Washington Covid Statistics 2023
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Washington Covid Statistics 2023: Facts about Covid in Washington reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top Washington Covid Statistics 2023

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Washington Covid “Latest” Statistics

  • Washington’s all-time confirmed cases of COVID-19 is 1,879,139.[1]
  • Washington’s all-time death cases from COVID-19 is 14,991.[1]
  • The number of vaccine doses administered in Washington is 17,264,916.[1]
  • 5,764,251 individuals in Washington have been fully vaccinated.[1]
  • The number of people that are vaccinated in Washington comprises 77.85% of the entire state population.[1]
  • In King County, the total count of reported COVID-19 cases is 536,454.[2]
  • The total number of hospitalizations due to COVID-19 in King County is 14,868.[2]
  • The total number of deaths due to COVID-19 in King County is 3,355.[2]
  • In Washington State, there is an average of 75 cases of COVID per 100,000 people.[3]
  • According to recent data, 8% of hospital beds in the state are occupied by COVID-19 patients.[3]
  • According to projections, by April 1, 2023, the all-time number of deaths in Washington State due to COVID-19 would reach 7,727,905.[4]

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