How to Start Bird Watching Business in 2024 (Guide)

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Are you interested in starting a bird-watching business? If yes, then this article is perfect for you. In this post, I’ll share my experience of starting a bird-watching business from scratch. I started my bird-watching business after I got tired of seeing birds only at zoos or parks. My passion for nature was growing day by day. I wanted to see them in their natural habitat. That’s why I decided to start a bird-watching business.

My goal was to provide quality service to customers who love nature and want to enjoy the beauty of nature. This way, they would come back to me time and again. Here’s how to start bird watching business.

how to start bird watching business

What is Bird Watching?

Bird watching is a hobby where people go out into nature to watch birds. They usually do this by going to parks, national forests, or other places where they can observe them. The best way to learn about birds is to visit a local zoo or wildlife park.

Bird watching is one of my favorite hobbies. I love observing birds from the comfort of my home. If you want to start bird watching, here are some tips for beginners: first, learn about different types of birds, then find out where they live, how they behave, and when they migrate. Finally, purchase a pair of binoculars and observe them from your backyard.

How Does Bird-Watching Work?

The concept of birding or bird-watching started in the 19th century when most people used guns to get an unidentified bird. For research purposes, all they had was the bird’s corpse. But now things are different. With the correct equipment, it is possible to find identified birds and research them without killing them.

Since the 29th century, it has become a huge career opportunity for many. Birding has become a business opportunity for many startups and small businesses. In this article, I have shown some aspects of the bird-watching business.

What Do You Need to Start a Bird-Watching Business?

To start a bird-watching business, you’ll need a place to watch birds, binoculars, a camera, and a notebook. The best places to find rare species include national parks, nature reserves, and private estates. If you want to be successful at birdwatching, you should learn about the habits of different types of birds, such as where they feed, how long they stay in one area, and when they migrate. Here is a list of things you need to start Bird-watching,

An appropriate location

An appropriate location is required for bird-watching. Generally, open spaces like parks, banks of the river, large fields, and backyards.


Binoculars are the main equipment in bird-watching. Birding needs a lot of patience and observation power. With high-end binoculars, you will be able to spot birds, even those that are not properly visible to the naked eye.


Sometimes what we can’t see, our camera can capture. The same things happen in birding. With a professional DSLR and a correct lens, you can take hundreds of bird images. Every unidentified bird migrated from their native places, and their details – everything can be captured.

Field Guide

This is an optional thing. A field guide is a person that guides you to the bird-watching location, informs you about the birds that visit them, what types of birds are there, etc. This person is a guide to the bird watchers.

Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are to attract more birds for better views. Sometimes you can find the rarest bird migrated from the north in front of you, enjoying their lunch.

How to Start Bird Watching Business

Birding is one of my favorite hobbies. I love seeing birds in all kinds of places, but especially when I’m out walking around nature preserves. I’ve been birding since I was a kid, so I was wondering if I could turn my hobby into a profession. If you are also keen to know how to start a bird-watching business, then here is a list of steps to start a birding business,

Step 1: A Business Plan

If you want to start a birding business, you need a business plan. You must decide on what structure of the business you want to start, for example, LLC or a sole proprietorship, or a corporation. Decide on what you need and the initial budget, along with funding.

Step 2: Decide a Location

The next step is to find a proper location for your business. Usually, you need an open space with a lot of trees to get a hold of birds. Riversides with trees around are the best places for birding business. You can also select parks and public gardens as well.

Where you set up your business depends on what type of birds you’re going after. For instance, if you want to observe waterfowl, you’ll probably want to find a spot near a body of water.

Step 3: Register Your Business

Now, the most important part. You must register your business, even when it is small. You can start an LLC for your Bird-watching business as it is easy to set up and has tax advantages. It is important to register your business to avoid any legal issues in the future. You can always choose a sole proprietorship as well. For LLCs, you can explore LLCBuddy to know more about it.

LLCs are more convenient to form than other types. As you are going to set up a birding business, the location is very important here. LLCs have different advantages as per different states. For example, if you form an LLC in Florida, you get more tax advantages than an LLC in Texas, where you have to pay the Franchise Tax.

Step 4: Get the Equipment

You need a bunch of equipment for your birding business. The pieces of equipment are as follows,

  • Binoculars
  • A spotting scope
  • A camera
  • A tripod
  • Field Guide
  • Bird feeders

The above-mentioned pieces of equipment are necessary when you are in the bird-watching business. These are the basic equipment you need. You also need a good pair of lenses to capture birds from afar.

Step 5: Get Legal Papers Done

as soon as you register your bird-watching company, get the legal papers done. For example, you need a few licenses to start a business. Get those licenses and permits, if needed, to run a hassle-free business. You might get penalized if you fail to obtain a proper license and permit for your business.

Step 6: Get a Website

The next step is to get a website for your business. A website or an app will be the best way to get more clients. If you hire a professional business formation service provider, then they can help you build your business website. Make sure your website has all the important details, such as your services, contact details, and how you work.

After You Start Your Bird-Watching Business

There are a few things you need to obtain once you set up your business. For example, you need to obtain insurance and coverage for your employees. Besides, you need business bank accounts, credit cards, and other accounting tools.

