Network Security Policy Management (NSPM) Statistics

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Network Security Policy Management (NSPM) Statistics 2023: Facts about Network Security Policy Management (NSPM) outlines the context of what’s happening in the tech world.

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Top Network Security Policy Management (NSPM) Statistics 2023

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Network Security Policy Management (Nspm) “Latest” Statistics

  • Network Security Policy guarantees security against cyberattacks, outages, and calamities while maintaining 100% DoT compliance.[1]
  • Misconfiguration errors are the reason stated by Verizon for over 40% of all breaches..[2]
  • 26% more respondents said that adopting NSPM solutions for post-change verification allowed them to spot incorrectly performed or unapproved modifications, while 23% claimed that doing so helped stop ransomware from spreading.[3]
  • 58% of respondents claimed that the very important role in security or operations events was the difficulty in maintaining uniform procedures.[3]
  • The average number of issues, such as outages or device misconfiguration brought on by incorrect security device configuration, that respondents who depended on manual methods to administer their security policies faced, however, was 50% higher.[3]
  • Those that employ manual techniques stated that security device misconfiguration was the main reason for outages, with a rate of 34%.[3]
  • In contrast, depending on the number of changes made at the business, firms not employing NSPM solutions reported between 46% to 59% more issues resulting from improperly executed modifications.[3]
  • NSPM solutions decreased the time it required to investigate security problems and the frequency of security events by 41% and 57%, respectively.[3]
  • Employing NSPM helped cut outage investigation time by 37%, and 64% said it eliminated application disruptions brought on by device configuration errors.[3]
  • Due to improved change management procedures, just 9% of firms using NSPM systems spent as much time reviewing their security policies.[3]
  • 62% of data security professionals said it is challenging to have the same amount of visibility in cloud-based workloads as in physical networks.[4]
  • Better management of current technology may prevent up to 95% of breaches.[4]
  • 17% of the 500 IT executives who participated in an independent survey sponsored by Firemon claimed they had deployed ZTAs as part of their network security strategy.[5]
  • Access to business apps for authorized users should be made easier by 18% and encourage the use of cloud architectures by 18%.[5]

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How Useful is Network Security Policy Management Nspm

The effectiveness of NSPM lies in its ability to centralize security policies and automate policy management processes. By defining and implementing policies for access control, data encryption, firewall configuration, and other security measures, organizations can proactively protect their networks from unauthorized access and potential breaches. NSPM enables organizations to streamline policy creation, enforcement, and monitoring, allowing for consistent security posture across all network endpoints.

Furthermore, NSPM offers a scalable and flexible solution for managing security policies in complex enterprise environments. With the rise of cloud computing, mobile devices, and remote workforce, organizations need a dynamic and adaptable approach to network security management. NSPM provides the necessary tools and capabilities to quickly adjust policies to accommodate changing business requirements and evolving threat landscapes. By effectively managing security policies, organizations can mitigate risks, ensure compliance with industry regulations, and safeguard their valuable assets.

One of the key benefits of NSPM is its ability to enhance network visibility and control. By monitoring network traffic, analyzing security events, and enforcing security policies, organizations can gain valuable insights into their network activity and detect anomalies or suspicious behavior in real-time. NSPM empowers security teams to proactively respond to security incidents, investigate potential threats, and remediate vulnerabilities before they escalate into serious breaches. By gaining visibility into network traffic patterns and user behavior, organizations can better understand their security posture and strengthen their overall defense strategies.

In today’s interconnected world, network security is paramount to the success and survival of businesses. A single security breach can have devastating consequences, leading to financial losses, reputational damage, and legal liabilities. NSPM serves as a critical tool in safeguarding organizations against sophisticated cyber threats, enabling them to protect their critical assets, sensitive data, and intellectual property. By implementing effective NSPM practices, organizations can enhance their security posture, reduce risk exposure, and maintain a secure and resilient network infrastructure.

Ultimately, NSPM is an invaluable asset for organizations seeking to enforce security policies, prevent unauthorized access, and safeguard their digital assets. By embracing NSPM as a cornerstone of their cybersecurity strategy, organizations can proactively defend against cyber threats, achieve regulatory compliance, and preserve customer trust. In an increasingly connected and data-driven world, NSPM is not just a nice-to-have feature – it is a critical component of a robust and comprehensive security posture that can make the difference between security and vulnerability.


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