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When you choose the best LLC services, you always look for the one that saves you money. Besides, the turnaround time and their services are also important factors. When I sat to write the Northwest Registered Agent Review, I checked those factors too. It does not matter whether you are a small business or a large one; saving money is always the wisest decision one can make. 

When it comes to forming an LLC (limited liability company), it is necessary to check some very pivotal points. It is inevitable that you consider these factors while searching for the best LLC service provider for your business. These are the turnaround time, quality of service, and of course, price. If Northwest can meet these requirements, then you can easily buy their service.

We have a detailed video here for those who don’t enjoy reading long articles. Watch this video till the end to get insights into Northwest Registered Agent services before you buy their products.

Northwest Registered Agent Review: Quick Summary

The Good👍

  • Fast Service
  • Outstanding Customer Review
  • Flat rate for all services
  • DIY Packages
  • Purchase only the services you need
  • Standalone Registered Agent Service
  • Start and maintain businesses
  • Lifetime guide service
  • Transparent pricing
  • Free operating agreement template
  • 20+ years of experience in the business

The Bad👎

  • Additional cost to obtain EIN
  • Not BBB Accredited
  • Not suitable for small-sized businesses.
  • Registered agent service is costlier than other companies.
  • Service Quality: 4.5/5
  • Turnaround Time: 4/5
  • Pricing: 4/5
  • Customer Feedback: 4.5/5
  • User Friendly: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

NW Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent Review: About The Company

Northwest registered agent is a Washington-based, family-owned company. It has its main office in Spokane, Washington, but they have operations in all the other 50 states. The company was formed in the year 1998. It has become one of the largest LLC formation companies in the United States. The reason behind it becoming so huge is its incredible customer support. Besides customer support, the company has an effective privacy protection policy. Northwest registered agent has flat pricing for the LLC formation service. They do not have a formation package, but they do have DIY plans for their customers.

northwest registered agent

While you form an LLC, it takes a lot of work, from getting a business address to handling legal documents. Northwest registered agent services, of course, take care of these things at a flat price. In this Northwest registered agent review, I will point out why you should get their service and when you should not. As an alternative to Northwest Registered Agent service, you can go for ZenBusiness LLC formation. Unlike Northwest, Zenbusiness has formation packages and add-on services.

First, I must mention that this company has top-notch customer support. If you look at the reviews in Trustpilot, you will see how satisfied people are with their responsive customer service. Their business formation service is as good as their customer support.

Note: Northwest registered agent has incredible user ratings. Their customer service team works round the clock to respond to emails, phone calls, and other modes of communication. 

Northwest Registered Agent Review: Services & Pricing

As mentioned, NW registered agent does not offer conventional packages like other companies. They have five types of services. You can choose from the list which ones you prefer for your LLC or business structure. You can also purchase your own DIY plans. It means if you are choosing plans from Core Service, you can also choose plans from other packages. Here are the plans NW registered agent offers, 

Note: Northwest Registered Agent does not have any conventional affordable package. They have DIY packages that you can buy according to your need. They offer flat prices for their services. 

Core Services:

Core services are the main formation services NW registered agent offers. Under this, there are five different services available at different prices. The services are, 

core services
  • Registered Agent: You can purchase the registered agent service individually at a flat rate. It costs $125/-. 
  • Company Formation: You can form any business with Northwest Registered Agent company. Be it an LLC, a non-profit, or a corporation, NW charges a single price. Northwest’s incorporation service is available at $39. 
  • VIP Business Service: Under this offering, Northwest provides VIP services to its customers. There is a monthly payment option available in the NW registered agent business. You can either pay them upfront or monthly to enjoy their fast services. Under VIP service, your filing will take place within two business days. State-wise expedited filing charges vary. 

