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Paid Search Intelligence Statistics 2023: Facts about Paid Search Intelligence outlines the context of what’s happening in the tech world.

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Top Paid Search Intelligence Statistics 2023

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  • Compared to traditional text advertisements, which have an average click-through rate of 8%, responsive search advertising has a 12% CTR.[1]
  • RSA adoption bounced from 19% of search spending in January to 30% in October.[1]
  • With a 15% conversion rate in 2020, email collecting forms were the most effective at converting visitors.[2]
  • Compared to 3.9% of visits to e-commerce websites made on desktop, 3.5% of mobile website visits result in sales.[2]
  • As one of the top SEO strategies, about 25% of businesses spend on mobile optimization.[2]
  • 64% of SEO marketers get mobile optimization as an adequate investment.[2]
  • Forrester Consulting provided an impartial investigation to ascertain the advantages of invoices, including a 39.5% ROI over three years.[3]
  • Retailers report that 30.9% of them cannot follow customers across devices, while another 38.2% can only track certain customers sometimes.[4]
  • Because there are too many transfers, 34% of clients who use financial services avoid calling firms.[4]
  • Because of the lengthy wait periods, 35% of clients who use financial services skip reaching firms.[4]
  • Because other ways of communication are quicker, 37% of automobile buyers avoid phoning firms.[4]
  • 37% of clients for financial services don’t phone since alternative communication options are quicker.[4]
  • 37% of businesses claim that using speech analytics has aided in supporting root cause and trend research.[4]
  • 39% of consumers for home services don’t call since alternative communication options are quicker.[4]
  • 39% of travelers refrain from phoning companies because alternative channels of communication are quicker.[4]
  • 40% of patients in the healthcare industry don’t call companies since there are quicker alternatives.[4]
  • 40% of clients for residential services avoid contacting companies due to long wait periods.[4]
  • 40% of businesses claim that employing voice analytics has increased productivity by foreseeing the call’s goal.[4]
  • Due to many transfers, 41% of patients in the healthcare industry avoid contacting companies.[4]
  • 41% of businesses claim to have raised phone conversion rates by 25% or more during the previous 12 months.[4]
  • 43% of marketers anticipate that using conversation intelligence tools would boost client retention.[4]
  • Consumers contact companies 44% of the time as part of their research process and 30% of the time because they feel most at ease making large ticket purchases over the phone.[4]
  • If their calls regularly go unanswered and there are no alternative options for support, 46% of customers are extremely inclined to discontinue using that company’s products or services.[4]
  • Because alternative ways of communication are quicker, 46% of telecom consumers avoid phoning companies.[4]
  • 48% of marketers anticipate that using conversation intelligence technologies would improve customer experiences.[4]
  • 49% of businesses claim that adopting voice analytics has aided in boosting customer satisfaction.[4]
  • 53% of customers claim that they must repeat their justification while speaking to different representatives.[4]
  • For their duties to be done successfully, 55% of sales agents feel they need improved training.[4]
  • 56% of businesses claim that real-time monitoring of contact center journeys using speech analytics has improved the customer experience.[4]
  • 59% of customers use mobile devices inside stores to compare prices or look for offers and discounts.[4]
  • 60% of marketers agree that their companies lack the data necessary to comprehend and interact with clients and sales prospects.[4]
  • 61% of people looking for new and used cars call the dealership after doing some research online.[4]
  • 62% of insurance consumers said that speaking with a representative on the phone influenced their choice the most.[4]
  • In order to receive better customer service, 63% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for a good or service.[4]
  • 36% of calls to financial services providers are generated by the sponsored search, while 64% are generated by organic search.[4]
  • For a better customer experience, 66% of contact center companies plan to invest in advanced analytics.[4]
  • To locate the greatest deal, 67% of buyers will undertake more research than they did the previous year.[4]
  • 68% of insurance buyers did not have a specific business in mind when they began looking.[4]
  • Positive employee experiences are reported by 69% of sales agents, who think they’re likely to stay in their position for three years.[4]
  • 72% of potential borrowers for loans called the bank at least twice throughout the loan verification procedure.[4]
  • 74% of customers are at least somewhat inclined to rely on their purchases only on personal experiences.[4]
  • Insights from inbound contacts and call experiences may uncover expensive blind spots in our company, according to 77% of healthcare marketers.[4]
  • SEM is seen by 80% of travel marketers as the most successful channel for generating reservations.[4]
  • According to 81% of healthcare marketers, inbound calls and phone conversations are an important part of their digital business.[4]
  • Consumers feel merchants should do more to connect their online and physical platforms, according to 84% of respondents.[4]
  • According to 84% of marketers, phone conversations have higher conversion rates and average order values than other types of interaction.[4]
  • According to 85% of marketers, inbound calls and phone conversations are essential to their companies’ digital-first approach.[4]
  • 87% of respondents said that speaking with someone on the phone made them feel more at ease making high-consideration purchases than doing so straight online.[4]
  • 90% of customers of loans and mortgages, 76% of people who prepare tax returns, and 85% of people who cash checks begin their search online.[4]
  • Dealership expenditure on advertising and promotion is expected to reach 9.4 billion in 2022, an increase of 8.8% from 2021.[4]
  • 95% of customers who cash checks, 75% of tax return preparation, and 93% of accounting customers contact a company after doing a search.[4]
  • Businesses prefer that customers contact them through phone (68%), email (55%), in-person (40%), live agent chat (33%), and chatbot (13%).[4]
  • Despite automation and bots, 81.5% of all contact center incoming contacts will still be handled by traditional technologies like phone and email.[4]
  • Marketers regard personalization as having the most positive effects on their customers’ experiences at 64%, a 63% rise in conversion rate, and a 55% increase in visitor engagement.[4]
  • In the last two years, mobile inquiries for “insurance near me” have increased by more than 100%.[4]
  • Businesses that use high levels of automation in their sales process produce 16% more leads than those with low or no automation levels.[4]
  • Over the last three years, spending on customer experience has already climbed by 71%, and it is anticipated to increase by 36% over the next three years.[4]
  • Utilization statistics analytics for phone calls and conversations statistics insights from inbound contacts and call experiences may expose expensive blind spots in their businesses, according to 82% of marketers.[4]
  • From 2019 to 2026, the market for home services is anticipated to expand at a rate of 18.91% annually.[4]
  • The size of the world market for telecom services was estimated at 1,657.7 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 5.4% from 2021 to 2028.[4]
  • After increasing by 24% in 20.21, travel ad expenditure is predicted to increase by 36% in 2022.[4]
  • Consumers who buy travel products are 41% more likely to do so than those who buy automobiles, who are just 18% more likely.[4]
  • The average conversion rate for the travel industry is 4.7%, while top performers might reach 18.2%.[4]
  • Nearly 65% of Google searches between January and December 2020 concluded without a visit to another website, up from 50% in June 2020.[5]
  • As of December 2021, Google still has an 86.19% market share for desktop searches, maintaining its dominance in the industry.[5]
  • With organic traffic accounting for 68% of all trackable website traffic in 2020, sponsored and organic search mix is still quite effective.[5]
  • 30% of the sites that appear on the first page of search results for desktop do not show up in the top 10 results for mobile searches.[5]
  • On mobile, though, things are a little different since Google presently has a market share of 94.88%.[5]
  • You should not disregard other search engines, particularly because Bing accounted for 7.2% of searches during the same month.[5]

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