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Oklahoma Covid Statistics 2023: Facts about Covid in Oklahoma reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


LLCBuddy editorial team did hours of research, collected all important statistics on Oklahoma Covid, and shared those on this page. Our editorial team proofread these to make the data as accurate as possible. We believe you don’t need to check any other resources on the web for the same. You should get everything here only 🙂

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Top Oklahoma Covid Statistics 2023

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Oklahoma Covid “Latest” Statistics

  • Oklahoma’s all-time confirmed cases of COVID-19 is 1,244,121.[1]
  • Oklahoma’s all-time death cases from COVID-19 is 17,383.[1]
  • The number of vaccine doses administered in Oklahoma is 6,659,204.[1]
  • 2,382,657 individuals in Oklahoma have been fully vaccinated.[1]
  • The number of people that are vaccinated in Oklahoma comprises 60.58% of the entire state population.[1]
  • According to the NBCLX analysis published Monday, Oklahoma had a COVID death rate of 248 fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants in 2021, ahead of second place Alabama, which had 230 deaths per 100,000 residents, and well above the national average of 137 deaths per 100,000 persons.[2]
  • In 2021, Oklahoma had a rate of 158.9 COVID-related fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants.[2]
  • According to the health department’s most recent weekly epidemiology report, published Wednesday, Oklahoma ranks 11th nationally in terms of cumulative COVID mortality rate since the epidemic began.[2]
  • According to the CDC, Oklahoma placed 38th in the US in terms of the proportion of the population completely vaccinated, at 53.3%.[2]
  • 70.30% of Oklahoma County’s population has been vaccinated making it the county in Oklahoma with the most vaccinated residents.[3]
  • 25.74%% of Cimarron County’s population has been vaccinated making it the county in Oklahoma with the least vaccinated residents.[3]

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How Useful is Oklahoma Covid

One of the key aspects of evaluating the usefulness of Oklahoma’s response to Covid-19 is looking at their policy decisions regarding mitigation measures such as mask mandates and social distancing guidelines. Oklahoma has faced criticism for its inconsistent approach to these measures, with some localities enforcing strict regulations while others have opted for a more hands-off approach. This lack of uniformity can make it difficult for residents to know what the best practices are for protecting themselves and others from the virus.

Another factor to consider when evaluating the usefulness of Oklahoma Covid is the state’s approach to testing and contact tracing. Testing is crucial for identifying cases of Covid-19 and preventing further spread of the virus, but many Oklahomans have reported difficulties in accessing testing facilities or receiving timely results. Contact tracing, which involves identifying individuals who may have been exposed to the virus and notifying them of their potential risk, is also a key component of controlling the spread of Covid-19. However, concerns have been raised about the effectiveness of contact tracing efforts in Oklahoma due to staffing shortages and other logistical challenges.

In addition to examining the state’s response to Covid-19, it is important to consider the impact of the virus on Oklahoma’s healthcare system and economy. Hospitals in Oklahoma have been stretched thin by the influx of Covid-19 patients, leading to shortages of critical care resources and healthcare personnel. This puts strain on the entire healthcare system and can have negative effects on patients seeking care for other illnesses or injuries.

The economic impact of the pandemic on Oklahoma cannot be ignored either. Businesses have been forced to close or operate at reduced capacity, leading to job losses and financial hardships for many residents. The uncertainty surrounding the virus and its long-term effects on the economy have created further challenges for individuals and businesses trying to navigate these unprecedented times.

Ultimately, the usefulness of Oklahoma Covid comes down to the state’s ability to effectively control the spread of the virus, protect the health of residents, and support the economy during these challenging times. By critically examining the state’s response to Covid-19 and considering the various factors that come into play, we can better understand what has worked well and where improvements can be made moving forward. It is essential that state officials and residents work together to address the ongoing challenges of the pandemic and ensure that Oklahoma emerges from this crisis stronger and more resilient than before.


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