Maintain a Business:

Along with forming your company, Northwest helps you to maintain and grow your business with their “Maintain a Business” options. Under this option, you will get individual services such as Annual reports, foreign corps, and so on. The services offered under this option are as follows, 

maintain a business
  • Annual Report: Annual report is required to file after a year of operation of your LLC. In some states, it is not mandatory to file an Annual Report. However, it is recommended to file one. It costs $100 + State filing fee. 
  • Federal Tax ID Service: Federal Tax ID or Federal Employer Identification Number is available in this option. It costs $50 to obtain EIN for your business. You can either purchase this individually from Northwest or can club with the formation of an LLC.
  • Foreign LLC Formation: Northwest offers foreign LLC formation. If you wish to start your foreign LLC anywhere in the United States, NW will do that at $100 for you. The state filing fee and expedited fees are charged separately. 

Business Address and Development: 

Under the “Business Address and Development” option, LLCs will be able to get phone, address, mail, and payment processing services. These services are required to form an LLC. Here are the services available under this option, 

business address and development
  • Mail Forwarding Service: LLCs will get address and suite numbers where they can receive official mail. This service is available in all states, including major states Wyoming, California, Texas, Florida, and so on. This service is available at $40 every month. 
  • Virtual Office Service: Northwest offers a virtual office address that is required to form an LLC or any business in a particular state. One has to pay $49 a month to get this service in any state across the US. If the registered agent’s address is in the same state you are forming an LLC, it would be even better for you to get legal documents. 
  • Phone Service: You can sign up for free to enjoy phone connections. If you sign-up. you will get a phone number to start your business in the state. If you are not residing in that state or are willing to start your foreign LLC, you can easily take this service. It costs $9 a month to use the local number for business purposes.
  • Payment Processing Solution: If you use credit cards to conduct your legit business, you must need a payment processing solution. Northwest is a registered agent business and does not offer solutions like payment processing often. However, at a reasonable cost, you can book a consultant to know more about the same. 

Service of Process:

Under this option, registered agent services are available. There are three options to choose from. If you require BOC-3 registered agent service, then choose this option. The rest two options are for the multiple state’s operations. Northwest also encourages B2B affordable options. A wholesale registered agent is one such B2B option. 

service of process
  • BOC-3: At the cost of $125 + state fees, you can get BOC-3 agent service. 
  • National Agent Service: If you are operating in 5 or more states, then you can go for this option. You will get a single national agent to look after your LLCs in 5 or more states. It costs $100 + state fees. 
  • Wholesale Registered Agent: In this option, the businesses get a wholesale agent instead of 51 individual agents for 51 states. This option is started for the B2B services. If you are an agency, then you can hire a wholesale agent service at affordable pricing. 

Additional Services: 

Apart from the above-mentioned plans, Northwest offers a few more individual services. They are as follows, 

  • Company formation for Non-US residents: Packages start from $925
  • EIN for Non-US residents: $50
  • Law on Call: $9 per month (get legal consultation on call immediately by paying the subscription fee)
  • Certified copies of formation documents: The cost varies from state to state
  • Certificate of good standing: The cost varies from state to state
  • Corporate kits (books, seals): It costs from $30 to $80

Note: Northwest registered agent company offers all the plans individually. You do not have to spend a hefty amount on any package. You can alter package pricing by choosing the best-suited services for your LLC. 

Final Verdict: Would You Choose Northwest Registered Agent?

Now, choosing a formation service is totally up to you. However, as I am writing the Northwest Registered Agent Review, I would say this is one of the best LLC formation services with excellent privacy protections and excellent customer reviews. There are certainly a few points that make me choose this company. First, NW does not have any settled package like other competitors. This means you can choose what you need and make your own package. 

Having an individual service can have two sides, one, you get the perks of choosing the ones you need and not buying the unnecessary ones. Or, two, you get all the hassles of choosing and planning things separately instead of getting everything under a single plan. For me, the DIY package is more attractive than the latter one. Sometimes, packages consist of 1-2 services that are unnecessary for your business structure, but LLC formation service providers add those to your package. 

