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New Jersey Agriculture Statistics 2023: Facts about Agriculture in New Jersey reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top New Jersey Agriculture Statistics 2023

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New Jersey Agriculture “Latest” Facts

  • The agricultural sector in New Jersey represented 1.3% of the state’s total gross domestic product (GDP).[1]
  • The agricultural receipts of 1.3 billion were generated in New Jersey, with miscellaneous crops, floriculture, and blueberries being the highest valued commodities.[1]
  • New Jersey dedicated 16% of its land to Ag industry and agricultural production, contributing $987 million to the economy.[1]
  • The sale of peach crops accounts for 100% of New Jersey sold in the fresh market.[1]
  • 4% of peaches in New Jersey are white flesh.[1]
  • 90% of New Jersey peaches are yellow flesh.[1]
  • In the U.S., insect pest management services are estimated to be worth an average of $22.9 billion every year.[1]
  • Horses are the most expensive animal products in New Jersey, accounting for around 12% of the state’s overall agricultural income.[2]
  • The average peach production in New Jersey accounts for 60-66 million pounds or 30,000-33,000 tons.[1]
  • $30 to $35 million of peaches is the average total wholesale production value of peaches in New Jersey.[1]

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