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Wisconsin Crime Statistics 2023: Facts about Crime in Wisconsin reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top Wisconsin Crime Statistics 2023

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Wisconsin Crime “Latest” Statistics

  • In 2020, Wisconsin’s violent crime rate increased by 8.85% over the previous year, substantially more than the 5.2% increase recorded nationwide.[1]
  • Wisconsin’s violent crime rate increased by 9%, from 3.0 incidences per 1,000 persons the previous year to 3.2.[2]
  • Just 35% of Wisconsin poll participants said that they were concerned about being a victim of a violent crime.[2]
  • Wisconsin’s property crime rate went from 14.7 incidences per 1,000 inhabitants to 14.9, an increase of about 1%.[2]
  • Crime in the country has decreased gradually, with the current rate of 2,489 per 100,000 being a 58% decrease in 28 years.[3]
  • At the University of Wisconsin – Madison, 4.3% of the crimes and safety-related occurrences resulted in arrests for possession.[4]
  • Like in every other state, larceny-theft accounts for 74% of all property crimes in Wisconsin and 71% of all crimes in the U.S.[2]
  • Wisconsinites’ degree of anxiety is one percentage point lower than the national average of 42%, despite property crime being the criminal problem that worries them the most.[2]
  • Wisconsin’s property crime rate of 14.9 occurrences per 1,000 persons is 24% lower than the national average of 19.6 incidents.[2]
  • Property crime encounters decreased by 10 points, bringing Wisconsin’s reporting rate slightly below the 18% national average.[2]
  • The most frequent violent crime in America is aggravated assault, which accounts for 63% of all violent crimes nationwide and 70% of violent crimes in Wisconsin.[2]
  • Wisconsin’s property crime increased by 1% over the previous year, reversing a seven-year decline.[2]
  • Rape makes for 11% of violent crimes in the state, which is comparable to the U.S. 10% national average.[2]
  • Wisconsin’s crime rate increased by 4.54% from 2014 to 304.25 crimes per 100,000 people.[5]
  • FBI statistics show that 1.3 million violent crimes were recorded in total in 2020, or 388 per 100,000 inhabitants, a 5% rise over 2019.[6]

Wisconsin Crime “Other” Statistics

  • Discipline action occurrences make up 81.6% of all criminal and safety-related incidents at the institution.[4]
  • The highest year-over-year rise in murders on record occurred in 2020, when there were 21,570 murders, up over 30% from 16,669 in 2019.[6]
  • Wisconsin had about 12,667 break-ins recorded in 2019, or 218 per 100,000 state citizens, ranking it as the tenth lowest rate among states.[3]
  • The predicted national break-in rate was 1,117,696, or 341 per 100,000 persons.[3]

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How Useful is Wisconsin Crime

One could argue that discussing crime in Wisconsin is essential to raise awareness and spark conversations about potential solutions. By shedding light on the various criminal activities taking place in the state, individuals and communities can come together to address the root causes and work towards building a safer environment for everyone. These discussions can lead to policy changes, improved law enforcement strategies, and increased community involvement in crime prevention efforts.

On the other hand, some may argue that too much focus on Wisconsin crime can have negative consequences. It can perpetuate fear and anxiety among residents, leading to a sense of helplessness and mistrust towards others. Additionally, constantly highlighting criminal activities can create a skewed perception of reality, leading people to believe that crime is rampant and uncontrollable.

It is important to strike a balance between acknowledging the prevalence of crime in Wisconsin and acknowledging the positive aspects of the state. While crime is undoubtedly a significant issue that must be addressed, it is crucial not to overlook the many positive aspects of Wisconsin, including its vibrant communities, picturesque landscapes, and strong sense of community.

Furthermore, it is vital to remember that crime is not exclusive to Wisconsin or any other state. It is a universal issue that affects communities worldwide. By focusing solely on Wisconsin crime, we risk neglecting the broader context of criminal activities and the complex societal factors that contribute to them.

Instead of fixating on the negative aspects of Wisconsin crime, we should also highlight the efforts being made to combat it. From law enforcement initiatives to community-based programs, there are numerous examples of individuals and organizations working together to make Wisconsin a safer place for all its residents. These stories of resilience, collaboration, and perseverance should not be overshadowed by the prevailing narrative of crime and violence.

Ultimately, the usefulness of discussing Wisconsin crime lies in how we choose to frame the conversation. By acknowledging the challenges while also celebrating the triumphs, we can create a more balanced and nuanced understanding of crime in the state. This approach can help us foster a sense of unity, empathy, and shared responsibility in addressing the root causes of criminal activities and building a safer and more equitable Wisconsin for all.


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