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South Carolina Cost Of Living Statistics 2023: Facts about Cost Of Living in South Carolina reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top South Carolina Cost Of Living Statistics 2023

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South Carolina Cost Of Living “Latest” Statistics

  • Carolina, south active label for gun deaths with children under 18 in south carolina, black individuals are six times more likely than white people to be killed by a gun.[1]
  • The 45222 gun fatalities in total in 2020 were by far the highest number ever recorded; they increased by 14% from the previous year, 25% from five years earlier, and 43% from ten years earlier.[2]
  • N. Carolina gun deaths by intent for children under 18 active label in north carolina, black individuals are 78 times more likely than white persons to die in gun.[3]
  • Louisiana active label for gun deaths with children under 18 louisiana is black people are 92 times more likely to die of gun homicide than white people.[1]
  • In rhode island, black individuals are 54 times more likely than white people to be killed by a gun.[4]
  • Oklahoma active label for gun deaths with children under 18 okay state black people are 62 times more likely to die of gun homicide than white people.[1]
  • Since 1999, the percentage of all children killed by gun violence in the us has climbed by around 05% , with physical abuse regularly accounting for the biggest part, followed by suicide, and accidental gunshot injuries accounting for the lowest percentage.[1]
  • Rhode island’s violent crime statistics show fewer murders, robberies, and assaults, but rape complaints account for 17% of all violent crime there, compared to 10% overall.[1]

South Carolina Cost Of Living “Other” Statistics

  • The centers for disease control and prevention recently released figures showing that in 2020, more americans died from gun related injuries than in any previous year on record.[5]
  • Just 5% of abusers were ordered by courts to surrender their firearms out of the 1609 final protection orders examined.[3]
  • According to statistics provided by the family court, judges respond to around 40% of petitions with a final order of protection.[6]
  • Only 36% of times did the defendant comply with the judge’s order to turn up their guns, whether it was a temporary or permanent order of protection, by submitting the necessary papers.[4]
  • Rifles, a kind of weaponry frequently referred to as “assault weapons,” were used in 3% of shooting deaths.[1]
  • Rhode islanders informed us that they are 17% more worried about property crimes than the national average, which is consistent with the decline in property crime rates.[1]
  • According to statistics provided by the family court, judges respond to around 77% of petitions with a temporary order of protection.[1]
  • You need a permit to carry a firearm. Foid required 24th lowest poverty rate, 13% assurance of resources.[7]
  • In such situations, abusers were compelled to surrender their guns by the district courts of kent county district court 47% of the time and washington county district court 67% of the time.[8]
  • Compared to the rest of the nation, rhode islanders are more confident in police enforcement, with 63% endorsing their approach to public safety.[1]
  • Intimate partner gun murders are reduced by 25% in states that prohibit persons subject to domestic violence restraining orders from possessing firearms and/or by compelling them to surrender their weapons.[1]
  • In 2021, according to portland press heraldgetty licenses, rand discovered that 46.8% of people in maine own at least one firearm.[5]
  • The use of physical force suicide and unintentional injury gun violence accounts for over 7% of deaths in the us among those under age 20 a figure that stands far above peer countries.[4]
  • Hawaii, rhode island, and massachusetts, which each had fewer than 3% of children murdered by firearms, are at the bottom of the list.[3]
  • Within new hampshire black people are 6 times more likely to die of gun homicide than white people.[9]

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How Useful is South Carolina Cost of Living

South Carolina represents a unique case study when it comes to the cost of living. Nestled in the southeastern United States, South Carolina offers a diverse mix of urban and rural environments, each with its own set of cost considerations. Cities such as Charleston and Myrtle Beach draw in a steady stream of tourists and transplants, while the upstate region boasts a growing hub for manufacturing and business. Each of these areas presents a slightly different cost profile, making it a bit more challenging to paint a singular picture of the cost of living in South Carolina.

One of the key factors affecting the cost of living in South Carolina is housing. While it is generally more affordable than in other parts of the country, certain areas like Charleston and Hilton Head can be much pricier due to their desirable locations near the coast. In comparison, rural areas in the state may offer more affordable housing options, but job opportunities and access to amenities may be limited. This variation in housing costs underscores the importance of considering one’s specific needs and priorities when evaluating the cost of living in South Carolina.

Another aspect of the cost of living in South Carolina that individuals need to consider is healthcare. The state has a diverse and robust healthcare system, with several reputable hospitals and medical facilities scattered throughout the state. While healthcare costs can vary depending on factors such as insurance coverage and medical providers, overall, South Carolina offers a relatively competitive healthcare environment compared to other states.

Transportation is another factor that can impact the cost of living in South Carolina. The state has a well-connected network of highways and interstates, making it easy to travel between cities and regions. However, owning a car can be a significant expense, especially for those living in more rural areas where public transportation options are limited. The cost of fuel, insurance, maintenance, and registration fees all add up, making it important for residents to budget accordingly.

Overall, the cost of living in South Carolina is manageable for many individuals and families. While certain areas may be more expensive than others, the state as a whole offers a relatively affordable lifestyle compared to other parts of the country. With a strong job market, affordable housing options, and access to quality healthcare, South Carolina has much to offer residents seeking a balance between cost and quality of life. By carefully researching and considering factors such as housing, healthcare, and transportation, individuals can make educated decisions about whether South Carolina is the right place for them to call home.


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