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To dissolve a limited liability company one has to take up a set of required steps. In Utah, if you and the members of the LLC want to discontinue business, then it is necessary to dissolve their business legally to avoid any administrative and legal consequences. To dissolve an LLC in Utah, you are required to submit a complete Article of Dissolution to the Secretary of State. Before submitting the Article of Dissolution, one must follow the operating agreement.


If you have a Utah LLC (domestic or foreign) you must have an operating agreement. The first step towards the dissolution of Utah LLC is to follow the operating agreement. There are some points to be noted before proceeding with the official paperwork. At first, make sure all the members of the LLC are agreed to dissolve the business. Once all the members are ready, their consent should be recorded via voting. After casting their vote in favor of the dissolution, the legal process must be started. Here are the steps to address for dissolving Utah LLC.

How to Dissolve an LLC in Utah

Dissolution of Utah LLC requires three broad procedural steps. Having a Utah LLC Operating agreement, close all the tax accounts, and finally submit the Articles of Dissolution form to the Utah Secretary of State.

Step 1: Follow Your Utah LLC Operating Agreement

When you have started an LLC as a business entity, then there is an operating agreement that is formed. There are complete details of how the company will function and grow in that operating agreement, which acts as a comprehensive guide. There is also a dissolution process, which is added to your agreement. The common dissolution steps that almost every LLC follows are:-

First of all, the dissolution vote will take place among the LLC members in the dissolution meeting. If the majority is with the YES, then the process goes into legal proceedings.

  • All the dissolution votes will be noted down and recorded with the minutes of the meeting or a consent form.
  • After that, a formal date for dissolving the LLC will be decided.
  • The next step is counting the LLC assets and dividing them among the stakeholders and members accordingly.
  • Finally, the creditors of the business are notified, and the debts of the business are settled.

This is a general process. However, it is strongly recommended to seek professional help to avoid any complications when it comes to terminating an LLC.

Get a Professional Agent Service

When it comes to a limited liability company dissolution, it is important to get professional help. The Utah registered agent will guide you with everything you need to close your limited liability company. When choosing a registered agent make sure they have a physical street address in the state. A professional service provider helps you to file the Article of Dissolution and close your various tax accounts without any hassle. Below are the best LLC services we strongly recommend for you.

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Step 2: Close All Tax Accounts

Every action that an official business takes is legally bound to some minimum business taxes. For that, various accounts, especially business entity tax account, are maintained by the state government with the help of various departments. You should consider all the taxes that you have paid for your LLC’s duration and make a list of them.

You must contact all government entities and clear the amount of outstanding taxes due until the date you have decided for dissolution. All the taxes must be paid in advance so that you don’t face any issues in the further process of shutting down your LLC.

Some of the common taxes that limited liability companies have to pay are:

  • Unemployment insurance tax
  • Employee withholding tax if your LLC has employees.
  • If your LLC is engaged in selling taxable goods then they are liable to pay the sales and use tax.

Most of these taxes are normally filed, but some departments require official paperwork, without which it is impossible for the business to close their accounts. Apart from business taxes, federal taxes, personal income taxes, and franchise taxes are to be considered. For the franchise taxes, a franchise tax form is required.

That is why the LLC owner should go through the sales tax guide and hire an accounting service. If you want to do the accounting yourself or make accounting easy, try FreshBooks.

Tax clearance

While dissolving the Utah LLC, the owner does not require to obtain a tax clearance certificate. However, if you have filed federal taxes, then you must go through the final return option on your IRS form.

The IRS form for the LLC that are classified as partnerships is form 1065, and those LLC’s who have registered themselves as corporate should check IRS form 1120.

Step 3: File Articles of Dissolution

There is a list of dissolution documents that you, as an LLC owner, have to file. Once these articles are filed, the legal existence of the LLC will be over. Like a Utah Certificate of Organization, one has to file Utah LLC Articles of Dissolution. The dissolution procedure and filing the articles of dissolution form is very easy and is discussed below.

  • First of all, the LLC owner(s) has to file the Article of Dissolution. There are multiple methods of filing available, such as file by mail, in-person drop, or/and online filing. To get the application form you need to visit the Secretary of State Website of Utah state.
  • You can follow the filing instruction on the official portal so that the steps for dissolution will be easier to complete.
  • In that particular SOS website, the LLC owner has to look for the Domestic LLC Articles of Dissolution page.
  • If you want to dissolve Utah Foreign LLC then look for the Foreign LLC Dissolution process.
  • There is a form available on this page, which is the article of dissolution you are looking for. You have to download that pdf form and start filling it.
  • You must fill in all the important and legal information in the form, so you should be extra careful.
  • After filling in all the important information, you must choose the mode of payment you want to use to pay the LLC dissolution filing fees.
  • After filling in every detail, one should submit the form through an official mail address and make a payment.
  • It takes 3-5 business days after filing of articles of dissolution if you are filing it by mail or in-person.

Mail to,

Utah Division of Corporations & Commercial Code
PO Box 146705
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6705

Filing Fee: Free

The LLC you owned is dissolved, and you are free from all the liabilities linked with the LLC and its taxes. A copy of both original articles and recorded articles should be submitted in front of the probate judge. Now it’s his call that he accepts your expedited dissolutions or not.

Points to Be Noted When Dissolving Utah LLC

Apart from these three steps, no major dissolution rules are there in Utah. However, there are some other tasks one has to keep in mind while dissolving an LLC legally.

Winding Up

There are some purposes of LLC that require some attention even after dissolution, known as winding up. The task of winding up includes.

