Washington Articles of Organization

Obtaining a copy of the washington articles of organization is easy. Simply complete an online form, fax it to the office, or pick up the document in person. Typically, it takes five to seven business days for normal processing. If you need the articles faster, you can expedite the process for a $50 expedited fee. Then enter your Washington UBI number. Then, you’ll be sent the articles within two business days.

Washington Articles Of OrganizationWashington Articles Of OrganizationArticles of incorporation in Washington state

When filing for Articles of Incorporation in washington, corporations must list their directors and their addresses, but there are no specific requirements. They must also list the authorized number of shares and par value. There are no additional fees for increasing the number of authorized shares, but the incorporator must name a registered agent, who must be available to receive any legal documents from the state. The registered agent must be available during normal business hours, and washington state permits professional corporations.

The incorporator of a Washington corporation does not have to reside in the state. It is up to ninety days in the future when forming the corporation. When filing the Articles of Incorporation, the incorporator must also provide his full name and address, as well as his signature. In addition, he or she must choose the type of corporation they wish to create: a perpetual company, a corporation that will expire on a specific date, or a limited number of years. The incorporator must choose a registered agent, with an address in Washington, if necessary.

The Secretary of State’s Division of Corporations oversees the incorporation process in Washington. It provides forms and instructions for filing Articles of Incorporation, as well as other necessary documents. You can also find sample articles of incorporation and instructions for specific types of corporations. The templates listed here represent the minimum information you need to include in the Articles of Incorporation to obtain state approval. However, it is important to remember that there are statutory requirements for your Washington corporation, including requirements for IRS 501(c)(3) status, state tax exemptions, B-corporations, and some banking purposes.

Once you have completed the Articles of Incorporation process, you can start implementing your business strategy. In addition to defining the goals and objectives of the corporation, you must also define the number of directors the corporation will have. A minimum number of directors is required, but some corporations opt to eliminate this requirement. In the case of Washington, the number of directors is required to be set in the Articles of Incorporation. Bylaws can also specify the procedure for determining the number of directors.

Names of directors

The purpose of the corporation is not required in the articles of organization, and the corporation can engage in any lawful business. The purpose of the corporation is usually described in the bylaws, which are documents that are supplemented by the articles of organization. These documents contain details about the company’s operations, including the rights and powers of directors and officers and the limitations of shareholders. The articles of organization must specify the number of directors and the process by which the board will be fixed. The articles of incorporation may also describe who can serve on the board.

The incorporator, or the person who signs the articles of organization, appoints the initial corporate directors, who serve until the first annual meeting of shareholders, after which the new board members are elected by shareholders. After the incorporator signs the documents, he or she should complete an “Incorporator’s Statement” in which the names of the initial directors are listed. This document is not required by state law, but it should be included in the corporate records book.

Required information

The Secretary of State office in Washington accepts applications from a variety of sources. In addition to traditional paper applications, you can file your documents online. Online applications will receive immediate processing and cost $200. Use a legal form guide to file your articles of organization in Washington. The documents listed below are examples of the required information you must include. When filing, keep in mind that the articles of organization are a legal document that must be signed by the founders of the llc.

The Washington State Secretary of State’s website has a step-by-step guide to filing your llc‘s articles of organization. You can fill out and file the required information online or in person at the Corporations Division. If you file them in person, you must provide a physical signature. The process is relatively easy, and the required information must be accurate. Read the article carefully, and don’t forget to read the instructions thoroughly.

When requesting a washington articles of organization form, keep in mind that the document’s purpose must be clearly stated. To start, you must know whether your business will be domestic or foreign. Once you have answered these questions, you can then proceed to fill out the required information and submit the form. The Corporations Division will contact you to confirm the information you provided. The process should take about a week. To avoid waiting on hold, you should consider starting your llc operating agreement before submitting your articles of organization.

The documents must also state the name and address of the corporation’s registered agent. A registered agent is responsible for receiving official correspondence and process. In a lawsuit, the process server will go to the registered agent’s address to sign the required paperwork. Therefore, your washington articles of organization must include the street address of the corporation’s initial registered office, the name of the registered agent, and the name of the registered agent. You can also state a separate mailing address, but this is not required.

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