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Top Photo Management Statistics 2023

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Photo Management “Latest” Statistics

  • In 2021, between 51% and 80% of firms would substantially depend on visual content, according to 40% of marketers.[1]
  • On blogs and websites, visual material is used by 49% of marketers, most often followed by social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.[1]
  • Marketing professionals feel that visual marketing is very important to their marketing strategy in 49% of cases, important in 22% of cases, and not at all important in 19% of cases.[1]
  • 58% of respondents to a poll said that after viewing a brand product on stories, they were more interested in it.[1]
  • 39% of Gen Z shoppers claim that what they see on TikTok directly influences their shopping choices. Compared to YouTube and Instagram, TikTok experienced the biggest rise in brand investment plans for new platforms in 2022, rising by 84%.[1]
  • 44% of users weekly shop on Instagram, Instagram’s shopping function was only released a few years ago but has already revolutionized e-commerce.[1]
  • Consumers believe that social media influencer recommendations influence 49% of their decisions.[1]
  • According to 62% of TikTok users, platform-specific branded content is the best method of reaching consumers.[1]
  • Consumers believe that VR gaming has the greatest promise, while 52% believe that VR has a place in film and television.[1]
  • 70% of YouTube users watch videos to get assistance with a challenge they are facing in their work or hobbies.[1]
  • 70% of businesses spend money on content marketing, which may include using graphic marketing techniques.[1]
  • 71% of customers are inclined to suggest a company to their friends and family after having a favorable encounter with it on social media.[1]
  • 73% of marketers say their company has benefited much or somewhat from social media marketing. 7.[1]
  • According to Harris Poll, 62% of Baby Boomers and 74% of Millennials utilize the two-step authentication security feature.[1]
  • According to McKinsey & Company, nearly 80% of product managers are active in design activities.[1]
  • With 2.9 billion monthly views, Instagram is one of the top 10 most frequented websites worldwide, according to Semrush’s analysis of all internet traffic.[1]
  • 75% of a brand’s posts are single picture posts, according to Sprout’s Content Benchmark Report.[1]
  • 55% of product managers, according to a Product School poll, prefer working for small to medium-sized businesses because of their flexibility and openness to try new things.[1]
  • A study conducted by Instagram for Business found that 44% of users utilize the platform on a weekly basis to make purchases.[1]
  • Etsy is anticipated to have revenue growth of 67% CAGR between 2019 and 2021, making it one of the world’s fastest-growing online marketplaces.[1]
  • According to research conducted by Lowes Home Improvement, viewers of virtual reality how-to films remembered them 36% better than those who merely watched YouTube versions.[1]
  • Results showed that 26% of product managers surveyed had five years’ worth of job experience.[1]
  • For Carousel posts, accounts with less than 5,000 followers had the greatest engagement rates per impression (8.01%).[1]
  • Nearly 60% of U.S. adult IG users check in at least once every day, and 38% do so many times.[1]
  • 50% of Instagram users claim to have visited a website to make a purchase after viewing a product or service in stories.[1]
  • Combining branded content ads with a brand ad increases the likelihood of generating a cost-effective action by 90%.[1]
  • 68% of video marketers want to include Instagram videos in their 2023 video marketing strategy.[1]

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