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Okta Integration Network Statistics 2023: Facts about Okta Integration Network outlines the context of what’s happening in the tech world.

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Top Okta Integration Network Statistics 2023

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Okta Integration Network “Latest” Statistics

  • Gartner in November 2020 estimates that Okta are roughly at a 10% adoption today and rapidly accelerating to 50% in 2024.[1]
  • Okta estimate that the revenue will grow at a 35% CAGR through 2024, which is incredibly impressive since it means that the growth rate will be incredibly persistent.[1]
  • RPO can be broken out to RPO that will be recognized in the next 12 months, which is 750M, up 46% year over year.[1]
  • Cyberark’s topline revenue growth was negative, its annual recurring revenue increased by 40% as it switched from licensing to subscriptions.[1]
  • Articles from 2020 & 2019 suggest the 2019 and 2018 growth were 70% & 100% respectively.[1]
  • Topline subscription revenue increase for Okta is 42% and 33%, respectively, at 826 million ARR.[1]
  • Customers using Okta to deploy multiple cloud platforms now deploy both AWS and GCP at a rate of 2.6%, up from 1.2% three years ago.[2]
  • When Cloud by Hashicorp first appeared, it swiftly rose to the top. This eighth ranked platform has increased 70% during the last six months.[2]
  • In APAC, Google Workspace increased by 68% year over year, while Slack and Zoom increased by 49% and 45%, respectively, in EMEA.[2]
  • 14% of clients who are installing a cloud platform this year have installed two or even more, up dramatically from 8% in 2017.[2]
  • According to HKR Trainings, it’s hardly surprising that data from 81% breaches involves stolen or insecure credentials, that 73% of passwords are duplicates, and that 91% of phishing assaults target user credentials.[3]
  • According to SCWs recently released The State of Developer-Driven Security Survey, 2022, 67% of developers knowingly left vulnerabilities and exploits in their code.[4]
  • Azure AD accounts in organizations that have disabled legacy authentication experience 67% fewer compromises than those where legacy authentication is enabled.[5]
  • Password spray attacks employ traditional authentication methods in excess of 99% of cases.[5]
  • The average number of apps organizations deploy increased from 88 to 89 in 2022, contributing to an increase of 24% since 2016.[5]
  • AWS is now the most popular cloud platform, growing 32% year over year and boasting more Okta customers than Microsoft Azure, which is in second place, and Google Cloud platform, which is in third place and growing 40% year over year.[5]
  • When a company refuses access using Legacy authentication, the ratio of threats to authentications is at least 90% lower.[5]
  • A recent survey of 600 global business and security leaders revealed that in 2020, 41% of organizations said they were working on a Zero Trust initiative or intended to start one in the near future.[6]
  • The proportion of Microsoft 365 users who also use Zoom, Google Workspace, and Slack is 45%, 38%, and 33%, respectively.[6]
  • According to Okta’s 2020 Business @ Work, Jamf ranks as seventh fastest growing app, with a respectable 82% year-over-year growth.[6]

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How Useful is Okta Integration Network

One of the biggest advantages of the Okta Integration Network is its vast ecosystem of pre-built integrations with popular applications and services. This means that organizations can quickly connect their existing tools and systems to Okta without the need for extensive development work. This saves time, resources, and ensures a seamless user experience for employees, customers, and partners.

Additionally, the Okta Integration Network provides a centralized location for managing access to various applications and services. This centralized approach simplifies user provisioning, access control, and deprovisioning processes, reducing the risk of security breaches and data leaks. Furthermore, with the ability to set up rules and policies within Okta, organizations can enforce security measures consistently across all integrated applications.

Another key benefit of the Okta Integration Network is its scalability. As organizations grow or their technology needs change, they can easily add or remove integrations from the OIN to meet their requirements. This flexibility allows organizations to adapt quickly to new challenges and opportunities without disrupting their existing workflows.

Moreover, the Okta Integration Network offers a high level of customization and control. Organizations can tailor their integrations to meet specific security, compliance, and business requirements. This level of control gives organizations peace of mind knowing that their data and systems are protected while still offering a seamless user experience.

In conclusion, the Okta Integration Network is a valuable tool for organizations looking to simplify their IT processes, enhance security, and improve productivity. With its vast ecosystem of pre-built integrations, centralized access management capabilities, scalability, and customization options, the OIN provides a robust platform for seamless integration across various applications and services. Organizations that leverage the Okta Integration Network can streamline their workflows, boost efficiency, and stay ahead of the curve in today’s digital world.


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