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New York Crime Statistics 2023: Facts about Crime in New York reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top New York Crime Statistics 2023

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New York Crime “Latest” Statistics

  • According to an analysis of NYPD data, reports of murder, rape, assault, and robbery are on track to surpass 2021 levels halfway through the year, with a 25.8% increase in violent crime in the Big Apple at the top of the list.[1]
  • Over 75% of New Yorkers are concerned about becoming victims of violent crime.[2]
  • According to NYPD statistics, New York City Hate Crimes have surged 76% this year compared to last year.[3]
  • When compared to February 2021, New York City’s total index crime increased by 58.7% in February 2022.[4]
  • The New York City Police Department reports that significant crimes in New York have increased by 27% in the last two years.[5]
  • New York has a violent crime rate of 5.21 and a property crime rate of 19.62 per 1,000 individuals.[6]
  • Your likelihood of being a victim of one of these crimes in New York is one in 319.[6]
  • NYC crime statistics show a nearly 60% increase compared to this time last year.[7]
  • When comparing March 2022 to the same month a year before, the overall index crime climbed by 36.5%.[8]
  • Each of the seven major index crime categories saw increases driven by a 42.1% increase in grand larceny (4,116 versus 2,897), burglaries increased by 28.3%, and robbery by 26.2%.[9]
  • According to a survey conducted in 2022, 75% of new yorkers live in an environment of terror that makes them believe they may become victims of a violent crime at any moment.[2]
  • Arrests in transportation increased by 64%, even as transit crime increased by 73%.[7]
  • More than 75% of New Yorkers worry they will be victims of violent crime.[2]
  • The NYPD only reports less than 30% of the crimes it used to yearly in the 1990s, despite the fact that serious crimes, notably property crimes, have increased significantly in New York City since the start of the epidemic.[5]
  • June 2020 experienced a rise in crime, with murders rising 134% over the previous year.[2]
  • Compared to the previous year, anti-Asian hate crimes increased by 73% in 2021.[2]

New York Crime “Other” Statistics

  • Between 2020 and 2021, there was an approximately 4% rise in murders in New York City; they are still growing, albeit much more slowly.[10]
  • 38% of people in South Bronx, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, are considered to be below the poverty level.[2]
  • One thousand four hundred ninety-one rapes were reported in New York in 2021, up 4% from 1,427 in 2020 but down 15% from 1,755 in 2019 and down 17% from 1,794 in 2018.[11]
  • The city had 295 homicides in 2018 after decreasing to a low of 292 in 2017, continuing a gradual reduction since the early 1990s, and 488 murders in 2021, a rise of 4% from 468 in 2020, which was up 47% from 319 in 2019 and 295 in 2018, respectively.[11]
  • Grand larceny of autos is up 77% from a year ago until April 10, 2022, up 57% from the same period last year.[5]
  • Four hundred fourteen gun arrests were made in May 2022, bringing the year’s total citywide gun arrests to 2007—a 4.4% increase over the 1,923 gun arrests made in the first five months of 2021.[9]
  • The national murder rate increased by almost 30% between 2019 and 2020, while the incidence of assaults increased by about 10%.[10]
  • Although the overall number of murders is down 9% so far this year, several horrifying killings have occurred, in addition to a mass shooting on the subway that luckily left no victims.[12]
  • Gunshots are up 16.2% from this time in 2021, although killings are down 15.8% annually.[8]
  • Over 60% of New York City registered voters agree that their family would have a brighter future if they permanently left the city.[8]

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