Tennessee Adoption Statistics

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Tennessee Adoption Statistics 2023: Facts about Adoption in Tennessee reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top Tennessee Adoption Statistics 2023

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Tennessee Adoption “Latest” Statistics

  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2020, 1,513,401 children in Tennessee were below 18 years old.[1]
  • 64.4% of the general child population in Tennessee foster care were white, and 18.9 were black in 2020.[1]
  • In 2020, 18.8% of the child population in Tennessee experienced poverty, lower than the 2019 rate of 19.7%.[1]
  • In Tennessee, 8,687 children in foster care experienced child abuse in 2020 and 9,859 in the previous year.[1]
  • The entry rate in Tennessee foster care in 2020 was 3.9%, and 4.4% in 2019.[1]
  • 97% of children in Tennessee foster care received visitation monthly (96% in the previous year).[1]
  • 56.9 per 1,000 of Tennessee children were reported to be a victim of child abuse in 2020.[1]
  • According to the Tennessee Alliance for Kids, there are almost twice (8,000 families) as many foster children in Tennessee as there are people ready to take them in.[2]
  • The governor of Tennessee was informed earlier this year by the department’s commissioner that the number of children in foster care had increased by 10.3% since 2016.[3]
  • 13% of adopted children of color came from parents of color who were of a different race.[4]
  • According to TAK, the number of parents in Tennessee who have had their parental rights legally ended during the previous five years has climbed by 51%.[2]
  • The number of children entering foster care in Tennessee has increased by over 10% over the previous two years, putting a strain on the Department of Children’s Services budget, which has been mostly driven by the opioid crisis.[3]
  • Tennessee’s Federal Financial Participation rate for qualified children for title IV-E is 66.36%.[5]

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How Useful is Tennessee Adoption

One of the primary ways in which Tennessee adoption is useful is in providing stable and loving homes for children who are unable to remain with their birth families. With the support of adoption agencies, prospective parents go through a thorough screening process to ensure they are capable of providing a nurturing environment for a child in need. The adoption process involves matching children with families based on various factors such as the child’s age, background, and needs, as well as the family’s preferences and capabilities.

Through Tennessee adoption, many children have been given the opportunity to grow up in a stable and secure environment where they can thrive and reach their full potential. For children who have experienced trauma or instability in their lives, adoption can offer a fresh start and a chance to form lasting and meaningful relationships with a new family. Adoptive parents often undergo training and education to help them support their adopted child’s emotional and developmental needs, ensuring that the child receives the care and love they deserve.

In addition to providing homes for children in need, Tennessee adoption is also beneficial for birth parents who may not be able to care for their child due to various circumstances. Birth parents who choose adoption for their child are often making a selfless and difficult decision to ensure their child has a bright future with a loving and supportive family. Adoption agencies in Tennessee work with birth parents to provide counseling and support throughout the adoption process, helping them navigate their emotions and providing resources to help them through this challenging time.

Furthermore, Tennessee adoption has the power to create lifelong connections and bonds that enrich the lives of all involved. Adoptive families often speak of the deep love and unbreakable bonds they form with their adopted children, while birth parents may find peace in knowing that their child is flourishing in a safe and caring environment. Adopted children also benefit from the relationships they form with their birth families, whether through open adoption arrangements or facilitated communication between all parties.

Overall, Tennessee adoption serves as a valuable resource for children, birth parents, and adoptive families alike. The process of adoption is a complex and emotional journey that requires careful consideration and support from experienced professionals. By providing a pathway for children to find loving homes, birth parents to make informed decisions, and adoptive families to grow and thrive, Tennessee adoption plays a vital role in shaping the futures of countless individuals and strengthening families across the state.


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