  • Insurance: Your business needs to be legally protected. General business insurance, employees’ coverage, and other insurance to be obtained for your business.
  • Bank Accounts: It is always wise to separate your business accounts from your personal accounts. No matter how small your business is, your personal and professional bank accounts should be different. This helps you to check on your business expenses.
  • Network/Follow-ups: It is important to follow up with your clients. Also, it is essential to increase your network to grab more attention from your potential customers.

Cost to Start a Bird-watching Business

The main cost of starting a bird-watching business is the spending on equipment. The other costs include business registration fees, permit fees, website hosting and building charges, and government fees to use public places.

Bird-watching businesses do not require a lot of initial investment. You can start your business at $3500 and can spend up to $35,000+. It depends on what type of equipment you are using for your business.

Earn Money from the Bird-watching Business

Professionals like zoologists, scientists, ornithologists, and such make a lot of money from bird-watching. You, as a bird-watching business, can make a lot of money. In 2019, the average annual income of bird watchers was more than $60,000. It went up later on to more than $100,000.

It is no doubt a profit-making business. However, you must know that you cannot make a profit within a month. It takes time to reach the breakeven point. Hence, it is wise to start your business small. Small businesses require a small initial investment. So, even if you make a profit at a slow pace, it won’t be a botheration.


What kind of equipment do I need?

Bird-watching requires a lot of patience and a decent pair of binoculars. If you want to start a successful bird-watching business, you should consider buying a camera and a telescope. The best way to find out what birds live near you is to visit local nature reserves and parks.

Where do I find birds?

There are several places where you can find birds for bird-watching businesses. The first place is nature reserves. These are usually located near cities and towns and offer great opportunities for observing different species of birds. Another place is zoos. Zoos are also great locations for bird watching because they often provide information about how to identify specific birds. Finally, parks are another great location for finding birds. Parks are typically open spaces that allow visitors to observe wildlife.

How do people make money with bird watching?

Bird watching is one of the best ways to make money from home. If you love nature and want to spend some quality time with birds, then you should consider starting a business where you watch birds for others. There are several websites that offer opportunities to earn money through bird watching.

How long will it take me to become an expert?

Bird watching takes about 2 years to become an expert birdwatcher. The first thing you need to do is identify what kind of birds you like to watch. Then, you should start looking for information about them. Finally, you should go out into nature and observe them.

How do I get started?

Birdwatching is one of the best ways to spend your free time. There are many types of birds, and each has different characteristics. Some species are easy to identify, while others are harder. If you want to start a birdwatching business, you need to find out what kind of birds you like to watch. Then you should learn about the habits of these birds and where they live. Finally, you must be able to recognize them when you spot them.

Why Start Bird Watching Business is So Important

The first critical reason why starting a bird watching business is crucial lies in the educational opportunities it presents. Through guided tours, workshops, and lectures, such businesses can offer an immersive learning experience to aspiring and seasoned bird watchers alike. Such initiatives can enlighten participants about the unique behaviors, migration patterns, and ecological significance of different bird species. Enhancing public knowledge and understanding can contribute significantly to the conservation of various avian habitats, ultimately benefiting both bird populations and the broader ecosystem.

Secondly, a bird watching business can spark a sense of environmental stewardship within individuals. Engaging with nature on a deeper level allows people to comprehend the fragility and interconnectedness of ecosystems, encouraging a conservation-minded approach. By promoting ethical practices such as responsible birding methods, businesses can empower their customers to prioritize biodiversity preservation. This grassroots effort may subsequently fuel a broader movement dedicated to protecting avifauna and their habitats.

Furthermore, businesses centered around bird watching can significantly impact local economies. Such enterprises often operate in areas rich in avian biodiversity, attracting wildlife enthusiasts from far and wide. Consequently, the tourism industry may flourish as bird watchers flock to these regions, invigorating small communities and generating employment opportunities. Additionally, the newfound popularity could also encourage the establishment of conservation organizations capable of driving sustainable development and supporting tourism infrastructure.

In addition to economic benefits, bird watching businesses have the potential to improve mental and physical well-being. Numerous scientific studies demonstrate the positive effects of spending time in nature-a concept aptly named “biophilia.” Immersion in bird-filled surroundings can alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression, while promoting relaxation and a sense of calm. Additionally, walks and treks through sometimes uneven terrain directly contribute to physical well-being, benefiting bird watchers of all ages by encouraging an active and healthier lifestyle.

Finally, bird watching businesses also offer potential opportunities for scientific research and exploration. By collaborating with ornithologists, ecologists, and wildlife biologists, such enterprises may contribute valuable data regarding bird populations, migration patterns, and environmental trends. This symbiotic relationship between the scientific community and bird watchers could enhance our collective knowledge and inform future conservation efforts, ensuring the fragile avian ecosystem remains protected for generations to come.

In conclusion, starting a bird watching business holds immense value due to its educational, environmental, economic, and wellness-related benefits. Through in-depth educational opportunities, the fostering of environmental stewardship, economic growth, personal well-being enhancements, and scientific contributions, such businesses contribute to the greater cause of avian conservation. By fostering a connection between humans and nature, bird watching businesses can play a vital role in educating, inspiring, and preserving the beautiful avian world.


Bird-watching business is not so easy to start. It takes a lot of patience and observation. Keeping business plans aside, the essence of this business is to wait and watch every activity of birds. This article explains all the major and essential steps to start a bird-watching business. Share your views with us, comment below in the comment box.

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