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Top Postal Presort Statistics 2023

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Postal Presort “Latest” Statistics

  • According to USPS statistics, just 64% of first-class mail was delivered on time during the week of December 26, and less than 62% during the previous week.[1]
  • A letter tray is filled when facing upright pieces; fill it to between 85% and 10% of its length.[2]
  • Authorized publications do not apply to copies that are combined with nonsubscribers or non-requesters and exceed the 10% limit.[3]
  • The preferred price, which is 5% off the total outside county postage, excluding the postage for advertising pounds, is given to authorized periodicals.[3]
  • Spending on goods and services by direct mail receivers is 28% more than that of non-recipients of the identical piece of direct mail.[4]
  • Editors’ choice fascinating direct mail statistics 42.2% of those who get direct mail either read or scan the letter they receive.[4]
  • In the last quarter of 2019, work hours reached 1,173 billion, 1.174, a growth of merely 0.1%, according to the September 2020 financial report.[5]
  • There were 144,547 non-career employees in July 2020, up from 182,207 in December, according to the monthly financial statement, a 37,660 rise.[5]
  • With single-piece mail seeing greater delays than presort and 3-5-day single piece doing the worst, falling to 38% on time in December, each category of first-class had the same ups and downs.[5]
  • Personnel availability for mail processing regulars in the northeast area dropped to only 59% in April 2020.[5]
  • Employee availability for the first quarter of 2021 (Oct.–Nov. 2020) was 1.8% lower than in the preceding year.[5]
  • The commission requested that the postal service extend the data to a maximum of 10 further days, or until 99% of the mail was accounted for.[5]
  • Additional days are needed to process 99% of first-class single-piece mail with a 3-5 day service standard.[5]

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How Useful is Postal Presort

One of the primary benefits of postal presort is the potential for significant cost savings. By presorting bulk mailings before delivering them to the postal service, businesses can qualify for discounted postage rates. This can result in substantial savings over time, particularly for companies that regularly send out large volumes of mail. In a competitive business environment where every dollar matters, cost savings through presorting can make a significant difference in the bottom line.

In addition to cost savings, postal presort also has the advantage of expediting the delivery process. By sorting mail according to postal regulations before it reaches the postal service, presort services ensure that items are processed and delivered more quickly. This not only benefits businesses looking to reach their customers in a timely manner but also benefits recipients who rely on important correspondence being delivered promptly.

Furthermore, postal presort can help improve the overall efficiency of the mailing process. By organizing and bundling mail pieces according to postal rules, presort services make it easier for the postal service to process and route items to their final destination. This helps to reduce the likelihood of delays or errors in delivery, ensuring that mail reaches its intended recipient without issue.

Another key advantage of postal presort is the ability to track and monitor mailings more effectively. Presort services often provide tracking and reporting capabilities that enable businesses to keep tabs on their mail throughout the delivery process. This level of visibility can be invaluable for companies looking to maintain control over their mailings and ensure that items are reaching their intended recipients in a timely manner.

Overall, postal presort offers a variety of benefits that make it a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline their mailing operations. From cost savings and expedited delivery to improved efficiency and tracking capabilities, presort services play a crucial role in ensuring that mail is processed and delivered effectively. In a world where communication is key, having access to reliable and efficient mailing solutions can make a significant difference for businesses of all sizes.

As technology continues to evolve and communication methods evolve, postal presort will likely remain a vital component of the mailing process. Its ability to save time, reduce costs, and improve efficiency makes it an invaluable tool for businesses looking to stay competitive and deliver their messages effectively. By harnessing the power of postal presort, companies can streamline their mailing operations and ensure that their mail reaches its intended recipients in a timely and efficient manner.


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