On the other side, NW has incredible online customer reviews. According to the users, Northwest not only offers legal services but is also a pleasurable company that offers excellent customer service. However, the company lacks a strong reputation, unlike competitors like ZenBusiness and LegalZoom. For that, it fails to be the number one formation service company. Northwest offers two types of pricing options. Users can either receive a one-time upfront payment or a monthly pricing plan. In a monthly plan, you can pay at monthly intervals. Another important feature of Northwest is the price they offer. NW offers a flat rate without any extra cost. You pay the exact cost for any service. They charge fees for a 1 or 2-day turnaround time. 

However, there are some points one has to take into consideration while choosing the Northwest. The price tag is a bit higher than others. While some other companies offer free registered agent service, Northwest charges $125 for the same. On the other hand, LLC formation service is available at $39 when Incfile and Inc Authority offers this service for free. Their minimum pricing plan does not include mandatory services like an operating agreement draft. At the same time, other service providers include operating agreements as well. Services like obtaining EIN cost $50 in Northwest, which can be obtained for free if you apply directly on the IRS website. 

When Should You Choose Northwest Registered Agent?

The USP of Northwest Registered Agent is the standalone registered agent service. If you are looking for only registered agent service and not the entire LLC formation package, then you can go with this service. However, you might find competitors offering a standalone registered agent service at a lower price. You can always compare prices and reviews before you purchase any service. On the other hand, it offers DIY packages. You can choose your required services and make your own DIY package at a reasonable price.

When Should You Not Choose Northwest Registered Agent? 

Northwest is for the ones who are interested in DIY packages. You need to purchase their services separately to make your own customized package. LLCs that do not wish to go for individual services should not choose Northwest Registered Agent LLC formation services. If you are a mid-sized company, you can easily choose Northwest because it does not bother your budget. However, if you are a small business with a tight budget, you can choose other options like ZenBusiness or Incfile (free LLC formation). 

northwest registered agent review

Northwest Registered Agent Alternatives

You can always look for an alternative to this service. If you explore the other options of best LLC services, you will see we have listed down some of the best services for you. ZenBusiness is one of the LLC filing companies that offer everything at only $0 + State Fees. ZenBusiness‘ online reviews are excellent. On the other side, if you do not want to spend anything then also we have the cheapest company for you. Incfile is one such company with plenty of free services. It offers not only free LLC formation but also a free registered agent service available with every package they have.

Northwest Registered Agent Review: Summary

In my Northwest Registered Agent review, I have explained why Northwest is considered one of the best LLC services. The incredible customer review says it all. Of course, it has some bad sides as well, but the better part is its privacy policy. They have enough in-house staffs to handle a large number of clients and their information. Hence, their data privacy is top-notch. Unlike other registered agent service providers like Inc Authority, Northwest does not outsource any of its services. That makes them more user-friendly than other competitors.

Northwest Registered Agent is a company that offers mainly registered agent services at a flat price. It is true that this company offers the registered agent a bit higher price than others, but as it offers a flat rate, there is no hidden charge or any type of future fee associated with it. If you read this Northwest Registered Agent review, you will know that Northwest Registered Agent is not BBB accredited; hence, not many people trust this company. As it affects the company brand and credibility, Northwest fails to get customers’ trust completely. You can visit their website or email them directly to know more about their menu of services and price information.

Northwest Registered Agent Vs Others

LLC Service

Our Rating & Pricing

Top Features

Learn More


$0 + State Fees

  • 100% accuracy guarantee

  • Worry-free service

  • Great customer support

$39 + State Fees

  • Free operating agreement

  • DIY packages

  • Good customer support

How to Use Northwest Registered Agent

You need to set up your account by providing all the necessary details. You can use the Northwest Registered Agent services for business name search, registered agent services, LLC filing tax planning, etc.

Northwest Registered Agent is an invaluable tool for any business owner or entrepreneur looking to establish or manage their company. With a wide range of services and a strong reputation, Northwest Registered Agent offers a comprehensive package that ensures your business stays compliant and successful.

