bullying of all states. The survey found that over 18% of high school students in Michigan had experienced electronic bullying. In contrast, the national average for cyberbullying was 15.7%.[9]
  • Michigan was named the state with the “biggest bullying problem” in the United States on 2019.[9]
  • Alarmingly, 65% of Michigan high school students and 7.7% of Detroit public high school students both reported being threatened or hurt with a weapon while attending school.[8]
  • According to a 2018 Mackinac Center for Public policy poll, 21% of Michigan public charter school parents cited the safety of their child’s former school as one of the primary reasons they chose a charter school.[8]
  • 62% of children in the Detroit public schools community district missed at least 18 days of school during the 2018–2019 academic year and were classified as “chronically absent”.[8]
  • 25% of Michigan’s public school teachers are regarded as habitually absentee, missing at least 10 days of instruction annually.[8]
  • LGTBQ students are more likely to encounter victimization violence and suicidality, according to an HRC review of the 2015 and 2017 statistics.[3]
  • A National Association of Secondary School principals research estimates that reduced enrollment and different forms of disciplinary action may cost an average public school more than $2.3 million in lost financing and expenditures.[6]

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