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Nebraska Diversity Statistics 2023: Facts about Diversity in Nebraska reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top Nebraska Diversity Statistics 2023

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Nebraska Diversity “Latest” Statistics

  • Foreign-born residents made up around 48% of Nebraska’s varied population.[1]
  • Buffalo County’s dorm population decreased by less than 1%, whereas Douglas County’s fell by more than 5%.[2]
  • Ten years later, Nebraska’s population had increased by more than 325% to 122,993, and similar rises throughout the 1800s meant that by the turn of the 20th century, Nebraska’s population had surpassed one million.[1]
  • Between 2019 and 2020, the proportion of uninsured residents in Nebraska City, NE, increased by 4.83% from 8.63% to 9.05%.[3]
  • Minority population growth in the eight smaller counties ranged from 87% in Cass County to 52.5% in Saunders County, accounting for more than half of the expansion.[2]
  • Sarpy County on the eastern border lagged behind with a decent population increase of 9.98%, while Banner County near the western border had a growth of 13.06%.[1]
  • The greatest self-response rate of any county was in Sarpy County, which also saw the fastest population increase of any county at 20%.[2]
  • Hispanic and Latino populations in Nebraska rose by almost 77% between 2000 and 2010.[1]
  • Between 2019 and 2020, Nebraska City’s population decreased by 0.0412%, while its median household income increased by 21.5%.[3]
  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau projections, Nebraska’s population was 1934408 on July 1, 2019—a 5.92% growth from the U.S. Census of 2010.[4]
  • Nebraska is home to a population of 1.92M people, of which 95.5% of the residents in Nebraska are U.S. citizens.[5]
  • Nebraska’s population had increased even more in 2020, reaching a total population of 1,896,190, a 3.8% growth since the previous census.[1]

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How Useful is Nebraska Diversity

One of the great benefits of having such a diverse population is the opportunity for cultural exchange and learning. When people with different backgrounds come together, they bring with them new perspectives and experiences that can broaden our own understanding of the world. Nebraska’s diversity allows for these interactions to take place on a regular basis, enriching the lives of its residents and fostering a greater sense of understanding and empathy among the community.

Furthermore, the diversity in Nebraska also has economic benefits. A diverse population brings with it a diverse range of skills and talents, which can only serve to strengthen the state’s workforce. Employers in Nebraska have access to a larger pool of potential employees with unique perspectives and abilities, helping to drive innovation and growth in various industries. Additionally, a diverse community can attract businesses and industries that are seeking a multicultural and inclusive environment, ultimately contributing to the state’s economic prosperity.

On a personal level, living in a diverse community like Nebraska can also be incredibly rewarding. Exposure to different cultures and backgrounds can help foster a sense of openness and acceptance among individuals, leading to a more tolerant and inclusive society. People have the opportunity to learn from one another, celebrate each other’s differences, and form connections that transcend cultural boundaries. This sense of unity and solidarity can create a strong sense of community and belonging that is invaluable to the well-being of those residing in the state.

In an increasingly globalized world, diversity is becoming more and more important. Nebraska’s diverse population positions the state well to navigate the complexities of our modern society. With the ability to communicate and engage with people from different backgrounds, Nebraskans are better equipped to adapt to changing circumstances and thrive in a multicultural world. The skills and qualities that come from living in such a diverse environment are important not only for personal growth but also for the state’s continued success and competitiveness in a global marketplace.

In conclusion, the diversity in Nebraska is a valuable asset that should be celebrated and embraced. It enriches the lives of its residents, promotes economic growth, and fosters a sense of unity and community among people from all walks of life. The state’s multiculturalism creates a vibrant and dynamic environment that encourages learning, collaboration, and understanding. Nebraska’s diversity is indeed useful in a multitude of ways, contributing to the overall prosperity and well-being of the community.


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