One of the key reasons to consider using Northwest Registered Agent is their expertise and knowledge in the formation of LLCs, corporations, and other types of legal entities. Starting a business can be a complex and daunting task, but Northwest Registered Agent simplifies the process by providing step-by-step guidance and support. From selecting the appropriate entity type to filing the necessary paperwork, Northwest Registered Agent ensures that nothing falls through the cracks, giving you peace of mind.

Moreover, Northwest Registered Agent provides registered agent services, which are essential for maintaining legal compliance. As a registered agent, they act as the liaison between your business and the state, ensuring that all state correspondence, legal documents, and other important notices are promptly and properly delivered to you. This reliable service saves you time and allows you to focus on running your business, knowing that you won’t miss any crucial information.

In addition to their formation and registered agent services, Northwest Registered Agent also offers a range of other valuable features. They have an intuitive online portal that allows you to securely and conveniently access your important documents, including formation paperwork, tax forms, and other business filings. This digital platform makes it easy to stay organized and have everything you need in one place.

Furthermore, Northwest Registered Agent also helps businesses maintain their compliance by offering expert guidance on topics such as annual reports, licenses, and permits. Staying compliant with state requirements is crucial for any business, and Northwest Registered Agent’s extensive knowledge and reminders ensure that you meet all necessary deadlines and avoid penalties or fines.

Another standout feature of Northwest Registered Agent is their exceptional customer service. They understand that every business is unique and may have different needs and challenges. Their team of professionals is responsive, friendly, and always ready to answer any questions or offer guidance. If you ever encounter an issue or need further assistance, Northwest Registered Agent is reliable and dependable.

Lastly, affordability is an important aspect that Northwest Registered Agent offers. They provide transparent pricing without any hidden fees or surprises. Their pricing structure is fair and competitive, making their services accessible to businesses of all sizes. By providing affordable options, Northwest Registered Agent proves that they prioritize their clients’ success.

In conclusion, Northwest Registered Agent is an outstanding resource for any business owner or entrepreneur. From expert company formation assistance to reliable registered agent services and compliance support, they have you covered. In a fast-paced and often challenging business environment, Northwest Registered Agent stands out with their customer-centered approach, comprehensive services, and competitive pricing. Whether you are establishing a new business or need assistance in managing an existing one, look no further than Northwest Registered Agent for all your business needs.


Is Northwest Registered Agent legit?

Yes, Northwest is a completely legit company. Based in Washington, this company has served its customers for the last 20+ years and counting. They have price transparency and excellent review by the users.

Is it essential to have a registered agent?

It is not mandatory to have a registered agent for your LLC. But, it is highly advisable to have one for proper & timely filing of various documents & taxes. So that you don’t have to bear late fees or penalties.

How do I discontinue Northwest Services?

You can cancel your account or services from Northwest anytime you want. All you need to do is log in to your Northwest Account via the company website. Go to the client portal and select Cancel Services. Your services will be canceled immediately.

What is Northwest’s refund policy?

Upon cancellation, Northwest refunds the money. However, the cancellation must take place within 90 days of purchase. If not written otherwise, the refund process will not take place after 90 days.

How much does it cost to form an LLC with Northwest Registered Agent?

To form an LLC with Northwest, you need to spend $39 for government document filing. State fees should be paid separately. The cost of registered agent service is $125. Besides, you need to pay the state filing fee and expedited fee to the state separately if you want to form an LLC with Northwest Registered Agent.

In Conclusion

Northwest is a family-owned and managed medium-sized business with 20+ years of operation. The company has 200 employees who operate in 50 states. The company may charge a bit higher than competitors, but it comes with a monthly payment package. It feels lighter in your pocket as you don’t have to pay the entire amount at once. There is also a one-time payment or customizable up-front payment option as well. With decades of experience, the company has become one of the largest companies today. 

If you have used Northwest’s services, share your experience with us. Comment below and tell me how do you find this article. 

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