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Delaware Crime Statistics 2023: Facts about Crime in Delaware reflect the current socio-economic condition of the state.


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Top Delaware Crime Statistics 2023

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Delaware Crime “Latest” Statistics

  • Theft by larceny accounts for 78% of all property crimes in Delaware, which is the sixth highest rate in the U.S. and higher than the average of 71% for all states.[1]
  • FBI statistics show that 1.3 million violent crimes were recorded in total in 2020, or 388 per 100,000 inhabitants, a 5% rise over 2019.[2]
  • Crime in the country has decreased gradually, with the current rate of 2,489 per 100,000 being a 58% decrease in 28 years.[3]
  • At the University of Delaware, possession-related arrests were the consequence of about 12.3% of crime and safety.[4]
  • The state’s violent crime rate increased by 2.2% over the previous year, which is more than the national average, although not as quickly as it did.[2]
  • Since 2010, all property crime rates have decreased, although the decrease in car crime has been the slowest, at 23%.[5]
  • 16% of Delaware respondents had been the victim of a property crime in the 12 months before the poll.[1]
  • Delaware’s property crime rate has decreased over the previous ten years, declining by around 35% since 2010, like other states except for Alaska and North Dakota.[5]
  • Delaware had a 3% rise in violent crime over the previous reporting year but a 12% drop in property crime.[1]
  • Although Delaware scored marginally better in property crime, achieving a rate that is 5% higher than national levels, the state’s 4.24 per 1,000 violent crime rate is nearly 15% more than the national average.[6]
  • Eight percentage points more than the national average, 74% of Delaware residents feel that crime is increasing.[1]
  • The overall crime rate has reduced by 15.2% nationally during the five years since 2014, but state-by-state changes have been quite different.[3]
  • The First State had a 12% drop in property crime over the previous year, and Delaware’s rate of property crime is equal to the national average of 19.6.[1]
  • In Delaware, where property crimes made up 84% of all recorded offences in the state, this percentage was almost the same.[3]
  • 10% of respondents in Delaware said they had been victims of violent crime in the preceding year, which is 5% less than the previous poll.[1]

Delaware Crime “Other” Statistics

  • In 2019, there were 305 per 100,000 break-ins recorded in Delaware, making it the state with the 23rd lowest break.[3]
  • 82.8% of all criminal and safety problems at the school result from disciplinary proceedings.[4]
  • 11%, up from 2% the year before, said they had been victims of gun violence in the 12 months prior to the study.[1]

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How Useful is Delaware Crime

One of the primary ways in which Delaware crime can be deemed useful is by shedding light on underlying societal issues that may not otherwise come to the forefront. Through analyzing crime data, authorities and policymakers are able to identify trends, patterns, and root causes of criminal activity. This enables them to craft targeted interventions and allocate resources effectively to address systemic issues such as poverty, inequality, and lack of access to mental health services. By leveraging crime data in this way, Delaware can foster a safer and more inclusive society for all its citizens.

Moreover, crime in Delaware serves as a stark reminder of the importance of community engagement and collaboration in fostering crime prevention and deterrence efforts. Communities that are impacted by crime often come together in solidarity to address public safety concerns, support victims, and work towards solutions that build social cohesion and trust. Through community policing initiatives, neighborhood watch programs, and grassroots organizing, Delaware residents can take proactive steps to curb crime and create a more resilient and empowered society.

In addition, the study of Delaware crime can also be valuable in informing public discourse and shaping policies that are grounded in evidence-based practices. By engaging with crime research and analysis, stakeholders can develop a nuanced understanding of the factors driving criminal behavior and explore innovative strategies to prevent recidivism and rehabilitate offenders. Furthermore, by keeping the public informed about crime trends and developments, Delaware can foster a culture of transparency, accountability, and citizen participation in the criminal justice system.

While it may be tempting to view crime solely through a negative lens, it is essential to recognize the utility that Delaware crime can offer in promoting social change, fostering community resilience, and enhancing public safety. By acknowledging the multifaceted impacts of crime on society and utilizing crime data as a tool for understanding, dialogue, and action, Delaware can forge a path towards a more just, equitable, and cohesive state for all its residents. It is imperative that we seize the potential of crime as a catalyst for positive transformation and work collaboratively towards a future free from violence, fear, and injustice.


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