Indiana Child Abuse Statistics

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Indiana Child Abuse Statistics 2023: Facts about Child Abuse in Indiana reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top Indiana Child Abuse Statistics 2023

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Indiana Child Abuse “Latest” Statistics

  • The data from shows that 0.23% of children were maltreated while in foster care from 2016 – 2020 in Indiana.[1]
  • Despite Indiana’s continued decline in the percentage of children living in poverty, the state still ranks 28th nationwide with approximately 1 in 5 children living in poverty.[2]
  • At least 20% of child sex offenders have between 10 and 40 victims, whereas almost 70% have between 1 and 9.[3]
  • With drug and alcohol abuse mentioned in 61% of instances, Indiana’s foster care placement rate of 10 per 1000 children aged 0 to 17 has continuously placed among the top five states nationally.[4]
  • A reveals a nearly 34% increase in Indiana’s child abuse rate between 2013 and 2017.[5]
  • The Indiana department of child services removed 52% of the children from homes in 2016 due to parental drug misuse.[6]
  • More suspected occurrences of child abuse were reported in Indiana last year than in any other surrounding state, a significant number (812% of which included neglect).[2]
  • Indiana newborns are more likely than those in 43 other states to die in their first year of life, despite the fact that the first year of a child’s existence is the most delicate.[2]
  • The Indiana child abuse and neglect hotline received 203, 602 calls in total in 2018, a 30.6% increase from 2012.[6]
  • In northeast Indiana, three counties were listed in the department of child services 2020 report.[9]

Indiana Child Abuse “Abuse” Statistics

  • According to 2017 statistics, 86% of victims nationally experienced sexual abuse, 18.3% experienced physical abuse, and 74.9% were ignored.[7]
  • According to the survey, more than 9% of victims are sexually assaulted and around 18% of victims are physically abused.[5]

Indiana Child Abuse “Other” Statistics

  • The 12 occurrences of motor vehicle accidents accounted for 34% of all fatalities attributed to negligence.[8]
  • According to estimates, molestation, rape, or attempted rape occurs in 60% of adolescent individuals’ first pregnancies.[3]
  • According to, 8 instances of asphyxia (23%) and 6 incidents of drowning (17%) were the most frequent causes of mortality due to neglect.[8]

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How Useful is Indiana Child Abuse

Indiana, like many other states, has systems in place to fight against child abuse. The state’s Department of Child Services (DCS) is tasked with investigating allegations of child abuse and neglect and ensuring the safety and well-being of children within the state. However, despite the efforts put forth by the DCS and other organizations, the question remains: How useful is Indiana child abuse recourses in actually preventing and addressing incidents of abuse?

It is imperative to recognize that the fight against child abuse requires a multifaceted approach. This includes not only investigating and prosecuting cases of abuse but also providing support and resources to those who have experienced abuse and working proactively to prevent abuse from occurring in the first place.

One of the challenges faced in Indiana, as in many other states, is the sheer volume of cases of child abuse that are reported each year. This can put a strain on resources and make it difficult for agencies like the DCS to adequately respond to each case in a timely manner. Additionally, the stigma and fear associated with reporting child abuse can hinder individuals from coming forward and seeking help, resulting in many cases going unreported.

Moreover, the effectiveness of Indiana’s child abuse resources can also be impacted by a lack of coordination and communication between different agencies and organizations involved in the fight against child abuse. In order for interventions to be successful, there must be clear lines of communication and cooperation between law enforcement, child protective services, medical professionals, and other stakeholders.

Furthermore, the issue of child abuse prevention must be addressed through education and awareness. By providing training and resources to parents, caregivers, teachers, and other individuals in the community, we can work to create a culture that prioritizes the safety and well-being of children. Additionally, programs that focus on the early identification of risk factors for abuse can help to intervene before abuse occurs.

In conclusion, while Indiana has resources in place to combat child abuse, there is still much work to be done in order to effectively prevent and address incidents of abuse. By improving coordination between agencies, increasing awareness and education, and working to break down the barriers that prevent individuals from reporting abuse, we can work towards creating a safer and healthier environment for all children in the state. It is a collective responsibility to protect and nurture the most vulnerable members of society, and we must all work together to ensure that every child has the opportunity to grow up in a safe and loving environment.


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