Rhode Island Cost Of Living Statistics

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Rhode Island Cost Of Living Statistics 2023: Facts about Cost Of Living in Rhode Island reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top Rhode Island Cost Of Living Statistics 2023

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Rhode Island Cost Of Living “Latest” Statistics

  • In Rhode Island under the previous ERSRI system, the average cost of providing pension benefits for retirees was 11.4% of workers’ salaries.[1]
  • Retirees got a cost of living adjustment COLA maxed at 3% on the first $35,000 of their pensions, or up to $1,050 each year.[1]
  • In Rhode Island, the DB element of the new system is anticipated to have long-term typical costs to the state of around 24.3% of payroll.[1]

Rhode Island Cost Of Living “Be” Statistics

  • After 30 years, the average pension for a full-time state employee in Rhode Island would have been around $33,500 based on a replacement rate of 55.25%.[1]
  • Future full-time workers in Rhode Island will have an average benefit reduction of 14% as a consequence of RIRSA.[1]
  • With used car and truck prices and new vehicle prices typically moderating, the new and used motor vehicles index climbed by 12.5%, the lowest rise in the previous year.[2]
  • Despite a higher-than-average number of adults aged 55 and above still being employed, Rhode Island still has a lower median household income for those 65 and older than the rest of the country.[3]
  • According to research, Rhode Island’s status as one of the states with the oldest populations may be eroding since between 2010 and 2018, the median age increased at one of the nation’s slowest rates—just 1%.[3]
  • The Social Security Administration reports that the average life expectancy between ages 62 and 67 in Rhode Island is 20.9 years, and at age 67, it is 16.3 years.[1]

Rhode Island Cost Of Living “Other” Statistics

  • Although not a lot in comparison to other states, Rhode Island’s senior population is predicted to grow by 75% by 2040.[3]
  • As of fiscal 2010, Rhode Island state pension funds reported a combined funding ratio of just 49%, which is the secondlowest of all states According to Pew Center on the States 2012.[1]
  • A typical future employee in Rhode Island with a complete career, or 30 years of service, would receive about $8,000 less in retirement income annually, or a 14% reduction.[1]

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How Useful is Rhode Island Cost of Living

Firstly, understanding the cost of living in Rhode Island can be a useful tool for those looking to relocate or make a financial decision. By having a clear picture of what it costs to live in the state, individuals can better budget and plan for their future. Knowing how much to expect to spend on essentials like housing, utilities, and groceries can help prevent any financial surprises down the line.

Additionally, the cost of living in Rhode Island can also provide insight into the overall economic health of the state. Higher costs may indicate a stronger economy, potentially leading to better job opportunities and higher wages. On the other hand, lower costs could signify economic struggles, which could impact job stability and overall quality of life.

Moreover, understanding the cost of living can help individuals make informed decisions about where to live within the state. Different areas within Rhode Island may have varying costs associated with them, so having this information can help individuals choose a neighborhood that aligns with their budget and lifestyle preferences. For example, those looking for more affordable housing options may opt to live in a city or town with lower average home prices.

However, it’s essential to recognize that the cost of living is just one piece of the puzzle when considering a move to Rhode Island. Quality of life factors such as job opportunities, education, healthcare, and overall community amenities should also be taken into account. Just because a state has a high cost of living doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a desirable place to live. Conversely, a state with a lower cost of living may lack in other areas that are important to an individual’s well-being.

In conclusion, while understanding the cost of living in Rhode Island can be a useful tool for budgeting and planning purposes, it’s essential to consider this information in conjunction with other factors that contribute to overall quality of life. Making a decision to live in a state based solely on cost may not provide the most fulfilling experience in the long run. It’s important to weigh all aspects of a potential move carefully to ensure it aligns with your personal and financial goals.


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