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Top Print Fulfillment Statistics 2023

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Print Fulfillment “Latest” Statistics

  • Clinical research customers are supported by Document Solutions Group, a clinical research printing expert, with 100% accuracy and on.[1]
  • Between 80%-90% of businesses implementing customized messages have seen a discernible increase in business.[2]
  • People like getting print ads with restaurant coupons 69% more than they enjoy receiving ads with retail discounts 65% more.[3]
  • Only 44% of individuals can remember a brand after watching an internet ad, compared to 75% after getting a paper ad.[3]
  • When making a purchasing choice, 82% of buyers say they have the greatest faith in print marketing.[3]
  • In contrast to 45% of customers who act on digital marketing straight away, over 80% of consumers respond to print advertisements instantly.[3]
  • Personalized print advertising that is tailored to each person enhances response rates by 135%.[3]
  • The average response rate for print advertising is 9%, whereas that for email, paid search, social media, and online display is just 3%.[3]
  • When compared to those who did not get print advertising, those who do are likely to spend 28% more money and buy 28% more goods.[3]
  • There is an average 49% boost in sales and a 12.5% rise in inquiries when print ads are paired with email.[3]
  • 84% of clients prefer to buy from companies that treat them like individuals; instead of a number, one of the simplest methods to unleash the power of personalization is variable data printing.[4]
  • It is simple to see why 93% of companies report increased revenue after the implementation of an advanced personalization strategy.[4]
  • 43% made the decision to start cyber week marketing early, while 33% of business owners intentionally introduced new goods during cyber week.[5]
  • Financially, 66% of company owners were impacted by the pandemic.[5]
  • About 40% of respondents believe it’s crucial that the things they offer are environmentally friendly.[5]
  • Up to 56% of Americans said they felt safer working for themselves rather than for a regular employer.[5]
  • 73% of individuals agree that reading a book or magazine in print is preferable to reading on a gadget.[6]
  • With a 46% rise from the prior year, MPA estimated that approximately 200 new print consumer magazines with at least a quarterly frequency were released in 2019.[6]
  • Consumers awarded both conventional media and search engines a 65% trust score when looking for news and other information.[6]
  • Although 91% of individuals read magazines, those under the age of 35 are more likely to do so (93%-94%).[6]
  • While Facebook Pages accounted for about half (47%) of the total social media share, Instagram’s contribution (29%).[6]

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