Washington Child Abduction Statistics

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Washington Child Abduction Statistics 2023: Facts about Child Abduction in Washington reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top Washington Child Abduction Statistics 2023

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Child Abduction “Latest” Statistics in Washington

  • In 76% of the missing children homicide cases studied, the child was dead within three hours of the abduction, and in 88.5% of the cases the child was dead within 24 hours.[1]
  • Child sex trafficking was probably the cause of 19% of the children who escaped social services’ custody and were reported missing to NCMEC in 2021.[2]
  • The estimated number of children reported missing is 12,100, while the 95% confidence interval allows for a range between fewer than 100 to 31,000.[3]
  • 733 children who were most likely victims of child sex trafficking received recovery planning and safety planning from NCMEC’s recovery services team in 2021.[2]
  • The average age of the child murder victim in the 74% of missing children homicide cases examined was 11 years old.[1]
  • The number of children whom a caretaker missed at some point is estimated at 33,000, with a possible range of 2,000 to 64,000.[3]
  • According to a 2002 federal study on missing children, 99.8% of children reported missing were located or returned home alive.[4]
  • According to the FBI’s latest study, more than 58,000 kids were abducted by non-relatives in one year.[3]
  • One in six of the more than 25,000 instances of runaway children that were reported missing to NCMEC in 2021 were probable victims of child sex trafficking.[2]
  • According to Carri Gordon, program manager for the Missing and Unidentified Per-sons Unit (MUPU) with Washington State Patrol, there are 1,901 missing persons in Washington State as of May 18, 2020 and of those missing persons, 861 are under the age of 17 and 60 are under the age of 10.[5]

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How Useful is Child Abduction Washington

Despite the concerted efforts of law enforcement, policymakers, and advocacy groups, child abduction remains a persistent issue in Washington. The reasons behind why someone would commit such a heinous act are as varied as the cases themselves. Some abductors may have criminal intentions, seeking ransom or worse for their ill-gotten gains. Others may be escaping difficult family situations, legal troubles, or mental health issues, using their innocent victims as pawns in their own self-serving games. Whatever the motive, the result is always the same: a child torn away from their sense of security and thrown into uncertainty and danger.

The impact of child abduction is far-reaching and profound, extending beyond the immediate family to the entire community. The fear and anxiety that abductions generate can affect the mental and emotional well-being of countless individuals, fueling a sense of mistrust and paranoia where once there was safety and trust. The sense of loss and grief that follows an abduction can linger for years, with families left wondering what could have been done differently and struggling to come to terms with their new reality.

One of the most troubling aspects of child abduction is that it can happen to anyone, regardless of their background, socioeconomic status, or geographic location. While some cases may garner more media attention than others, the fact remains that no child is immune to the threat of abduction. This is why it is crucial for everyone to remain vigilant and proactive in ensuring the safety and well-being of the children in their lives.

In Washington, as in every state and country, there are resources and support systems in place to address child abduction and assist families in need. From Amber Alerts and Missing Children Clearinghouses to law enforcement task forces and non-profit organizations, there are avenues for reporting and responding to child abduction cases. However, while these resources are crucial in the fight against abduction, they are not enough on their own. It is up to all of us to be vigilant and proactive in safeguarding our children and preventing these tragic events from occurring in the first place.

Child abduction in Washington is a difficult and complex issue that requires the coordinated efforts of individuals, families, communities, and institutions. By raising awareness, promoting prevention strategies, and supporting victims and their families, we can work together to combat this scourge and create a safer, more secure environment for all children. Only through a collective commitment to protecting our children can we hope to end the scourge of child abduction and ensure a brighter future for all.


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