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Top Nonprofit Auction Statistics 2023

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Nonprofit Auction “Latest” Statistics

  • Donors choose to give online 73% of the time, 44% voluntarily, and another 29% in response to digital marketing prompts.[1]
  • 31% of all yearly gift-giving takes place in December, with women making up 73% of the world’s philanthropic contributors.[1]
  • Using a branded form, which can be found on specialized fundraising platforms like Bid Beacon, would raise your average gift amount by 38%, resulting in considerably higher profits for your organization.[1]
  • By the end of this year, there will have been a 51% rise in global donating.[1]
  • Although online giving was growing in popularity, email fundraising decreased by 9% in the last year.[1]
  • It’s also important to note that approximately 60% of the women in this group like contributing online.[1]
  • Nearly 75% of charity contributors worldwide are women over the age of 37, and 93% of them reside predominantly in industrialized countries.[1]
  • Upgrading fundraising tools and organizing events for the final quarter of the year is a wise step for nonprofit organizations since the last three months of the year account for 35% of all donations.[1]
  • 92% of organizations utilize email in their year-end fundraising appeals, and for good reason, it is inexpensive and makes it simple for supporters to make a donation with the click of a button.[2]
  • 70% of contributors make donations using a variety of physical and online channels.[2]
  • Over 100 million Swiss Francs have been collected through only watch for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy research, with 99% going to the intended cause.[3]
  • BenefitEvents charges a single, all-inclusive fee that is equal to 10% of your online revenue up to $25,000 and 5% of bids beyond that amount.[4]
  • More information about one cause shows more examples of this better world of gorgeous fundraising resources free by 100% for organizations.[5]
  • The highest gain in overall hammer value from 2018 to 2019 was seen in antique papers and collectibles, up almost 60%.[6]
  • Giving visitors more alternatives makes it simple to generate more money by letting bids purchase an item altogether for 150-200% of its original value and providing extras like signup parties and raffle tickets.[6]
  • Individual donors provide 69% of all gifts.[7]
  • 69.9% of NGOs want to integrate some virtual components into their fundraising campaigns.[7]
  • Outdated websites deter 75% of young donors, while the average gift made using a branded donation form is 38% bigger than the average donation made through a standard PayPal page.[7]
  • For updates on your charity, 81.6% of donors check out your social media pages and website first.[7]
  • In previous years, 80% of all mobile contributions were handled by apple devices like iPhones and iPads.[7]
  • The number of nonprofit text message subscribers increased by 26% in 2020, matching the rate of 2019.[7]
  • Online contributions accounted for 14.1% of all gifts received by organizations with annual revenue under $1 million.[7]
  • Approximately 13% of all contributions were made online in 2020, up from 8.7% of all donations in 2019.[7]
  • Direct mail is 20% less effective than online resources when it comes to swaying donations.[7]
  • If donors utilized a branded page the first time they made a gift, they were almost 70% more inclined to do so again.[7]
  • While the response rate to fundraising emails increased by 41% within the same time period, the average response rate to advocacy emails increased by 5% in 2020.[7]
  • Sending 1,000 fundraising messages resulted in a 35% increase in the amount of money collected in 2020.[7]
  • The average number of bids placed on autographed goods during the third quarter of the year was 13.76, with a return on the opening bid price of 551.42%.[8]
  • During the first quarter of the year, golf excursions had an average of 7.31 bids per item and a 229.91% return on the beginning bid.[8]
  • School-related items had an average of 7.93 bids per item and a 329.62% return on the beginning bid price.[8]

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How Useful is Nonprofit Auction

One of the key benefits of nonprofit auctions is their ability to generate significant revenue for organizations. By offering unique and desirable items for bidding, nonprofits can attract a wide range of participants who are willing to donate money in exchange for the chance to win an item they desire. This influx of funds can help organizations further their mission, support programs, and make a difference in the community.

In addition to raising funds, nonprofit auctions also provide organizations with an opportunity to engage with their supporters in a meaningful way. These events bring together donors, volunteers, and community members who share a common interest in supporting the organization’s cause. By creating a sense of community and camaraderie, nonprofit auctions help strengthen relationships and build a network of support that can be instrumental in achieving organizational goals.

Nonprofit auctions also serve as a valuable marketing tool for organizations. By promoting their events and showcasing the items up for bid, nonprofits can raise awareness about their cause and attract new supporters. These events provide a platform for organizations to share their mission, highlight their achievements, and generate interest in their programs and services. In this way, nonprofit auctions can help organizations expand their reach and garner support from a wider audience.

Furthermore, nonprofit auctions offer a unique opportunity for organizations to thank and recognize their supporters. By hosting events that celebrate donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders, nonprofits can show their gratitude and appreciation for the crucial role that these individuals play in advancing their mission. This recognition helps foster loyalty and incentivizes continued support from those who attend the event.

While nonprofit auctions have many benefits, they also come with challenges and considerations. Planning and executing a successful auction can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, requiring coordination of logistics, procurement of items, promotion of the event, and management of the bidding process. Additionally, there is no guarantee of success, as the revenue generated through auctions may vary depending on factors such as the economy, the appeal of the items up for bid, and the level of support from participants.

In conclusion, nonprofit auctions can be a useful and effective fundraising tool for organizations looking to raise funds, engage supporters, and raise awareness about their cause. These events provide a platform for organizations to generate revenue, build community, market their mission, and recognize their supporters. While there are challenges and considerations associated with hosting nonprofit auctions, the benefits they offer make them a valuable investment for nonprofit organizations seeking to further their charitable goals.


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