  • For a certain period, the property of a business requires preservation.
  • If there is any civil case against the LLC, then the owner needs to finish them.
  • Settle all the existing disputes of LLC.
  • Transfer all the property of LLC to the names of partners.
  • Release all the liabilities that the LLC owes to others.
  • Rightful distribution of all the assets among members, according to their percentage of partnerships.

Cost of Dissolving LLC

LLC cost in Utah includes the formation as well as dissolution fees. To dissolve an LLC in Utah, LLCs have to file an Article of Dissolution. No filing fee is needed in Utah. The details are mentioned on the second page of the article dissolution filing form. Following are the ways to pay for the dissolution,

  • You can select a payment pick-up option.
  • There is an option of direct account transfer through your prepaid accounts.
  • LLC owners can also use their Credit cards, providing their complete details and types. Along with that, an original signature is required to authorize the transaction state will make.

After Dissolving Your LLC

After you formally dissolve your LLC, your business name will not be reserved anymore. Any other business entity will be eligible to use your Utah LLC name immediately after 120 days of dissolving your LLC. On the other hand, if you have a foreign LLC in other states, then you must comply with the SOS of the state after the dissolution of your LLC in Utah. A registered agent can help you do the needful.

Reasons Behind Dissolving Utah LLC

Many responsibilities come with a business. Many people give the business their all, but still, some reasons don’t let it grow. That is why there are a lot of people who dissolve an LLC in Utah too. The decision of dissolution can be two-way; it can either be voluntary or involuntary. Let’s go through both of these reasons,

  • If the company is not paying taxes, it will be mandatory to dissolve.
  • If the government finds out that the company uses its assets unwisely, it will be vital to dissolve it.
  • If the company is inactive but not dissolved, there will be an involuntary dissolution by the government.
  • If the business owners don’t wish to keep the company active anymore.
  • If the directors have no more money to keep investing in the company.
  • The frequent lawsuits by the clients against the company.
  • The low inflow of cash in the company.

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Utah LLC Dissolution Review

Time needed: 5 minutes

Here’s a recap of the steps you must follow when dissolving your Utah LLC. Click on the steps in this list if you want to read the full detail.

  1. Follow Your Utah LLC Operating Agreement

    Remember that when you started, you created an operating agreement. Use this agreement as a guide in proceeding with the dissolution of your LLC.

  2. Close All Tax Accounts

    Make sure you close all your tax accounts to avoid incurring further costs.

  3. File Articles of Dissolution

    File the article of dissolution to make it known to the state where your LLC operates is that you are indeed no longer in business.


Is there any filing fee the LLC owner has to pay for dissolving their LLC?

There is no fee in Utah to dissolve a legally registered LLC and proceed with removing their name from every tax list and benefits.

Is the revenue department clearance required for dissolution?

No, there is no requirement of revenue department clearance till the time the SOS of Utah accepts the dissolution form.

Can someone else take the name I use for my LLC?

The name will also get deregistered with the dissolution of the LLC. But the name will not be allotted for the next 120 days. After that, if some business wants to name their LLC after the name chosen by you, then it is their choice.

Are there any financial penalties if I don’t dissolve my LLC legally and miss the reports?

If you have not dissolved your LLC, you are liable for business privilege tax, and if it is not paid on time, you are leveraged with 10% of the amount of tax or $50. After that, the additional penalties will increase by $1 per month. If it goes unpaid for a longer duration, then the chances of seizing your property can also recover the tax.

Are there any fees for the probate judge who is taking the dissolution decisions?

Yes, if you are dissolving your LLC, you have to pay some amount to the probate judge who was also present during your LLC formation in the probate office. The minimum fee of the judge is $50, which can vary.

What is the Cost to Dissolve an LLC in Utah

To dissolve an LLC in Utah you need to file the Statement of Dissolution with the Utah Division of Corporations & Commercial Code through mail. There is no filing fee charged in Utah.

The cost to dissolve an LLC in Utah can vary depending on several factors. While the state does not impose a specific fee for dissolving an LLC, there are still various costs associated with the process. These costs include filing fees with the Utah Division of Corporations, maintenance fees, fees for publication notices, legal fees if you choose to consult with a legal professional, and any outstanding debts or obligations the LLC may have.

Filing fees with the state typically range from $15 to $70. These fees are necessary to officially notify the state that the LLC is being dissolved. Additionally, there may be ongoing maintenance fees if your LLC is registered as a foreign entity in Utah. These fees must be paid until the dissolution process is complete.

Publication notice fees are another cost associated with dissolving an LLC in Utah. The state requires that a notice of dissolution be published in a local newspaper for a certain period of time. The cost of this publication can vary depending on the newspaper and the length of the notice.

Legal fees may also be incurred if you choose to seek professional advice during the dissolution process. While it is not required to hire an attorney to dissolve an LLC in Utah, it can be helpful to have legal guidance, especially if the LLC has complex financial or legal obligations.

Finally, there may be outstanding debts or obligations that need to be settled before the LLC can be officially dissolved. These costs can vary greatly depending on the nature of the business and its financial situation.

In conclusion, while the cost to dissolve an LLC in Utah can vary depending on several factors, it is important to carefully consider all of the associated costs before beginning the process. Taking the time to assess these costs upfront can help ensure a smooth and efficient dissolution process. Consulting with a legal professional and conducting thorough research can also help mitigate any unexpected costs or challenges that may arise during the dissolution process. Ultimately, being aware of the costs involved in dissolving an LLC in Utah is an important step in closing a business responsibly and effectively.

In Conclusion

Limited liability companies reduce owners’ personal liability. Having an LLC is quite cost-effective. However, if it is required to close down the business, then the dissolution process should be done legally. Get a professional service to get everything done. We hope this article helps you to close your LLC in Utah. If you have any query do let us know in the comment box.

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