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Pennsylvania Diversity Statistics 2023: Facts about Diversity in Pennsylvania reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top Pennsylvania Diversity Statistics 2023

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Pennsylvania Diversity “Latest” Statistics

  • Keystone State surpassed Illinois as the fifth-largest state in 2010, with a population increase of 13,002,700 in 2020.[1]
  • Pennsylvania’s population under-18 declined by 1.4%, and the adult population rose by 10.1%.[1]
  • According to the 2020 U.S. Census, Pennsylvania reported an increase of 61.1% in its diversity index, which is up from 54.9%.[1]
  • According to the PA Demographic Statistics, out of Pennsylvania’s total population of 12,281,054, 51.7% are female, and 48.3 are male.[2]
  • Given those persons identifying as LGBTQ make up 45% of the U.S. population, it is alarming that there are no LGBTQ justices on the U.S. Courts of Appeals.[3]
  • 26.7% of Philadelphia’s non-Hispanic black population, even though they made up around 40.1% of the city’s overall residential population in 2019, were living in poverty at the time.[4]
  • Pennsylvania reported that white alone is the leading race among its population, with a total percentage population of 75%.[1]
  • Pennsylvania has a larger proportion of its population locked up than virtually any democracy on earth, with an imprisonment rate of 659 per 100,000 inhabitants, encompassing prisons, jails, immigration detention centers, and juvenile justice institutions.[5]
  • 12% of the population for whom poverty status is determined in Pennsylvania live below the poverty line, a number higher than the national average of 12.8%.[6]
  • Black and African American populations have expanded by 13%, the highest growth among peers in terms of diversity of the state.[7]
  • According to the 2020 U.S. Census, 96.8% of Pennsylvania’s population are U.S. citizens.[6]
  • Pennsylvania’s Asian population rocketed by about 60%, fueled by immigration from different Asian countries like China, Vietnam, and India.[7]
  • Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania constitutes 74% of sitting judges and 68% of active judges, which are all white.[3]
  • 94.4% of the population of Pennsylvania has health coverage, with 51.2% on employee plans, 15.8% on Medicaid, 13.9% on Medicare, 12.5% on non-group insurance policies, and 0.96% on coverage via the military or the VA.[6]
  • Pennsylvania’s population between 2019 and 2020 increased by 0.0262%, while its median household income increased by 3.05%.[6]
  • Spanish, which is spoken by 5.09% of the population, is the language other than English that is most widely used.[7]
  • Impoverished population account for around 15.2% of Philadelphia’s population, and 40.2% of Latinx Philadelphians were living in poverty in 2019.[4]

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How Useful is Pennsylvania Diversity

One of the key benefits of this diversity is the opportunity it provides for cultural exchange and understanding. When people from different backgrounds come together, they bring their unique perspectives, traditions, and experiences to the table. This can lead to greater creativity, innovation, and collaboration as people are able to learn from each other and see things from different points of view.

In addition, diversity can also help to break down stereotypes and misconceptions. When people from different backgrounds interact with one another on a regular basis, they are able to see past the surface-level differences and recognize the common humanity that binds us all together. This can lead to greater empathy, tolerance, and appreciation for people who may come from different walks of life.

Furthermore, diversity can also have economic benefits. Studies have shown that diverse communities are often more resilient and adaptable in the face of economic challenges. This is because diverse communities are better equipped to tap into a wider range of skills, experiences, and resources, which can help to drive economic growth and prosperity.

However, it is important to note that diversity alone is not enough. In order for diversity to be truly useful, it must be accompanied by inclusivity and equity. This means ensuring that all people, regardless of their background, have equal opportunities to participate in society and access the resources they need to succeed.

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania, like many other states, still faces challenges when it comes to ensuring that all people have equal opportunities. Disparities in income, education, healthcare, and other areas persist, particularly for marginalized communities. Addressing these disparities will require ongoing effort and commitment from all levels of society.

In conclusion, Pennsylvania’s diversity is undeniably useful in many ways. It provides opportunities for cultural exchange, fosters understanding and empathy, and can drive economic growth. However, in order for diversity to reach its full potential, it must be accompanied by inclusivity and equity. By working together to address disparities and create a more equitable society, we can harness the full power of Pennsylvania’s diversity for the benefit of all its residents.


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