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Florida Cost Of Living Statistics 2023: Facts about Cost Of Living in Florida reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top Florida Cost Of Living Statistics 2023

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Florida Cost Of Living “Latest” Statistics

  • Because of increased inflation late last year, Social Security’s yearly cost of living in Wyoming rose by 5.9%.[1]
  • In Florida, the only real expense a patient could incur for hospice care is a maximum of 5% of their drug costs.[2]
  • According to a cost of living index, Florida’s average cost of living is just 1% more than the national average.[3]

Florida Cost Of Living “Price” Statistics

  • The median house price in the United States is $231,200, while it is $237,000 in Florida, according to McKinsey.[4]
  • The price increases in Florida were considerably greater, at 32% in Miami and 34% in Tampa.[1]

Florida Cost Of Living “Be” Statistics

  • Florida still levies a 6% state sales tax, or 7.08% if you include it in the average municipal tax rate.[3]
  • Fried chicken, bread, lettuce, chips, and cola can be bought in Tampa for roughly $12, which is 4% more expensive than the national average.[3]

Florida Cost Of Living “Other” Statistics

  • Florida only has the 22nd highest overall sales tax in the nation based on percentage.[3]
  • According to the 2019 census, Florida has around 10 million housing units, therefore the state offers a variety of housing possibilities.[5]
  • Due to the need to transport most items to the island, groceries are also 50% more expensive than the national average.[6]

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How Useful is Florida Cost of Living

One of the key factors that contribute to Florida’s cost of living is housing. While there are affordable housing options available, particularly in areas away from the major cities and tourist hotspots, the demand for housing in desirable locations can drive prices up significantly. This can make it challenging for residents to find affordable and suitable housing, particularly in areas with good schools or easy access to employment opportunities.

Another aspect that can impact the cost of living in Florida is transportation. The state is known for its sprawling layout, with many residents relying on cars to get around. This means that factors such as fuel costs, insurance, and maintenance can all add up and contribute to the overall cost of living. Additionally, traffic congestion can lead to longer commute times, which can impact both finances and quality of life.

In terms of utilities, Florida’s climate can lead to higher costs for cooling and air conditioning during the hot summer months. While natural gas costs are relatively low, electricity prices can rise significantly during peak usage times, leading to higher bills for residents. Water prices can also vary depending on the region, with some areas facing water scarcity issues and potentially higher costs for water usage.

Healthcare is another area where the cost of living in Florida can be a concern. The state does not have a state income tax, leading to lower revenues for public services such as healthcare. This can lead to higher costs for residents seeking medical care, particularly for those without insurance or with limited coverage. With an aging population and large influx of retirees, the demand for healthcare services in Florida is only expected to increase, which may put further strain on the healthcare system and lead to rising costs.

Despite these challenges, Florida does offer some advantages that can mitigate the cost of living for residents. The lack of a state income tax, for example, can help lower overall tax burden for residents. Additionally, the state offers a wide range of outdoor activities and cultural experiences that can be enjoyed at little to no cost, providing ample opportunities for recreation and entertainment.

Overall, the usefulness of Florida’s Cost of Living can vary depending on an individual’s circumstances and priorities. While the state offers many amenities and attractions that can enhance quality of life, the challenges of high housing costs, transportation expenses, and healthcare costs can pose a barrier to those looking to make Florida their home. It’s important for residents and potential newcomers to consider these factors carefully and plan accordingly to ensure a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle in the Sunshine State.


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